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Alice Magee
Alice Magee
Andersonstown Leisure Centre
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Get Fit with Alice!

Small Group Training
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Whether your goal is to get:

Shed a few pounds
Gain muscle and strength
Eat better
Or just feel better about YOU
I can help you to start taking control of your own health, fitness and performance!
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Training
Pending – Level 4 Advanced Nutrition for Sport and Weight Management
Functional Fitness Training
Strength and Conditioning
Weight Loss
Muscle Toning and Growth
Nutritional Support and Guidance
Fitness For Life
I also actively compete in local CrossFit competitions, and I’d love to help anyone who is considering it to find their confidence and footing in that area of fitness!
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Getting Fit(ter) with Alice was exactly what I need to build into my already busy fitness lifestyle. Come from a running background and being a cardio princess I didn’t think I’d want to be a muscle Mary, but here we are after just a short four weeks craving more of those lifting sessions. Alice guided and motivated me in the best ways to help improve strength, mobility and endurability, all key factors to help contribute to making me a better runner. So whether you’re starting your fitness journey or already well into it, you’ll find improvement with Alice!
Paul O'Donoghue
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I have been working with Alice for about 6 weeks and already feel an improvement in my strength and mobility, plus the bonus of visible changes to my body shape. Alice is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. The sessions are challenging but with Alice’s guidance and encouragement I am achieving my goals. She is also incredibly patient and never tires of demonstrating the exercises when I forget how things should be done or struggle with coordination. Fun, kind and sincere, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so glad that I contacted her and started this journey. I can’t rate her highly enough. Don’t hesitate! Get fit with Alice!
Michelle Beirne
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After coming away from a private gym and having not worked out in a while me and my sister decided it was time to be shown some guidance to ease ourselves back into the gym, from the first day meeting Alice it was nothing but love and support, for the first time ever I actually enjoyed working out, the support and motivation I have got from Alice has been like no other, classes were fun and challenging, my mindset and relationship with the gym was improved greatly and I made a life long friend. I could not recommend Alice more, she will take care of you and will always support you in your fitness journey. 💪❤️
Eimear Maguire
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Alice is a true gem who encompasses a perfect blend of professionalism, approachability, and genuine interest in your fitness and results.

Her ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding of exercise and nutrition. I've learned more from her than I ever thought possible.

One of the aspects that sets Alice apart is her approachability. She's incredibly friendly and down-to-earth, which creates an environment where I feel comfortable asking questions and discussing my concerns. Not only does Alice provide expert guidance, but she's also a fantastic listener, tailoring each session to what suits you. Her ability to inject an element of fun and humor into training, feels like a productive and enjoyable activity with a friend, rather than a daunting workout!

