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Wearable Tech vs Personal Trainers

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9th March 2017

With the rise of activity trackers and health apps there’s still no technological substitute for a Personal Trainer.  

Wearable tech can be a great tool for self-monitoring your activity to create an awareness of how active you are. By tracking your steps, heart rate and activities these devices can provide useful health data. But there’s still no replacement for a Personal Trainer.

Having a Personal trainer can not only provide you with the motivation needed to reach your fitness goals, they are also invaluable in demonstrating correct posture and technique. If your form when exercising is not correct, then you are at increased risk of injury as well as not achieving your goals. If you need extra support while on equipment, or something is not right they will quickly spot this and rectify it before damage occurs. You also will be able to do the exercises on your own after getting professional fitness instruction.

Health apps can be great in creating nutritional awareness, logging your meals, snacks etc. but a personal trainer can help you create a custom nutrition plan as part of your training to reach specific goals.