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Vote Rupert Hambly!

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30th September 2016

Senior Personal Trainer Rupert Hambly at Your Personal Training has been nominated for Acivity Champion of the Year!

This award is aimed at an individual activity professional who can demonstrate both an undoubted commitment to learning, fantastic levels of achievement whilst inspiring both colleagues and consumers every-day. 

Rupert Hambly has built a successful Personal Training business under the guidance and coaching of the YOUR Personal Training management team over the past 6 years. Rupert has progressed from an employed Fitness Instructor position, to self employed Personal Trainer and now Senior Personal Trainer within the YOUR Personal Training company. As Senior Personal Trainer, Rupert mentors and coaches other Personal Trainers within the business, guiding them towards developing a results driven service. As a Senior PT, Rupert’s business breaks the financial boundaries of most fitness businesses with a turnover in excess of £70K per annum creating earnings from training clients, online coaching and supporting other Personal Trainers. 

Rupert covers three key areas when coaching clients: mind, body and nutrition. The Mind methods include goal setting, habit building, stress management, legacy building and reframing. The Body methods include corrective exercise with clinical postural measurements, body composition and athletic performance. Nutritional analysis is based on real food and on tailoring to the individual. Assessments delivered to clients include posture, nutritional intolerances, hormone balance, stress and lifestyle factors, flexibility, mobility, strength, nervous system development. Rupert works with a range of clients including those with serious health conditions such as HIV and Cancer and continues to provide support to those challenged with more serious conditions. He is committed to ongoing training and development with a range of education from NASM, YMCA Fit, Lifetime Training, CHEK Institute and ISKA. Rupert Hambly should win this award because he delivers a truly holistic service including body composition and fat loss, corrective exercise and rehabilitation, nutrition and stress management and mental performance. 

The Vote for Rupert has now closed. We wish Rupert all the best!