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Feedback from PT Connor Sturrock

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12th November 2019

Connor Sturrock is one of our recent personal trainers based at Shrewsbury Sports Village.  We asked Connor on his feedback of starting as a personal trainer with YOUR Personal Training.


How did you find the application process?

Exceptional. Being an in house employee the process was different for me.


How did you find the new starter experience?

Exceptional, although my experience was hindered by being ill at my start point, everything was very smooth and well handled. My kit arrived in good time for starting and my Regional Director was very helpful with getting up and running and offered good insight into running a business.


How have you found the support & mentoring provided by your Regional Director so far?

My Regional Director has been great with constant support and advice on how to approach members and different ways of creating business.


What are the top 3 benefits of working with YOUR Personal Training?

  1. Support
  2. Structure
  3. Team