I would recommend Alice to everyone, regardless of their fitness level, background, or goals. She's the embodiment of an exceptional personal trainer - informative, approachable, professional, extremely patient and endlessly fun to work with! Thank you for everything!
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I wanted to improve my lifestyle, lose a little weight and generally feel better as I went about my day. Alice works realistically and sustainably with a great attitude, making it difficult to be grumpy about attending the gym! Since working with Alice, I am achieving the goals I set out to, enjoying training, and planning the fitness journey. Most importantly, getting access to a PT of this quality at our local leisure centre and not an expensive private gym makes this support so much more accessible for all.
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I always wanted to join the gym although I had awful anxiety with very little to zero self confidence so I decided to contact Alice and it has since been the best decision, she has taught me to love myself again and be comfortable in my own body which I have never experienced. I was clueless first time walking in and now she has taught me so much with not only gym equipment but with my nutrition, she makes eating healthy fun! Her motivation and dedication to each client is unlike any other. Still to this day if I have a bad day and I walk into the gym and see Alice she’s straight over making sure I’m okay and comfortable with what I’m doing, she truly is an amazing trainer and an amazing person inside and out! I cannot recommend anyone more☺️
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I always had love for the gym so when I had lost that I knew it was time to change things up. A friend had recommended Alice and had nothing but positive things to say. I never had a PT before so I was quite nervous in taking that step but I knew I needed the professional guidance to kickstart things once again. I contacted Alice and right away we discussed a date to start up 2-1 PT. From the first session I instantly knew I made the right decision. Her professionalism was impressive but what stood out to me was the energy and passion she had for her job and the endless knowledge! She goes that extra mile for each client and genuinely cares for everyone she meets and I quickly seen that from her interactions with different clients. I now attend group classes which I just love! Alice is great craic always bringing the fun factor to the challenging classes. Her guidance and advice on correcting techniques has increased my confidence massively. My strength has improved , my energy has increased and most importantly my love is back for the gym!!! All with the encouragement from Alice herself. She makes the 6am classes worth getting up for 😇 I highly recommend taking that step and going on your own personal journey with Alice as your PT! You’ll not regret it 😁💪🏻
Michelle Mags
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Alice is an amazing PT who's enthusiasm and passion for what she does was evident from our first complimentary session. Over the past 7 weeks, training with her twice a week has been a game-changer. Alice's expertise and sense of humor make every session enjoyable and effective. She effortlessly builds trust and confidence, guiding me through workouts that have stretched, challenged and truly transformed me. At 60, I had doubts about my capacity to build strength and fitness, but Alice's guidance has proven otherwise. I'm grateful for her dedication and skill in helping me achieve my goals. It can be hard to invest time, energy and money in yourself but the returns I have gotten has made this the most worthwhile investment ever.
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I took Alice on to help with my strength and to help me get more confidence not only in the gym but about myself in baseball and she pushed me to get better definitely would recommend
Ciaran McManus
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I've always wanted to go to the gym...become healthy and fit. The first thing I felt really good about the new place was the gym.But as a beginner I didn't know anything and I was in search for somebody who can help me . That's when I got to know about Alice ...
She is incredible at her job. I had a lot of barriers to get in the flow. But she is the one who helped me with lots of patience.
She is an inspiration for me to be consistent with what l have started.She always encourages me to reach higher levels and the sessions are superfun . She helps me with my diet too. I have followed different diet patterns before by avoiding the normals.But her way of dealing with nutrition is different and i don't have to change my food pattern altogether to achieve what i need...I'm experiencing positive changes with my activity levels and energy day by day. One of the best decisions of my life. Thank you alice for being with me in this journey. So don't think twice to work with's a 💯
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Alice is just the best ever!! I started up in the new year with Alice after loosing my love for the gym. Alice has helped me so much to find this love again as-well as helping me move along with my goals. No problem is too big for Alice the support she gives is unmatched and is so helpful while on a fitness journey. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have so far without her!! Highly highly recommend🙌
Katie McKenna
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I signed up to Alice’s training classes because I was overweight, inactive, with a poor diet and diminished confidence. From the get-go, Alice’s knowledge and expertise in fitness and nutrition made me feel confident that I was in good hands.
Alice is an excellent communicator, always explaining the exercises and their benefits in a way that's easy to understand. She is a great motivator, and knows my limits better than I do, encouraging me to reach my potential without ever making me feel overwhelmed.
The classes are always engaging, incorporate different workout formats to keep things interesting and they’re good craic – which keeps me motivated and looking forward to the gym, which is new for me.
