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Aaron Parker
Aaron Parker
Better Gym Templemore Avenue
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Prioritise yourself by investing into your future with the LAST Personal Trainer you’ll ever need!

• Personal Training
• Online Coaching
• Group Fitness Instructor
• Meal Planning & Nutritional Advice

*Availability within Better Gym Connswater & Better Gym Templemore Avenue!*
• Level 2 Fitness Instructor
• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Higher Certification in Diet & Nutrition
• Sports Massage Therapist
• Personal Training Tutor/Assessor
• Emergency First Aid
• Muscle Building
• Weight Loss
• Diet & Nutrition
• Strength & Conditioning
• Group Fitness Instructing
• Muscle & Joint Recovery
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I got Aaron’s help when I had just undergone a knee replacement. His knowledge goes beyond fitness, weight loss and muscle gain. Due to his approach to my rehabilitation, I was back on my feet within days. My recovery was tough but with his help, I am now back to my normal self.
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He does exactly what it says on the tin. I dropped over 4 stone & gained muscle that I never knew was achievable! Aaron is so done to earth, kind & an absolute pleasure to work with!
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I was clueless when it came to the gym, but I wanted to lose weight and tone up. Aaron made this progress easy and effective! Highly recommend
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Even while Aaron was on holiday, he still ensure I was on track, he uploaded some online workouts for me to compete by myself until he came back. He was also only just a text away if I had questions! A real asset to the personal training business!
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Within 3 months we achieved my weight loss goal, we done it safely as the weight gradually came off. Great PT and would highly recommend!
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His Boxercise classes are so fun & enjoyable, whilst also pushing you so that you get the most of the class! 5 stars from me!!!
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All round fitness professional. Started of taking his group classes, then his 1-1 training. Having the flexibility of training in different gyms is also a huge advantage!
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I had never trained before, but after becoming a mum for the first time, i needed help in getting rid of my tummy lol. Aaron always reassured me and helped me every step of the way. Now going to gym is one of my favourite hobbies!!
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Coming back from a gym injury, Aaron helped me regain my strength that I had lost, along with giving me advice on how to avoid further injuries in the gym. Such a nice and down the rather guy, our sessions are never dull!
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Low investment, low risk, 100% results! No more needs to be said!
Kiera Louise
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His guidance & support has helped me lose over 6 stone. My health was not good & was advised by my doctor to get active & he recommended Aaron.
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I’ve been with Aaron since January as I have 2 weddings, 1 holiday & a marathon on the horizon. I have come along leeps & bounds. He keeps me accountable & tracks everything, my weight, gym progress etc. For sure one of the best investments I have ever made!
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Aaron gives you motivation to continue training. Some weeks it is hard to stay motivated. My PT Aaron has really kept me on the upward ladder of progress! Aaron is very personable and knowledgeable.
Emma Hunter
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Aaron helped me every step of the way in my fitness journey. Whether it was in the gym or out, he was always available. I thought I kinda knew what I was doing in the gym, but I wasn’t seeing much progress. But then Aaron put a realistic programme in place for me and the rest is history!
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I highly recommend Aaron if you’re looking for a PT. His methods work. He has helped me in & out of the gym. He makes going to the gym enjoyable. I also love how he keeps me accountable!
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If you’re considering a PT, you can stop looking. Aaron is easily one of the best, his knowledge is scary, his personality makes losing weight easy. Pleasure being one of his clients!
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His group classes are the best. He ensures everyone is comfortable and that we are doing each exercise safely and effectively!
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He keeps me accountable & has added a structure to my workouts. Everything is tracked & we can see the progress every week!
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His coaching techniques & knowledge has helped me lose 3 stone. I now can fit into the wedding dress of my dreams. I’ve had many PT’s before Aaron however he truly is one of the best around. He’s a credit to the fitness industry!
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Starting the gym at 60 was probably the best decision I have ever made. I had never stepped foot in a gym before my 60th birthday, however my grandkids got me 8 personal training sessions with Aaron! My mobility has increased 10-fold since working with him & I am now able to keep up with my great grandkids in the park lol! Thank you Aaron
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I use the gym at Better Gym Connswater in Belfast and my Personal Trainer is Aaron Parker. I have been training with Aaron since August 2021. He has a friendly professional attitude, I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions with him and my fitness has definitely improved since working with him. I fully recommend Aaron as a personal trainer. A great gym and a great Personal Trainer.
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Aaron came down & took our youth & senior squads through a 6 week gym workout, he helped the lads correct their form & also gave great advice on their nutrition! He’s a top professional
Shorts FC
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Started off working with Aaron 1-1. Now i’m just online with him. He keeps me accountable and on track with my foods. Everything he does for me is personalised to my needs and enjoyment.
Luke Phillips
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Parker has been terrific. I’m a PT myself just getting started in the industry but with the hours worked, my own health was taking a back seat. Parker helped me get back on track, kept me accountable and his sessions are always the highlight of my week. I would highly recommend using his services even if you think ‘oh I know what I’m doing’.
