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PT OF THE MONTH - Roy Watton of Better Gym Connswater

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31st March 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Roy Watton has been named YOUR PT's Personal Trainer of the month for March. This recognition is given to a Personal Trainer who has demonstrated exceptional performance in the industry, and Roy has certainly earned this honour.

With over 14 years of experience as a Personal Trainer at Better Gym Connswater in Belfast, Roy has developed a reputation for excellence in his field. Back in 2008 Roy made the decision to pursue a career in personal training while balancing a full-time job in the building trade, driven by his love of training and passion for fitness.

Roy is a proud dad to his 2 boys and throughout his career, has overcome significant personal challenges, including the untimely passing of his wife in 2017. 

Roy believe’s that having the staple of personal training and fitness in his life has helped him through the toughest times and also the bonds he has made with clients and colleagues go far beyond friendship - Roy treats and considers his clients and colleagues like family.  

Roy enjoys running his highly successful personal training business alongside daddy duties and has operated successfully for well over a decade. 

Roy commented that his success is down to following some very basic rules… 

“Be approachable, interact with everyone and basically live in the gym, it’s the best environment to be around and for me training at the centre really helped too, I naturally have a big friendly character and I feel that everyone finds me approachable - it’s an old school tactic but I even keep my phone in the locker when I’m working, I want my focus to be on my clients and them only”. 

Roy continued “You need to read the room and know when to be in bootcamp mode or big teddy bear mode, I currently train clients from their 20’s to 70’s and every personality is different”. 

A contributing factor to Roy’s success is noted to be the ability to keep moving forward and to keep hitting the grind stone, “when adversity hits you, life is a lot easier if you love what you do for work…my clients are like family, we do team events, socials and generally have a lot of fun - I love working as a PT and cannot think of myself doing anything else”. 

So what’s next for Roy? “My aspirations over the next year or so is to focus more on education, I’d like to up-skill and find time for some short courses outside of my busy life, I’ve always liked the idea of therapy areas to compliment my PT services and this is something for me to look at”. 

Roy summarised when asked the question - ‘What’s the number 1 reason someone should become a PT’

“To control your own destiny, in my role I get out what I put in, it’s fair and it’s great because being a PT you can become a high achiever and earn a great living”.