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Aleem Majid
Aleem Majid
Better Gym Teddington
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Aleem Majid is a personal trainer located at Better Gym Teddington.
BSc Degree in Strength & Conditioning Science
Level 3 Personal Trainer & Advanced Instructor
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach
Nutrition & Weight Management
Circuit Training
Torso Training & Core Stability
Kettlebell Trainer
Official Boxercise Instructor: 1-1 & Small Groups
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Strength Training Specialist
Sports Specific/Performance
Nutrition & Weight Management (behaviour focused approach)
Lifestyle Coaching (Time management, Sleeping Smarter, Work/Life Balance, Psychology & Motivation)
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Aleem helped to rectify a shoulder issue I had with some good advice and rehabilitation it was back to normal very quickly....
Jamie Coleshill
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I've been working with Aleem for the last 8 weeks and he is the first coach I've worked with, with whom I thought 'hey, this actually might work'. I approached Aleem with a simple, yet ambitious goal of being able to feel comfortable in a swimsuit during my early spring holidays. What he did is build a holistic program looking at my routines, habits, the way I prioritise my sleep, nutrition and daily movement as well as accompanied me every step of the way (including the moany days when I was hitting a wall). The effect is more than just a dress size or compliments I get nowadays, it was an overhaul of how I perceive my wellbeing and what I need to feel good about myself and in my own body. Thank you Aleem!!!
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Aleem is the best PT that I’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable, patient, professional and was excellent at adapting any exercise to my ability. I have dyspraxia, a lack of balance and hyper flexibility and through his weekly training sessions managed to improve my balance, strength and learned the correct way to use weights and core exercises to build strength and mobility while protecting my joints and back. Highly recommend his training.
Chantelle B
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Aleem is an excellent PT. He is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, friendly and dedicated. He can very quickly tell exactly what you need to modify in an exercise in order to have the correct form and properly work the correct muscles. I had a knee injury and Aleem has not only helped me recover, but also hugely improved my workouts compared to before my injury. I had been doing sport for years previously, but there is so much he has taught me, and so much that I didn’t realise I was doing wrong, I wish I had trained with Aleem earlier. His programs have given my workouts structure and purpose, and Aleem has helped me to exercise regularly and keep a routine, which I was struggling with after my injury. I started on monthly sessions with Aleem, but now have weekly sessions as they benefit me so much. Since changing to weekly sessions, with his help I have lost weight, improved my posture, and hugely improved my running speed. Over the lockdowns Aleem ran virtual sessions (both PT and group circuits), without which I would’ve struggled to do any exercise. Thank you so much Aleem!
Liz L
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What a great session with Aleem! I've been a member of the gym for a while now and felt that I was unaware of how gym machines worked and what area of my body was being trained. Aleem gave a session where he introduced and gave me instructions on how to use certain machines and how to perform certain exercises properly! I came away from this session with a clearer understanding of gym equipment and techniques for certain exercises. I cannot recommend Aleem enough as a personal trainer! Thanks so much for your help.
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Aleem is absolutely brilliant. He totally focused on my goals, pushed me just the right amount and exceeded all expectations. I can see the difference already. He also has a great communication skills and support me not only as coach but also as a friend.
Elif Harani
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Aleem is knowledgeable personable and calm. His organised approach, allied with clear communication skills, means he'll develop a programme that's well suited to you personally.
Though his specialty lies in strength training, he is very adaptable, both in terms of training for different skills and explaining movements in different ways. He adapts the training to his clients' goals and styles, adjusting the exercises to your specific strengths/weaknesses, always with safety and proper form in mind.
I'd recommend him without hesitation, whether you're interested in general fitness or have a specific goal you want to work to.
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When I had started working with Aleem I was seriously injured in
both of my knees due to heavy lifting without stretching and bad techniques.
I thought I would never be able to lift again which was heartbreaking. Thank
God I was able to meet to the most understanding and dedicated trainer who
listened to my story and worked very hard to get my knees strength back
without any pain. He taught me good techniques to use in order to avoid
injury and thanks to him I have started lifting again. Lifting is my passion
and is something I enjoy and to even think I had the potential of not weight
lifting was heart breaking. It was a blessing in disguise because he’s not
only strengthened my knees but strengthened the way I think as I was under a lot of pressure at the time but Aleem always expressed how important it is to
think positive in order to reach your goal. I believe through this I was able
to overcome this injury. It is not an easy journey but thanks to him we made
it work.
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One of the best and most holistic trainers I've ever worked with. I have a very unpredictable job, so creating a workout plan that would allow me to make advancements in strength, size and overall fitness all the while allowing for the flexibility that I needed was certainly a challenge, but one that Aleem embraced whole heartedly. We developed a program that I love and that yields really solid results. But as I said, it was more holistic than just focusing on strength and accessory movements. We looked into diet, sleep, lifestyle habits and general work/lifting psychology - because lets face it, there's far more to being 'strong' than just picking up a barbell! Cannot recommend this guy enough. Absolute gent and a pleasure to train with!
Sam Wilkinson
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Aleem is so much more than a PT - he has taught me so much and helped me to develop and change so many habits - permanently. Through Aleem’s coaching, my confidence has improved tenfold and the attitude he has helped me to foster in the gym has cascaded into many other areas of my life.
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I had acl reconstruction about 3-4 years ago and didn’t complete my physio so have never been back to running. I’ve been working with Aleem for 6-8 weeks, concentrating on mobility exercises strengthening feet/ankles/legs, and also squatting building to lifting, and core work. The mobility exercises can seem a bit strange, but I have really felt the benefit in my everyday life, and I’m lifting more weight than I ever have before. Aleem really knows his stuff and has really made a difference even at this relatively early stage, and has really concentrated on my stated aims in my programme. Highly recommended.
Kevin Temple
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Excellent strength coach even down to mobility and fine tuning those all important SBD Lifts!
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Aleem is one of those rare finds - extremely good at what he does from a sports science perspective and very caring/attentive. He’s honestly the best trainer I’ve ever worked with and a real expert in his field.
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Aleem is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, patient and very easy to talk to. He has helped me build my confidence with weights as well as showing me how to do exercises such as squats, deadlifts etc correctly. His passion and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition is great. He is always available to answer questions and nothing is too much for him! This is the first time I've ever worked with a PT and I was anxious at first if I'm honest but I feel so comfortable around Aleem and in good hands. I would highly recommend working with him.
Ciara Dunne
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He has been coaching me for about a year and the experience has been great. Amazing to do attitude and guidance, knowledge and adaptation to my always changing needs.
He guided me in nutrition and training and I have learnt and achieved great things with him so far.
He is very flexible and professional.
Recommended 100%
Javi Blanco
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Training with Aleem is always fun, but he is serious about helping you achieve your goals. His passion for strength training is inspiring and his depth of knowledge means that he can adapt training programmes around any injuries or limitations you may have. His suggestions for mobility drills have been really beneficial in helping me progress in the last year. He has worked very hard to create a sense of community among his clients, keeping us all encouraged and motivated. I'd give a 6-star review if I could!
Bob Oswald
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My training sessions with Aleem were absolutely wonderful. I wanted to learn which exercises to do to gain muscle definition and he really helped me achieve this! Aleem took in everything I mentioned from a painful hip, to a lack of confidence with new techniques and now I have full get up and go in the gym. I really recommend booking some sessions with him!
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Aleem is an amazing PT! He is kind and very funny. He has changed my form completely and been very aware of back injuries I have from previous trainers poor techniques. All the sessions are tailored to what I want to do and he goes above and beyond for all sessions. I couldn’t recommend a PT any higher and have told everyone who asks how I’ve lost weight and toned up to go and book a session with him! He’s helped me reach PB’s I never thought I would! I’ve never felt stronger or healthier.
Phoebe Ratcliffe
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Aleem is a fantastic PT, definitely the best I've worked with. He is very friendly, patient, and knows what he's talking about - every workout plan I have had from him has felt well-tailored to whatever areas I need to work on at the time, and he has helped my form improve dramatically on all my major exercises. Beyond my individual sessions, he has worked to foster a real sense of community among his clients, including running a casual, friendly in-house lifting competition for us all to try to reach new personal bests with encouragement from each other. I cannot recommend him more highly, and I have already suggested him to several friends.
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Honestly one of the best PT I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Knowledgable, friendly and inspiring to work with. I had an awful wrist injury that stopped me from doing certain exercises and he helped me work through the fear of working that arm and showed me exercises to work around it. He creates great structured work out programmes around your goals which for me have worked wonders. I would fully endorse Aleem for anyone interested in getting a PT session!!
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Aleem is a very dedicated Personal trainer who has a genuine interest in your training and strength/fitness goals and genuinely wants to see you succeed. From his sporting background, he is very knowledgeable in lifting technique, especially powerlifting movements, easily fixing movement errors which I would have never figured out on my own. He has a unique approach to programming/exercise selection which is a great variation to the usual PT programming I have come across, that feels like it could have been copied and pasted off the internet. Everything Aleem prescribes you is individualised and works around any injuries or training restrictions you may have. I would recommend Aleem as a PT/Coach above all other PTs that I have been trained by.
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Aleem is a clear, patient and friendly PT. He works hard to tailor the sessions, explains things well, and strikes a good balance between criticism and encouragement. I fully endorse Aleem to anyone looking for a PT, particularly for strength training.
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Highly recommend Aleem as a PT. He is knowledgeable, friendly and motivated. I always found the weights section intimidating, but since working with Aleem I'm a lot more confident venturing into the section knowing that I'm doing the moves correctly without a risk of injury!
Shelley Dudley
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Aleem is so kind! Aswell as being a super experienced PT with a super individualistic approach. He always makes time to explain why and what we are working on and didn’t even laugh when I rubbed chalk all over my hands like hand cream .... actually that’s a lie, he did laugh!! He is really accessible, welcoming, creates a great team atmosphere with his PT clients so we get extra support when we are working out. I always wanted to do this for so long but had lacked confidence and now I’m doing weightlifting and getting stronger it is the biggest buzz! I have Aleem to thank for that! If you are a fabulous female aspiring weight lifter seem this guy out - I could not recommend him more. Thank you Aleem!
Shivonne Graham
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5 star! Tremendous technical knowledge of all lifting disciplines. Great at instructing people of ALL abilities to progress with good form. Aleem's approach has enabled me to gradually improve a material lack of shoulder mobility. This has opened up new strength training possibilities. Brilliant. You cannot help but being motivated when training with Aleem. Highly recommended.
Henrik Woergaard
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Aleem has a real passion for fitness & has helped me achieve goals I didn't think were possible. With such dedication, knowledge & a very approachable manner, Aleem is a credit to the fitness industry.

Elaine Scanlon

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