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Alex Orlov
Alex Orlov
Llanishen Leisure Centre
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My passion for exercise and nutrition began when I gained lots of weight during the covid lockdowns. By the end of it all, I had a fairly hefty starting weight of 92 kg, so I decided to make a significant lifestyle change.

Going through this process and transforming my body gave me invaluable experience. People started asking me for advice, and I realised I enjoyed helping people improve their lives.

That’s how I made the decision to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Together, we’ll work out what’s best for you, whether that’s by creating an overarching action plan, a focused training programme, doing one-to-one personal training sessions, my daily nutritional follow-ups, or a combination of it all to help you achieve your specific goals.

I am also Deaf, and so I use British Sign Language.

I also lipread and communicate verbally. In addition, I speak Russian and Hebrew, and consider them both to be my mother tongues.

I am happy to cater to the wide spectrum of communities living in Cardiff.

Let's have a chat! Simples!
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Weight loss
Muscle and body mass
Older adults 70+
Mental health
Nutritional follow-up
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I wanted help regaining and improving my strength and fitness after I broke my arm . Alex has proved to be the absolute best choice , tailoring exercises specifically to my needs. The progress I have made is excellent and measurable. It makes a huge difference to use the correct stance and technique when exercising, something you can only get from a one to one situation .
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I was nervous about having a PT for the first time, but that feeling disappeared after just one session — and after that session, I felt revitalised psychologically as well as physically. Alex has been superb. He introduced me to the once-scary machines and equipment by providing a varied programme, still tailored to my personal aims, and has been very clear in his advice and instructions while also — crucially! — being patient and having a sense of humour. I would recommend him to anyone, especially somebody without prior experience of having a PT.
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Never tried a PT before but recently retired and wanted to improve general fitness and core strength as troubled by low back pain in past. Very impressed with Alex. Doing lots of different exercises and sessions are varied, interesting and target areas that I would not have considered if attending gym on my own.
Alex is enthusiastic and engaging. Highly recommend.
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I would highly recommend in choosing Alex as your personal trainer. I am very happy with the progress I am making in my weight loss journey with the help of Alex. I have learned more about nutrition and started to eat more healthier. I like that the training programme is individualised to meet my fitness goal.
Zola Sainkhuu
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This has been my first experience in the gym and I'm glad that I chose Alex.

He approached our sessions very professionally, also taking into account my specific physical needs.

Alex created an ideal training program for me. He has been very attentive and prepared for our sessions. His cheerful and positive attitude has really motivated me to come and train every time!
Olena N
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I was apprehensive about going to the gym as I had never been before. Alex made me feel at ease and provided encouragement and I have even been doing exercises on my own. Alex is patient and an excellent personal trainer who I would highly recommend.
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Alex is a brilliant Personal Trainer. He is very knowledgeable, always prepared for sessions and highly motivated. Through exercise he has helped me to strengthen my back after injury and I am very grateful. I would highly recommend him.
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In the past, I have always lost my battles with food. This time it has been different.
In 6 months I lost more kilos than in the previous 15 years, thanks to Alex's PT sessions and his nutritional follow up.
Alex has his own method, which allowed me to not starve myself, and still lose weight. The 'secret' was the daily food and fitness review and coaching - they helped me to identify and disarm those nutritional 'mines' which had failed me in the past.
Zvika Rimalt
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I highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer! I decided I needed help with fitness and getting to grips with weight training and he has been fantastic in helping me develop. I feel much stronger and better for attending his sessions and he has helped with my confidence.
Emily Henry
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Alex is a highly professional PT. Some say that it normally takes 3-6 months to see some results from PT sessions - however I saw results after just a month of training with Alex! With a clear conscience, and without any doubt, I definitely recommend this PT!
Larysa Zinchenko
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I am 82 years old and have osteoporosis. I needed help to build muscle strength and, thus hopefully, prevent bone fractures. Alex fits the bill perfectly. He is kind and knowledgeable and understands my requirements absolutely. I already feel that my balance has improved after only a few weeks of weekly sessions. Thank you Alex - Diolch yn fawr, Rosina.
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After about 4 sessions so far with Alex I feel a difference. Precise guidance in all aspects of training. Alex is engaging and focused. Great experience.
Ceri Isaacs
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I never thought I’d be someone to use an PT but after working with Alex, I can definitely see the results and how worthwhile the time and money spent are!
Alex is patient and understanding, always adapting the session to however I’m feeling but still making sure I push myself. Since I started working with him, I feel a lot healthier and fitter and move more easily. Definitely recommend working with him!
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I started with Alex about 3 months back. My aims are to build core and lower limb strength. I am trying to gain weight.
As a beginner to the gym, I found the sessions very focused and motivating.

Alex is considerate and understands my goals. He provided a programme after the first session. This was very useful as it also had links to videos on the technique for each workout.

Alex has a hearing impairment, but it has never come in the way of communication during a session.
Even though the videos are helpful, I find doing the session with Alex is invaluable as he is constantly checking and correcting mistakes in my technique. It also gives me the motivation to go to the gym regularly.
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Alex is a patient and dedicated PT. Having always been a reluctant gym goer. Alex has created a training plan to get me motivated and that shows results. Highly recommended!
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Having put on weight over lockdown I was pleased to have come across Alex prices are fair his ability to push you but also adjust your training is amazing. He is a great P.T to have
Steph C
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Alex is a great trainer. He is clearly passionate about his job and helping his clients. He is always very encouraging and accommodating. He has helped me to lose weight and to build up my strength. Highly recommended!
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Alex is a great PT! He has created specialised programmes that me and my son can take part in together and both benefit from. He makes the sessions fun and enables us to develop each time we come. I highly recommend Alex as a PT
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As someone who has limited abilities to do certain activities, I was initially nervous about whether Alex would be able to fulfil my needs to gain strength and increase flexibility. However, he exceeded my expectations by far and has even helped me go beyond these aims by helping me lose weight too! Being deaf like myself also helps put me at ease with communication needs. Highly recommend! 😃
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Great trainer, have had absolutely 0 problems and really enjoyed every session.
James Bryce
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Alex is a very dedicated trainer. He gives one exercises to suit one’s regime and level of fitness. I have learnt a lot about weights and areas to tone for one who was not accustomed to the gym. I recommend him.
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For a very long time I could not muster up the courage to go to training, then I could not choose a coach. But I did not lose by choosing Alex. He is a master of his craft, knows the answers to all questions about training and proper nutrition. Very attentive to his work. It is immediately clear that a person is passionate about his work. I recommend it even to those who have never or been in the gym for a long time, you will feel comfortable with him, and this is the most important thing for classes with a personal trainer.
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Alex is an excellent trainer - his varied sessions fly by - for the 1st time in my life I’m actually enjoying going to the gym! He knows how hard to push you, so the sessions are challenging but rewarding … would definitely recommend!
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Alex is truly a ray of sunshine!
He equally balances every workout with enjoyment, and definitely a challenge. You always leave the gym feeling so refreshed and confident with what you've achieved.
...Can't recommend enough!
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Alex is a great and conscientious personal trainer. He is attentive to details and is generous in sharing his knowledge. What I also like about Alex is that he gently and professionally challenges his students’ limits, which leads to faster and steadier progress. I would recommend Alex without any reservations to anyone who wants to bring about real changes in their life.

Алекс – чудовий і сумлінний тренер. Він надзвичайно уважний до деталей і щедро ділиться своїми знанями. Що мені особливо подобається в Алексі – це те, що він делікатно і професійно розсуває межі можливостей своїх підопічних, що в результаті призводить до швидкого та рівномірного прогресу. Я рекомендую Алекса без будь-яких вагань усім, хто прагне справжніх змін у своєму житті.
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Alex is a fun trainer but also makes sure your programme has the right level of challenge for you to feel the benefits. I would definitely recommend him.
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I strongly recommend Alex! His method is reasonable, practical, easy to follow and most importantly - brings results!

I started looking much fitter in 3 weeks, and I felt great. Much recommended!
Irenne Z
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Alex helped me understand nutrition better, and build a better relationship with food. With achievable and realistic targets I grew in confidence, lost weight and increased my knowledge around my workouts. I highly recommend Alex!
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Great service. The trainer is passionate about what he does and really knowledgable. Those who are serious about their health will benefit a lot and will be equipped with tools and independent knowledge- to make it lasting success
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Alex tracks progress to get the best out of his client’s nutritionally and exercise too.
Stuart Parkinson
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Alex is a very dedicated trainer and passionate about helping others. He tailored an easy to follow instructions for me since I have been struggling to loose weight despite trying various weight loss programmes. Well worth the time and money invested! Thank you

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