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I have had Aaron has an online coach for close to a year now. I started with him in person then moved online. I was a bit wary at the start with the idea of going online because i feared id slack off but he still keeps me accountable & I'm still achieving my fitness goals with him. Every now and then I’ll book in with a in person session just to get a catch up lol.
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Just wanted to drop my review on Aaron. Cannot recommend him enough. Doesn’t overcomplicate things, explains what & why we’re doing what we’re doing. Started off training 1x a week with him & now we train 2x + he has me following an online plan.
Stevie M
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Lost over 3 stone in about 6 months. He helped me do it safely so that the weight stayed off. Not just in the gym but he helped me with my food aswell. One of the best around!
Martin McCollum
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Was getting married, I needed to fit into my wedding dress. I didn’t think it was possible within the time frame. Aaron proved me wrong. He even got an invite to my wedding. I owe Aaron so so much!
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Great personal trainer. Great friend. He’s taught me so much since we started together. Weight training, nutrition etc. He’s an absolute joy to work with.
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I had seen Aaron around the gym & loved his enthusiasm for helping others. His group fitness classes are the best ive been too & ive tried many classes in many gyms. The atmosphere he creates is second to none. I then got his help from the 1:1 training which I never thought I would do as I used to be terrified of going near the gym floor. I now train with Aaron once a week & train by myself twice a week through his online coaching!
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Hey Aaron, just want to drop a message to say thanks for the past month. I am incredibly self conscious of how I look and the gym has always been a place I have stayed away from due to this. From sitting outside with a lot of anxiety before my first session to now looking forward to getting back again, you have made the experience incredibly easy. The workouts have been tough and you have pushed me further than I’d have ever felt comfortable doing which has been a great confidence boost so far. You’ve been really easy to chat to which makes the time fly by and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you moving forward!
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I started training with Aaron in November as I just had a baby in August. I didn't have the confidence going to the gym or doing any fitness by myself now that I have been with Aaron he has not just helped me lose weight and keep fit he has all so helped me build my confidence.
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Aaron mate, just wanted to say thanks for the last month! You've made it really enjoyable! I'd probably have packed it in weeks ago tbh if I'd started the training myself. Given me the confidence to know what I'm at in the gym and be able to push myself that little bit further. I genuinely leave every time feeling like I'm getting somewhere! So i really appreciate it mate, thanks!
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I chose to train with Aaron because of his great reviews on the Better Gym website. The reviews from others def rang true for me as I also found Aaron to be very friendly and easy to get along with. I wanted to get stronger but never really had the confidence or know-how on how to set-up and perform many exercises in the gym. I've been training with Aaron for almost 12 weeks and am now doing a lot of new exercises in the gym that I've never done before. I'm really loving it and feeling stronger already! I also no longer feel out of place in the weights area. I'd recommend Aaron to anyone and hope to train with him again in the future.
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Aaron has been awesome!! From the start he’s been taking me through a variety of different exercises always keeps each session exciting and different! Constantly ensuring I’m maintaining the correct form for each exercise and always happy to help with any questions I might have when I’m doing sessions alone, he has been so brilliant as making me more confident at using a range of equipment in the gym I previously never used. If you’re looking someone to push you hard whilst also enjoying yourself and help you become more confident in achieving your results in the gym, Aaron won’t disappoint!
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When I was searching for a trainer I was impressed with how professional you are when I watched you working with other clients.
I wanted you to understand my personal needs, and found you to be very understanding of those needs.
Richard Evans
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I chose Aaron as my coach as it was obvious from speaking to him that he is passionate about personal training and from his own personal experience, he is aware of the huge positive impact that being happy with your self image can have on your life. His enthusiasm was immediately apparent and I felt confident that would benefit me. I wanted to learn more about the relationship between food and exercise and I feel that this has been extremely beneficial, although I still have much more to learn and put into practice myself. I also wanted to move out of my comfort zone. Aaron has completely changed my life!
Anna Long
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Aaron’s workouts are always enjoyable because there's plenty of variety and it's never boring. I've lost 12 lbs and 6 inches around my waist! I feel great and enjoy the compliments I receive from friends and family.
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Aaron is a truly excellent personal trainer. He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with and talk to. If your considering get a PT, Aaron is the one! Trust me
Yasmin Best
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I have been training with Aaron for over 7 months now and he has helped me change my life for the better. I couldn’t have kept up with this transformation without his support and help! Fit or unfit I encourage everyone to have the experience of investing in their health. And do it with Aaron!
Gary Walker
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I was skinny but too unmotivated and shy to go to the gym. I had Aaron as my personal trainer and now I noticed a positive change in my appearance. I am happy and now more confident with myself. I definitely recommend Aaron to anyone looking for great quality personal trainer!
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Joining Aaron was definitely a great choice for me as the knowledge I gained has transformed my own workouts. The level of support and expertise is second to none, Highly recommended!
