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YOUR Academy Awarded Prestigious 'Enhancing' Status by CIMSPA

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13th June 2024

A Mark of Excellence

CIMSPA “Enhancing” status is a trust mark of genuine outstanding educational delivery and is only achieved through thorough quality assurance inspections from experienced CIMSPA auditors. This new and highly prestigious trust mark gives our existing and future learners the absolute confidence that they are choosing a training provider of truly outstanding quality.

Transparency and Quality Assurance

CIMSPA has introduced their new quality assurance systems to ensure absolute transparency regarding the quality levels that a training provider is operating at. This system is similar to how Ofsted publishes inspection grades for schools, offering clarity and assurance to the public.

Understanding CIMSPA's Quality Assurance for Fitness Education Providers

CIMSPA’s new quality assurance system means that those choosing a fitness education course, such as a Personal Trainer course, should not only look for a provider endorsed by CIMSPA but also consider the quality status achieved by the provider. There are three standards CIMSPA awards to an endorsed provider following a thorough inspection:

Enhancing – The most prestigious and highest possible CIMSPA trust mark of quality, reflecting the provision of the highest quality education. This is what YOUR Academy has been awarded!

Enabling – Indicates areas of positive practice but highlights the need for some support from CIMSPA to develop the provider further.

Emerging – Relates to provision that has potential but requires significant support from CIMSPA, with improvement actions set by the organisation.

Reflection on OUR Achievement

YOUR Academy’s Director, Kevin Baker, commented, “We are pleased to have achieved “Enhancing” status from CIMSPA. We have been a CIMSPA endorsed partner since YOUR Academy launched. We are committed to continue to make the education journey for our learners and insightful one whilst preparing our learners appropriately for high success within our sector.”

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and remain committed to providing exceptional education and training to our learners, ensuring they receive the best possible preparation for their careers in the fitness industry.