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The Affordable Path to Becoming a PT with YOUR Academy

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23rd January 2024

YOUR Academy are proud to present their new part-funded personal training course, supporting individuals who have a true passion in getting qualified as a level 3 personal trainer and building a genuine personal training business and career in the fitness sector.

YOUR Academy's part-funded course offers an unparalleled opportunity to become a qualified personal trainer at just £500 – a significant reduction from the standard cost of £1,995. This investment not only equips you with the Active IQ level 3 personal trainer certification, but also ensures a guaranteed self-employed PT position with YOUR Personal Training after qualification.

The part funded course is NOT for those who want to get qualified on the cheap and think it’ll be quick and easy, as they believe that ‘YouTube’ has already told them everything they need to know (yes we do get that occasionally!). And it’s not for those who just want to ‘dabble’ in PT. This course is for those conscientious, aspirational, driven and hardworking individuals who want to become the next generation of successful, industry leading PTs! This opportunity is about forging new, successful careers for those that want it enough.


new career as a PT

Beginning a new career in personal training

When it comes to taking the leap of faith and following a new career path, the biggest barriers we find individuals have when deciding on if personal training is the dream career for them or not, are:

  1. Financial cost of qualifying.
  2. Confidence crisis.
  3. Career prospects.

Our part-funded L3 Active IQ PT course solves all 3 of these issues, lets discuss how.

Affordable PT qualifications are now within reach with YOUR Academy

Gaining an entry level qualification into any industry is often costly. “Go to university” some say, and rack up tens of thousands of pounds in student debt! “Become a solicitor or accountant” others say – well once in tens of thousands of pounds of university debt you will still have to gain a professional qualification to work in either profession! Personal training is a little different as a university degree is not necessarily needed, but a PT qualification is still going to set you back around £2-3k if done through a reputable company who deliver a great learning experience (yes we know there are far cheaper PT courses out there, however we discredit these due to providing extremely poor educational experiences, and as a consequence have a VERY low completion rate and leave learners wildly underprepared for their careers).

To help reduce the financial burden of a PT course, over the years PT training providers have tried, and failed, to adapt their courses to reduce costs. Some have taken their courses 100% online, this making their delivery and assessment model cheaper. However, what it has also done is made the learning experience WAY more diluted and does very little to prepare the individual for the real-life roles and responsibilities a PT will actually have. So don’t believe that “having flexibility to follow your own schedule” and “you can simply record your assessments and send them to us” is in any way helpful to you, your competency and long-term career prospects!

So why is our part-funded level 3 personal training course so cheap then? Well through our links with YOUR Personal Training, the biggest personal training brand in the UK, we are able to heavily discount the course to ensure the money you save on your education is invested instead, on being a successful PT post-qualification. You will not get a more rounded, consistent support and guidance package that you get from YOUR PT anywhere else in the industry. And that’s why we are so confident that if you take on board all the education, teachings and guidance, both during your PT course and via your support mentor when placed in a YOUR PT gym, you have the best opportunity for your new PT business to thrive.

Another way PT training providers have attempted to reduce costs, is by replacing highly qualified, successful PT Mentors with inexperienced, often unqualified, tutors. Who would you prefer to learn from, someone who has been/currently is a successful personal trainer and can pass on that knowledge and experience to you as you learn your course, or a tutor who simply tells you what pages to fill out in your manual and if you have passed or failed an assessment?!

All YOUR Academy staff are fully qualified, successful personal trainers, who will be there not just to guide you through the qualification, but also explain to you the real-life workings of a personal trainer – the good, the bad, the ugly – and how to stand out from the crowd.

Building PT confidence and skills

Building PT Confidence and Skills

Beginning a career in any new industry is daunting. Regardless of if you are a newly qualified personal trainer, hairdresser, plumber or barrister, you need to be competent and knowledgeable in your new craft. This is often where training providers let learners down! We don’t! Even with the part-funded course PT course, we do not sacrifice the learner experience in any way. In fact, we request MORE from our part-funded learners! We have strict criteria in place where learners need to attend all pre-scheduled contact days and participate in at least 80% of the weekly catch up calls to chart their progress, keep them motivated, learning and developing. This accountability ensures our learners understand their new craft, builds their knowledge and confidence, and avoids complacency.

As a training provider, these are our core values:

  • C – communication
  • A – accountability
  • R – respect
  • E – excellence

We aim to live and breath these values in EVERYTHING we do, and we expect our learners to do the same! As a result of these values, your confidence will skyrocket, as you take the time to learn things properly, have the ability to ask questions, and gain a fuller understanding of how to fulfil the role of both a gym instructor and a personal trainer.

You will graduate from the course with not just “what to do” but also “why you need to do it”. Big difference. Anyone can follow/copy someone else’s plan, but making your own plan based on the solid principles you learn whist studying with us, is invaluable.