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When I started training with Aaron, I weighed 19st 10lbs, was obese and not very happy. Four months later and I’ve lost over 3st. I am out of the danger zone and feel inspired. I will take credit for all of the hard graft, but I couldn’t have done it without Aaron’s motivation, guidance and support. Aaron isn’t one of those shouty sergeant major types (we wouldn’t have lasted if he had been). Instead he encourages and pushes you with positive reinforcement and aspirational goal-setting.
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When I first started training with the Aaron, I was really out of shape and was feeling tired all the time. I knew it was time to change my lifestyle and needed an experienced, knowledgeable person to help me out. Now, 6 months down the line, I have lost weight, I feel 100% fitter and I am always energised!
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I chose Aaron as my coach as it was obvious from speaking to you that you are passionate about personal training and from your own personal experience, you are aware of the huge positive impact that being happy with your self image can have on your life. Your enthusiasm was immediately apparent and I felt confident that would benefit me.
I wanted to learn more about the relationship between food and exercise and I feel that this has been extremely beneficial, although I still have much more to learn and put into practice myself.
Mark Williams
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Yes I definitely would recommend, Aaron is very personable and has shown deep knowledge of nutritional information and anatomy. He knows what works and what doesn’t and is very focused on sustainable results which is key in this current world with its fixation on a quick fix. He has been able to build routines that are varied and is always willing to experiment to try new things and adapts if these changes don’t work out. He has done well to take into consideration my specific requirements and needs around managing back and sciatic pain. He makes good use of the technology available and is able to share information and advice and recommend exercises and eating advice outside of the gym.
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Definitely recommend you. You’re very good at what you do, you do not make me feel stupid, and I do not feel so self-conscious when exercising next to all the “super-fit” people. If I was not training with you I know I would not go on my own because I would feel very intimidated. I also would not feel confident enough to use the machines on my own and would probably avoid them.You also care about the well-being of your clients and if there’s any injuries etc. you change program accordingly without any hesitation.
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I love my sports, but as ive gotten older, my joints have become very painful the day after playing my sports. However since training and working with Aaron, the pain has completely disappeared through his joint recovery techniques. I owe him so much!
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He’s completely changed my way of thinking. Used to hate the idea of working out, now I cannot wait for our sessions.
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I had never been in a gym before, and was so nervous. I didn’t even know where to start. With Aaron’s help I am now very comfortable in the gym environment. He has helped me so much. I cannot say enough good things about him. Going with him has changed my life. You’ll not regret it!
Colin Morgan
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I started training with Aaron because I had been training in the gym for a few weeks & had seen him around with other clients, they always seemed to be chatting & laughing away, & he always had them doing things that I had never seen before, workouts with a deck of cards etc. So I decided to give him a go & it’s probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made! For the first time, I am actually looking forward to going to the gym, he also writes me out program routines to follow when I’m training by myself. I would seriously give him a go if your thinking about getting a PT!
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I’ve started with Aaron to build more muscle and gain more motivation as I’d just lost all interest in the gym. From working with him I’ve now started to look forward to going and pushing myself to do the best I can as he always keeps you motivated. His sessions are never boring he always keeps the conversation flowing and helps you to enjoy what your doing which makes the sessions fly in overall I’ve enjoyed myself in the time I’ve been with Aaron and would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
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When I started with Aaron I’d let myself go over lockdown and wanted to make changes I’d only planned to stay with him for 8 sessions just to get my foot back in the gym door and now almost 2months later I’m still with him,he pushes my limits but keeps the workouts from getting boring never doing the same thing twice,the best part is that he makes you feel very comfortable and the conversation is never forced all in all I’d highly recommend Aaron as a pt
Cortland lewis
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When I started with Aaron, I had two weddings coming up and I was bridesmaid at both of them. I had originally only been planning to train with Aaron until after the 2 weddings, however that was over 2 months ago, and i’m still training away with him! I've been a gym goer on and off for years and always enjoyed it but I'd never worked with a PT before so I didn't really know what to expect. Aaron immediately made me feel at ease by listening to what I wanted to achieve in regards to weight loss and getting fit. I discussed with Aaron what areas of my body I wanted to work on and he advised me on what activities would be best to reach my personal goals. Aaron knows his stuff and no two sessions are the same as he goes out of his way to ensure I never get bored or fed up. He never fails to make me laugh & I always look forward to our sessions together. I 100% would highly recommend his services to anyone!
Elizabeth Cahoon
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Before training with Aaron, I hadn’t been to a gym in over 25 years. As a former fitness trainer in the army, I had some knowledge of what to do & what not to do, however since training with Aaron, I have learnt so much more than I could’ve imagined! I was very nervous as I didn’t really know how to correctly do the exercises or how I should go about my diet, but since our first session together, I haven’t looked back! I’m well on course to achieving my goals & hearing family & friends complement me on my weight loss gives me a great sense of achievement! And I couldn’t have done it without Aaron! I couldn’t be happier with his coaching & advice, I really can’t recommend him highly enough!
Paul Martin

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