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Personal Training in 2023 | A bright outlook

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17th January 2023

Personal Training in 2023: A Bright Outlook


As we enter a new year, personal training is poised for even greater success and growth. Here are the key trends to watch for in 2023:


In-Gym Training 


Personal training in a gym setting allows for a more hands-on approach, with personal trainers able to provide clients with immediate feedback and guidance. Additionally, being in the gym environment provides clients with access to a wide range of equipment and resources, which can be beneficial for achieving results.


Technology Integration


Advancements in technology will continue to enhance the personal training experience. This can include things like tracking progress in real-time, providing virtual demonstrations, and creating customised workout plans based on individual needs.


Mental Health and Wellness


Personal trainers will increasingly be seen as experts in not only physical fitness but also in mental health and wellness. This can include things like stress management techniques, mindfulness practices, and emotional intelligence. By addressing mental health and wellness, personal trainers can help clients achieve a more balanced and holistic approach to fitness.


Group Training


Group training provides a sense of camaraderie and support that many clients find motivating. It also allows personal trainers to work with more clients at once and can be a cost-effective option for clients.


According to Managing Director Aaron McCulloch, "In-gym personal training is the key to achieving results and connecting with a personal trainer. With advancements in technology and an increased focus on mental health and wellness, personal training has never been more beneficial for clients."


In summary, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for personal training with in-gym training, technology integration, mental health and wellness, and group training as the key trends to watch for.