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Abigail Smith
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I am passionate, motivated and dedicated to helping you achieve long-term health & wellness. I get a great deal of enjoyment by sharing my knowledge and having a positive impact on people; helping them to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

I’m looking forward to creating personalised 1-2-1 training sessions for you, specific to your goals, body and fitness levels so that together we can work towards achieving your goals, keeping you motivated and importantly, enjoying the process.

I want to help you to become the best version of yourself whether you're just starting your fitness journey, or have gym experience and want to advance your training, contact me for an initial chat and to book in your free taster session!
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Circuit Training
Functional Movement Training
Kettlebell Training
Exercise For Fat Loss
Level 4 Award In Nutrition (certified in nutrition)
Weight Loss
Muscle Building/ Full Body Toning
Strength Training
Strength and Conditioning
HIIT Training
Meal Planning
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I absolutely adore Abi! This is the first time in my life that I have seen results. Working out with her has been an absolute game-changer. I have changed my whole life around; working out, eating better and feeling better. I feel much more confident in general. Her knowledge and expertise have helped me achieve my fitness goals faster than I ever thought I could. Abi brings so much energy and positivity to each session that even on days that you don't feel like working it she always finds ways to motivate you.
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Highly recommended! My best choice of 2023 was to get Abigail as my personal trainer. Was struggling with stress on that time and worrying about starting the gym because I’ve never tried. Talked with her about training twice a week for a month or two before I get my confidence, but I cannot stop and here we go it’s 6 months already I’m enjoying training with her. She’s very good at what she does, pushing to the limits, always explains everything in a simple way, I can ask anything about exercises, flexible with times which means a lot for me. Never disappointed me, I’m very happy with my results❤️
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She's always there to support me, motivate me & hold me accountable. Abi knows her stuff and keeps it REAL.
Thanks to her, I've smashed my weight-loss goal as well as building muscle. Totally recommend them if you want to level up your fitness game!
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I really needed help with my nutrition as well as working on a fun way to enjoy cardio that's not just on a machine. I signed up to 3X 30 min HIIT sessions a week with Abi and not only have they helped improve my stamina but also my strength. She keeps me motivated throughout and really pushes me to keep going.

For my nutrition I followed Abi's meal planning programme for 3 months which were full of healthy & interesting meals which I enjoyed. I also gained the knowledge to now be able to plan my week of food. Abi still holds me accountable and reviews my food diary during our weekly check- ins.

Can't recommend Abi enough! X
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I've tried 2 PT's before but Abi is definitely the best personal trainer I've had!
We've been focused on strength training, and I've seen incredible progress week after week.

Her customised nutrition plans have also been essential for me building muscle and reaching my goals.

Couldn't be happier with my bigger glutes🙈🤣 & all the results under her guidance!
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I have been working with Abi for 6 weeks now, she is very professional, kind and gentle. Yet she is firm when it comes to the workout and pushes you to you potential. Her PT sessions have given me confidence to use weights and look at and use other gym equipment that I was hesitant to use previously. She is an effective listener and never judges or makes you feel like you have failed if you have slipped up on eating.
I highly recommend Abi as a PT.
Thank you Abi
Nadia Halley
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I really enjoy training with Abi, she is such a great trainer and all around good person!

Abi has helped build my confidence in the gym environment and has been great at pushing me and making sure I get the most out of my sessions. She is very knowledgeable and adapts sessions when needed. Abi really understood what I was trying to achieve and I’ve seen great results!

Highly recommend! Thank you Abi!
Maria Pellicci
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I trained with Abi for two years and it was one of the best investments I ever made. She is an excellent PT, able to tailor the programme to your requirements and goals, mix up the exercises to keep it interesting, and track your progress. The sessions are interactive and enjoyable, and in particular Abi is great at providing constructive feedback to push harder.

I'd really recommend her for anyone thinking of starting out at the gym and unsure of how to maximise the time there, whether you have a solid idea of your goals or not - Abi is great at working it out with you and building a plan.
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I had an incredible experience with Abi as my personal trainer! Her amazing knowledge helped me achieve my fitness goals faster than I ever thought possible. She tailored each session to my needs, keeping me motivated and excited about my progress. Her positivity and encouragement made every workout enjoyable, and I always left each session feeling like i'd done a good workout and energized.

Thanks to my Abi, I've gained not only physical strength but also the confidence to push myself beyond my limits. I highly recommend Abi to anyone looking for a supportive and effective fitness journey!
Amy W
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Abi's personalized approach and constant motivation keeps me on track and eager to hit the gym. Thanks to her, I have achieved results I'm thrilled with.
I only intended to stay a few months with Abi but 1.5 years later and i'm still here! Highly recommend!
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I have trained with Abi since the beginning of the year now.
Her 30-minute HIIT sessions are one of my favourites. I've been doing 2 per week along with a strength session. They're intense, high calorie burning & I sweat so much from them!

Along with training with Abi I also do a monthly meal plan with her. The meal plans are varied and completely tailored to my fitness goals and what I love to eat which makes them super easy to stick too.

Abi's personalised approach and positive personality makes her a top choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness journey.
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I’ve being having Abi as a pt now since February and she is by far one of the best pts I have ever had. She’s amazing at what she does, She’s always pushing me and her workouts are amazing although I moan at the time 😂. Abi is helping me achieve my goals and I can notice a difference. I literally wouldn’t use anyone else. She’s also such a lovely and kind girl. She’s the best in the business 🫶🏼
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Highly recommend Abi! She has built my confidence a lot at the gym and I always look forward to our sessions. I feel more confident using all the equipment and the weights section at the gym now 😊
Lisa Wong
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Abi is extremely professional and very friendly. She always takes the time to listen, plans the sessions with care and knows how to adapt them when necessary. I feel motivated and challenged and really enjoy our weekly sessions.
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I have been training with Abi for almost 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Her expertise and dedication have truly made a difference in my fitness journey. Not only does she create challenging and effective workout routines, but her personalised meal plans have also played a crucial role in helping me achieve my goals. Her attention to detail and constant support have made my entire experience enjoyable and motivating. I highly recommend Abi to anyone looking for a comprehensive and tailored approach to fitness and nutrition.
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I really loved training with Abi. She’s so chatty and friendly and the sessions were so much fun.

Abi really listens to your goals and designs a plan around them; there were times when I wanted to give up but Abi motivates you for that much needed final push. Giving up is not an option!

My sessions gave me so much more confidence when I’m on my own in the gym so I was able to carry on progressing outside of our sessions. Thanks Abi!
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Abi is an amazing personal trainer and person🫶🏻 I noticed drastic changes in less than 4 months. She kept me motivated at all times! can't wait to get back to training with her soon x
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I started with Abi, for a short term intense shape up before my wedding. I intended to use her for a few months. And two years later, we’re still going strong!

I can officially say I have got the gym bug. But I wouldn’t have got there without the encouragement and kind believe from Abi. I never leave a session disappointed and know she has pushed me to my best ability.

Abi is accommodating of new goals and has helped me achieve things I never thought I’d be able to do, such as pull ups and chin ups. I can also now touch my toes; something I’ve not been able to do since I was a child.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Helen C
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My main goal was to build strength and over the course of the last few months I feel so much physically stronger. I can feel it within myself and also seeing how much the numbers have progressed. I have learnt so many new techniques and skills I didn't know about before from Abi which have helped me outside of our sessions (my technique was super sloppy before haha).
She challenges me a lot which I love and I feel
like I get so much out of our sessions.
Super chatty & friendly which makes the hour pass by! I will be adding in another session per week so I can improve even more.

Thanks Abi
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Abi is truly amazing. She has built my confidence back up in the gym no end, and I really look forward to our sessions catching up on our week and working hard! I can never walk down the stairs when we are finished!
Would definitely recommend Abi and will continue to work with Abi on my fitness goals
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Training with Abigail has been transformative. In just three months, the results have been nothing short of amazing.Her expertise, motivation and tailored approach are top-notch.
Highly recommend!
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I am absolutely loving Abi train me! She is keeping me so motivated and on track to my goals and is the perfect combo of friendly yet strict (when you add the 5’s after a vile set 🥲)

I’ve never been so consistent with the gym and my diet in my life and I am loving the journey! Feeling great, thank you
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I embarked on my fitness journey with Abi a few months back, and it turned out to be the best decision I could've made. My confidence both in the gym and in myself has greatly improved. Previously, I had an inconsistent gym routine and stuck mostly to cardio due to my comfort zone. However, I wanted to focus on weight training, but felt uncertain doing it alone. Abi's guidance has completely transformed my relationship with weights. Training with her once a week, she understands my abilities and consistently pushes me. Despite my initial hesitations, her encouragement to add more weight has led to noticeable increases in my strength. Nowadays, I confidently head straight to the weights section at the gym. Additionally, I've embraced HIIT workouts once a week, which adds variety to my training. Abi continuously pushes me to reach my limits, and I can't praise her enough. I’m looking forward to the months ahead. Thank you, Abi, for helping me start to regain a positive body image.
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I strongly recommend choosing Abi as a PT! My confidence levels were at an all time low before starting with Abi she made me fall back in love with the gym again. She puts a lot of time and effort into the sessions and makes sure you enjoy every one! Great results and you get to have fun whilst getting them!
Samantha Ealham
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Due a change in my personal life, it allowed me more time to visit the gym, inspired by the recent refurbishment, I renewed an expired membership with Better gym. Returning to classes was a much-needed reboot to motivation. Apart from treadmills and the basic equipment in the gym, I always wanted to experience the other elements within the gym without looking like a complete novice and more importantly not using correctly 😊

I decided to treat myself to a PT early January 2023 as had a big birthday and a nice holiday to look forward to, I choose Abi to be my PT, as I had seen her frequently coaching in the gym, which is a great advertisement, hardworking and popular with many clients. I also felt I could approach, be open with my personal immediate goals and my shyness of the equipment.

Best thing I have ever done, Abi has made a massive difference to my self-confidence and motivation. She is very personable, friendly and very knowledgeable in her field, focussed on consistency and elevating me to higher position. I look forward to my weight training sessions as she listens and guides me through my momentary lack of self-belief. Three months in I look forward to my session, feeling great afterwards and very pleased with myself that I have achieved another Abi set. 😊

Moving forward, in addition to Better gyms varied fitness classes. I will be able to utilise the gym being more comfortable/confident using all the equipment in the gym. Win Win!!
Thank you, Abi, you are a credit to your profession, and if I drift, I will be right back for a refresher of your fabulous training ethos. xx

Liz M
Liz Millar
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I started my PT journey with Abi in January 2022 and all I can say is, this was the best investment I have ever made for myself. I have always been quite fit/active but I had goals that I wanted to reach and I knew I needed a PT. It was very easy to choose Abi as a PT. She is very friendly, kind and extremely hardworking. She took her time to listen to what I wanted to achieve... which was strength and weightlifting and over the 6 months she has helped me achieve my goals and even more. My body has completely changed. I am stronger than ever and my body is in the best shape it has been in years. Her PT sessions gave me the confidence to lift weights and always try and beat my PB. If only money was endless, I would've kept Abi as a PT for my entire life haha but the 6 months I had her as a PT was life changing. My views on exercise have changed and I get excited to work out in the gym. It's also nice to see Abi in the gym when I am working out :). I highly recommend Abi as a PT! You won't be disappointed. Thanks Abi :)
Tami Mustafa
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Abi is AMAZING! She is such a big help for me to achieve my goals. My goals are to lose weight, tone up and gain strength and Abi is always helping me push myself to do more than I think I can. I have gained more confidence in the weights section which I never thought I'd step into! (I can be quite shy but Abi made me feel super comfortable and is really easy to get on with which helps). She's always motivating me to push for more reps and keeps me going through each set.
I have gained so much strength from my workouts and have seen/ felt so many changes physically & mentally.

I feel really understood in what I wanted to achieve and I can't wait to continue to see more progress.

Emma W
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We started 6 months ago with Abi and since that moment we felt motivated and happy to go to gym .She is amazing in what she is doing .We are so happy that we choose her .
Maria Mutica
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Me and my partner we choose Abbie 6 months ago and since that moment we had an amazing time with her. She’s professional and at the same time funny , a person that you can have a chat with. She’s a friend for us that help us to achieve our goals and we already can see amazing results! It’s just the beginning of a long journey thanks to her ! X
Chiara Toro

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