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Interview with PT Josh Head

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13th October 2017

Name: Josh Head

Gym Location: Armthorpe

Length of time with Your PT: 10 weeks

Start date with Your PT: 01.05.17


Name 3 things how YOUR PT has supported your PT business since you joined?

1. Options for support calls weekly with the regional managers; in my case Aaron McCulloch whom offers invaluable support and advice on how to further my own business.

2. YOUR PT do not overload gyms with too many PT’s creating a higher ratio of potential clients to each PT. This gives us the opportunity to grow the business and focus on clients rather compete over them.

3. Everything is done for you. Profile boards, online website and necessary documents for the business are all already pre-created so we don’t have to spend time making them. All the resources are to hand when we need them.


How many Personal training clients do you have and have you reached your goal for your PT business?

I have made over 20 clients in my first 10 weeks (around 15 returning customer regularly) which is so much more than I expected. However, I would like to reach closer to 40 returning customers within a year.



How has YOUR Personal Training provided business mentoring to help you in growing your personal training business?

By offering weekly calls, I am able to explain what I have been doing to grow my own business with advice on how to move forward with every step. Aaron, provides me with strategies from client engagement, to marketing and how to effectively deliver sessions. I have used many of his recommended strategies and made clients from them over a very short period of time.