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Adrian Rozanski
Adrian Rozanski
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Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with 10 years of experience in creating effective training programs, focused on achieving individual clients goals in the most efficient way. Judo Black Belt with many successes in the international arena, Double Diploma Engineer, Master of Management and the owner of My Coach. For training purposes uses the latest and most effective methods in the fitness industry.
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for Managing Lower Back Pain
Advanced Training Systems (CPD)
Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Judo Black Belt
Improving Body Composition
Strength & Conditioning
Lower Back Pain Management
Functional Training
Postural Correction
Injury Prevention
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Adrian is exactly what I could have asked for in a PT. He is organised, encouraging and very dedicated to improving my health and fitness. I’ve had a few PTs, but Adrian is definitely the best at what he does. If you’re reading this don’t hesitate to get in touch with him. Thank you Adrian!
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Adrian has been my personal trainer for more than a month and i already started to see a big change in my weight and also getting more stronger . I have never enjoyed doing exercise before i started training sessions with him.
Adrian is really helpful,professional and knowledgeable .
I strongly recommend Adrian to anyone wants a change to more healthier lifestyle .
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I have been having personal training for ten years and been with Adrian for the last four years.
He is, without doubt, the most professional trainer I have had. He prepares for and records progress for each session, carefully increases weights and/or reps to ensure safe and motivating improvement.
I have never felt bored with any routine and my form has improved in all aspects of my training, thanks to Adrian.
He is also a charming man with a personal style which combines an expectation of full commitment and appreciation when it is given.
Sandra Jenner
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Adrian, simply put, is excellent. He is calm, encouraging and dedicated. He is intuitive and with me, very quickly worked out a level and approach which suits me well is producing results. I lost almost 4 stone thanks to his sessions, his nutritional advice and general support. He is knowledgeable and is flexible with our sessions to fit around my work schedule. I couldn't recommend Adrian highly enough.
Richard Jervis
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I started working out with Adrian 4 months after having a baby. I had a very good labour and delivery and so had no specific issues, but wanted to ensure I was using the best exercises with correct technique to get back gradually to my pre-baby fitness level and strength. I found sessions with Adrian enjoyable, he has a lot of knowledge that he shared with me and ensured my technique was correct. Every session was varied and and fun and I will be able to use the exercises in my own work outs. I would highly recommend his services.
Jalpa Shah
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Having trained with Adrian for just over a month, I am starting to feel the benefits, both psychologically and physically (although it is early days). Adrian has been able to ease anxieties with his methodological approach to training and has been instrumental in growing my confidence in the gym, and finding alternative means should machines be free. He has given me one of the best workouts I have had using body weight. Adrian provides challenges and alternatives ensuring there is no switching off and loss of attention. What's great is that he understands lifestyles, times and also health conditions, and ensures training works to benefit conditions not make them worse. I strongly recommend Adrian as a trainer and if you are worried about the investment, it is worth it!
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I have been training with Adrian for the past 5 weeks and already I can see an improvement in my body. He has helped me to be more mindful with my diet and lifestyle. His training sessions are tough but challenging and you always come out of the gym feeling great. I highly recommend Adrian!
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Adrian, is simply a brilliant coach! I would highly recommend him to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle. My two goals when I started training with him was weight loss and lifestyle change. After training with him for a month I can honestly say that I have started to see my body change, I feel fitter and stronger at the same time. Adrian is the kind of coach that pushes me to achieve my goals, helps me be more disciplined and develop a sense self control that I was lacking. He is the type of coach that will listen to you, make sure that you perform all the exercises correctly, he is focused but pleasant during the session and will always keep track of your performance results and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. Really glad I get to train with him! Highly recommend!
CeCe K
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I have been training with Adrian for just over a year and it’s been a tough but enjoyable and rewarding experience. Adrian has helped me manage my diet plan, explained the importance of core muscle group exercises and most importantly has transformed the way I think and eat on a day to day basis. I’ve had many personal trainers in the past but Adrian is somewhat different. Each session is personalised and he’s always on call to answer questions, offer advice and help when needed. I’d highly recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle and commend him for his dedication and support in what he does best!
Veena Hirani
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Nice guy - easy going - got me started and set a gentle but ever increasing work out path with great tips on health and nutrition -
Adam Englander
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Adrian has been my personal trainer for the past six months. He has really helped to transform my body. He is committed, methodical, provides professional advice on how to train and what to eat and helped me achieve maximum results in minimum time. Our training sessions are always varied and challenging but also fun. I strongly recommend him for any one who wants to train hard and see results!
Yonatan Sagiv

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