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YOUR PT completes gruelling 4 x 4 x 48 challenge for Help for Heroes

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3rd November 2021

YOUR Personal Training completes gruelling 4 x 4 x 48 challenge for Help for Heroes 

Personal Training management company, YOUR Personal Training (YOUR PT), has smashed its fundraising target for Armed Forces charity, Help for Heroes, raising almost £2000 to date, after successfully completing its daunting 48-hour gruelling challenge.

The YOUR PT senior leadership team at the Waterside Hotel and Health Club in Manchester were joined by other YOUR PT personal trainers and operators around the UK, including Halo Leisure and Sport Aberdeen, who also completed the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge in their locations at Stevenage, Belfast and Aberdeen.

The YOUR PT team started their first run at midnight on the 20th October, with their last four mile run taking place at eight pm on the 21st. They each ran a massive 48 miles in 48 hours; that’s almost two marathons in two days! 

James Lorey, Operations Director at YOUR Personal Training, explains: “The 4 x 4 x 48 challenge was made famous by former US Navy Seal and ultra-marathon runner, David Goggins.  Despite its simplicity, this challenge is a real test of resilience, endurance and willpower. The sheer frequency of activity with limited recovery and lack of sleep makes it a test for any athlete.  We started our first run feeling really excited and energised, but as the challenge progressed the physical impact really took hold and it became a challenge of mind over matter. It’s pretty brutal having to wake up at four am to run four miles, knowing you are going to have to do it all again four hours later.”

The YOUR PT team were supported in their recovery in-between each run by healing and revitalisation massage using Hyperice products and were nutritionally supported with Santini 7’s superior protein supplements.

James continues: “There is a natural synergy between the armed forces and personal training; Help for Heroes was the obvious choice for us, as many of our staff and PT’s have served in the British Military. We were overwhelmed that so many of our PT’s participated this challenge with us, it really was a UK wide effort.”
Help for Heroes beneficiary, Alan Izzard, and Help for Heroes Area Fundraising Manager, Trevor Fudger, visited the team at the Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club to cheer them on.

James says: “It was great to be supported by Alan, a war veteran and beneficiary of Help for Heroes. It was inspiring to understand how the charity works to support their wellbeing.”

Alan Izzard served in the Royal Artillery for 13 years. Alan saw active tours of Iraq, Bosnia, Cyprus and the Gulf, and since retiring from the military has suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He explains: “I was struggling with some of the basic things in life – things you take for granted like concentration, focus and memory loss. I was told I had PTSD mixed with anxiety and depression. It had a massive impact on my family and friends, especially my children. My friends tried to help me but I pushed some away, while the others just didn’t know how to handle my situation. This left me very isolated.”

Alan was invited to take part in a round of golf while receiving support from a community outreach officer. Encouraged by the positives that playing had brought, the Disabled Golfing Association recommended he reach out to Help for Heroes, who gave him a grant to buy his own golf clubs.  Now able to play golf regularly, thanks to having his own equipment, Alan has seen how the grant has had a positive impact on his whole life.

Alan explains: “Golf has given me back my confidence and has also saved my family life. I’m now able to concentrate, focus and challenge myself. I can go out in public and spend time with my family, no matter where we are. I’m making real progress.

“So it was great to come out and see the YOUR PT team at the Waterside giving their all to raise money for Help for Heroes. What a bunch of legends! Even though they were clearly exhausted and physically drained, they kept on smiling, bringing lots of positivity.”

Trevor Fudger, Area Fundraising Manager for Help for Heroes, says: “We believe those who serve our country deserve support when they’re wounded. Every day, men and women have to leave their career in the Armed Forces as a result of physical or psychological wounds. We help them, and their families, to recover and get on with their lives. The Charity has already supported more than 26,500 people and won’t stop until every wounded veteran gets the support they deserve.”

There’s still time to make a donation, please follow this link: