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Revolutionising Fitness Education

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6th April 2023

YOUR Academy and YOUR Personal Training are proud to announce their latest partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to provide a best-in-class education experience for fitness professionals and gym owners alike. 

This partnership allows YOUR Academy and YOUR Personal Training to offer select courses, certifications and credentials from NASM, including the Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES),Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Optimum Performance Training Model (OPT), and Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC). Your Academy and Your Personal Training can help guide trainers towards the education they most require, which ensures trainers have the skills to build a sustainable, long-term career.

This partnership also includes the launch of NASM's online fitness education and training platform, ClubConnect, making YOUR Academy and YOUR Personal Training the first in the UK to offer this fantastic platform. ClubConnect will be available to gym owners and operators across the UK, as well as individual coaches, instructors, and PTs for a monthly fee. The platform offers access to over 400 courses from NASM, AFAA, and the industry's top continuing education providers.

Kevin Baker, Academy Director, is thrilled about this partnership with NASM and its potential to revolutionise the fitness education industry. “By collaborating with NASM, YOUR Academy and YOUR Personal Training can now offer an even greater range of high-quality learning content to fitness professionals, at prices that are affordable and accessible. This exciting partnership represents a significant step forward in empowering learners and personal trainers to achieve their goals and advance their careers in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of fitness.”

Aaron McCulloch, the Managing Director of YOUR Personal Training, is fired up about the benefits of ClubConnect. “Not only does this revolutionary platform offer affordable, high-quality continuing education to fitness professionals, but it also tackles one of the biggest challenges facing gym operators: staff retention. This game-changing solution empowers fitness professionals to continuously improve their skills and knowledge, which in turn boosts their job satisfaction and reduces the risk of burnout. It's a win-win situation.”

“We are excited to partner with YOUR Academy and YOUR Personal Training to provide a comprehensive education and training experience for fitness professionals and clubs alike,” said David Van Daff, NASM Director of Industry Relations. “By working together, we will deliver the content, tools and resources necessary for success at every level.”

Investing in staff development through platforms like ClubConnect leads to higher job satisfaction, increased motivation, and longer retention rates. Studies have shown that gyms with a strong focus on staff development and training retain staff members for an average of 20% longer and retain clients for an average of 25% longer.

Furthermore, operators have access to a comprehensive team dashboard that offers a user-friendly view of their staff's certifications and credentials, course activity and progress, education leaderboard, and total course consumption value. This allows operators to monitor their ROI in real-time, which is unique to ClubConnect.

This partnership between YOUR Academy, YOUR Personal Training, and NASM is a testament to the commitment of providing high-quality education to fitness professionals and gym owners everywhere. Between them, Your Academy, Your Personal Training & NASM can help fitness professionals develop their skills and gym owners and operators enhance their offerings, which ultimately leads to a better experience for gym members and the fitness industry as a whole.

Access to these courses and ClubConnect is available at YOUR Academy, additionally gym owners and operators can book Complimentary VIP demos of ClubConnect to understand how it can positively impact their operation from top to bottom by contacting Managing Director Aaron McCulloch - [email protected]