Exploring Career Opportunities in Personal Training

Another huge reason people will sit on the fence when it comes to pursuing a new career is the risk of failure. What if I’m not good at it? What if I can’t get clients? What can I do to progress and earn a stable income throughout my career? All very good questions, so lets discuss each one so you can decide if becoming a PT is right for you.

First let’s talk about if you will be any good at it? Firstly, we would ask “where does this negative energy come from?”. Have you failed at something before? If you have, then obviously you’ll be more cautious second time around, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing is going to happen with your personal training career. Perhaps the reason why you failed was because it WASN’T fitness related?! Don’t let past failures hold you back if you have a genuine passion for health and fitness. Not living by your true values is the number one reason why people lose motivation, confidence and self-worth within their careers.

Is it because you have heard a lot of talk before, but not seen much true “walk”? Well unfortunately that’s probably social media for you, touting unrealistic aims and goals at every scroll of the screen! We will be nothing but transparent about expectations in the fitness industry both during your course and post-qualification in your new career. It’s also why we have eligibility criteria for the part-funded course that all applicants must go through, this opportunity is not for everyone. It’s got to be a good fit for both you and us, otherwise we will end up like Brangelina, a great fit to begin with but with a nasty ending – feel free to use social media to research this if you are currently unaware of the story!

Career planning during pt course

Career planning – during your PT course

During the part funded L3 personal trainer course you will need to complete a whole module on business planning, making you realise you will need to begin viewing yourself as a personal training business, not a nervous individual who has just passed their PT qualification and has ZERO clue how to get started! Your business module will take you through:

  • Goal setting, to ensure you highlight specific stages and hit specific milestones to grow and develop both yourself and your business.
  • Understanding about how market research can help you establish your target market and what services they want/need.
  • Research the different forms of marketing a PT can use to build awareness of their business and begin to develop a client base.
  • Understand the different forms of technology that can help streamline and professionalise your PT business.
  • Understand your pricing structure and annual cash flow.

Doing this PROPERLY whilst on your course will give you a massive advantage over other individuals completing the course elsewhere. A lot of separate training providers will simply give you a template to complete without ANY of the business planning being bespoke to your needs, goals and overall business objectives, meaning once you start in the industry you will have no clue how to build your own successful business.

Career development – whilst working as a PT

What’s more, as you approach the end of your PT course, you will be contacted by a YOUR Personal Training Mentor who will discuss with you your PT business plan, along with the gym you are going to be working from, to see if any of your business decisions need fine tuning.

This is where the part-funded course truly sets itself apart from other personal training courses. Within this scheme, you will be GUARANTEED a self-employed position with YOUR Personal Training once qualified (subject to you achieving the eligibility criteria both during your course and with YOUR Personal Training).

What support will I receive?

Once qualified, you will receive the following support from YOUR Personal Training whilst starting your personal training career and ensure success:

  • Access to YOUR Personal Training’s Advanced Business Course (RRP £995 – for all YOUR Academy graduates this is completely free!) which takes you through EXACTLY how to build a successful personal training business. Doing this whilst actually working in the industry will allow you to put theory into practice, building your business step by step.
  • Mentor support – you will be assigned a support Mentor, someone who is a successful PT already, that will guide you through the initial months of your business to ensure your questions are answers, mistakes are highlighted, and successes celebrated!
  • A personal training marketing pack (both in-club and online marketing).
  • Comprehensive lead generation tools to help with customer engagement and drive business income.
  • Social media support to help you build your online presence and awareness.
  • Reward and recognition – from PT of the month to PT of the year, award dinners and social events – be part of the family and celebrate success!

career progression as a pt

Career progression as a PT

On top of all the support you will receive at YOUR Personal Training, there is also a clear opportunity to progress and develop within the business. From personal trainer to Master trainer, brand ambassador, PT manager or even a personal training tutor/assessor!

As you develop your PT business, opportunities will arise that will continue to support you and your career aspirations.

Should you apply?

As we have said already, this course is not for everyone, only those matching the below criteria should apply:

  • Have a true passion for beginning a career as a Personal Trainer.
  • Have good communication and motivational skills.
  • Are willing to study for 20 weeks, spending around 10 hours a week learning and developing.
  • Are willing to attend 7 full day, face-to-face contact days at a YOUR Academy centre.
  • Are willing to work from a YOUR PT gym for 12 months post-qualification to build their business.

If you're interested in pursuing this career-transforming path to become a qualfied L3 Active IQ personal trainer, we invite you to explore our part-funded PT course for more details. If you think you hit the above criteria and are interested in this opportunity, fill in your details on the website and a YOUR Academy consultant will be in touch to discuss the course and assess your suitability. Good luck!