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Spot light on PTs: Kevin Walker

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12th July 2017

Meet our new personal trainer Kevin Walker who works at QHotels Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort. Kevin who has played football professionally has a BSc with Honours at the University of Stirling were he was a scholarship athlete and has almost completed a MSc in Sport Management. His impressive qualifications, passion and experience ensures his training methods will give you the best results, pushing you to your limits, but also give you new and exciting ways to train. his specialisms include:-

  • Group Training 
  • Performance Training 
  • Sport Specific Training/Conditioning 
  • Gym Confidence
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Change 
  • Body Composition 

His objective is to help you make the training and lifestyle changes that will not only help you achieve your goals, but will be sustainable. View Kevin's profile to find out more or to book a FREE personal training session.