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PT of the month, September

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30th September 2022

Recently YOUR Personal Training sat down with the PT of the Month for September - Beck Martin

Beck, based out of Walthamstow Stadium in London has become a very popular Personal Trainer within a short space of time following his launch in May 2022 with YOUR Personal Training. 

Beck explained that his passion for fitness was born from a love of professional wrestling. Beck came to the UK to train as a professional wrestler and soon found that his infectious personality and persona was a good fit for fitness instructing and Personal Training. 

Beck continued that he is passionate about making people feel better, and feels blessed to be able to apply his skills every day as a Personal Trainer. 

An interesting fact about Beck is that he was a contestant on the 2016 X-Factor show, making quite a reputation for himself and featuring on the final show as the opening act. 

Since launching at Walthamstow Stadium in May Beck signed up 3 new clients in his first week and has since build his client base to 14 regular clients. 

Beck identified that the biggest obstacle he has had to overcome is ‘selling’, Beck commented that he lacked conviction at the start and has since gained more confidence based on the great result this diverse client group have benefitted from.  

Beck observed that lots of personal trainers do not succeed due to lack of application, waiting for clients to come to them. Beck has found that having the support from a regional manager who has been where he is has helped with accountability and best practice. 

We finished our session by asking Beck what is the number 1 reason why someone should join the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer? 

He simply responded…It’s the best job in the world man!