I have already seen significant improvements in both my physical and mental health while training with Alice, including increased strength, fat loss, better posture, a sustainable diet, and improved overall confidence.
I look forward to continuing the journey ahead with Alice, and would highly recommend her to anyone!
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I hadn't used a gym before - they can sometimes seem intimidating places! Alice quickly helped me clarify my goals and developed a programme tailored to me. This means different exercises in different sessions, but cyclically building up over time. As others have said, she is knowledgeable and supportive, developed through education, experience and her own how-I-got-fit learning.
Beforehand this might have seemed unlikely, but I really look forward to our twice-weekly sessions. I am also meeting and extending my fitness goals. Definitely recommended!
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Alice is an unreal PT! The changes to my body in around 2 months I wasn't expecting so soon at all! She is clear with instructions and guidance and will go over and over something until you get it right! Has so much knowledge about the body and nutrition. Amazing at what she does!
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Alice & myself have been working together since November 22.
I was diagnosed March 2020 with breast cancer that spread to my lymph nodes. I had a mastectomy - chemotherapy - radiotherapy and I have to wear a glove & sleeve as I have upper arm lymphedema.
The above had taken its toll both physically & mentally on me and I needed/wanted help and thankfully I found Alice.
I had seen Alice working with clients and liked what I saw so I jumped and made contact and told my story. I immediately felt comfortable with Alice's professionalism and knowledge of her trade both physical and in nutrition.
We made a plan and have been working towards my goals which are to be stronger physically & mentally. I see clear changes in my body which astonish me daily and emotionally I'm coping better.
Family & friends tell me I'm looking healthy and have my sparkle back.
For this I thank Alice. Alice really doesn't no how much she has helped me these passed few months. Through her guidance I have completely changed my day to day living. Better choices on what I eat - drink and how I move my body.
By no means has it been easy for me or Alice but by Alice really listening to me and I her I feel a whole new Ann.
Alice is great fun but don't let that fool you. She works you hard and your sessions are tough.. every part of it but worth it.
I highly recommend Alice as a P/T
She is one in a million who works hard for her clients and I am so so happy are paths crossed.
Thanks again Alice 🏋‍♀️
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Hello I would like to make certain changes to my body and for this I decided that I would like someone to help me , could you leave me a phone number so we can talk more? . Thank you
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Over the years I was dipping in and out of going to the gym never seeing any changes and having no confidence and Alice has changed all that! She is not only an amazing PT but such a lovely person to train with and have chats with during the sessions. The changes after four weeks were incredible in my clothes and in me as a person. I enjoyed going to the gym and really looked forward to our sessions. She motivated me and pushed me to do my best at every session! I can't recommend her enough!
Lauren Floyd
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I contacted Alice to ask for some advice regarding my training and accepted a complimentary PT session with her. When I completed the complimentary session I signed up with Alice right away. Alice listened to what I was unsure about regarding my training and what my goals were, to get stronger and more confident going to the gym. My training sessions with Alice were tough at times but helped me push myself to achieve my full potential, I learned so much from her knowledge, she made training fun and right from the start felt like I had known her for a long time. Chatty, fun and tough when you need it. If you need help with training or thinking about getting fit, Alice is the one I would choose and highly recommend 😁
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Alice is an incredible PT who helped me become confident in the gym and improve my overall fitness. I saw great improvement in my resting heart rate and Vo2 max readings. She also gives great advice on nutrition, would recommend to anyone who wants to start in the gym!
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I started my fitness Journey with Alice a few months ago. Having a young son and wanting to be able to do the stuff he wants as he gets older spurred me on to get fit. I’ve been training with Alice and can honestly say that I’ve gotten stronger have more stamina and my daily motions are getting more fluid. I also have loads more energy and am happier physically and mentally. Alice is a trainer I would highly recommend. The sessions are fun and the finishers will test you to the limits. Plus Alice is good craic. So all in all 2 thumbs up.
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I started with Alice to gain confidence in the gym and to get stronger. After only 5 weeks working with her I have learned so much and can't believe how much strength I've gained. There is no way I would have been able to do this without Alice, she pushes me every session and is so encouraging. I have felt better in every way since starting with her - I'm full of energy, stronger, fitter, making better food choices and I now really enjoy going to the gym! The sessions push me beyond anything I would have done myself and although they are very tough, she makes them fun and we always have a laugh together. I'd highly recommend Alice as a personal trainer!
Orla McCusker
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I booked a 4 week training course with Alice to improve my overall fitness. She is very professional, understanding & patient. After 4 weeks I could see & feel the improvement in my body shape & strength. She motivated me 2 push myself at each session & taught me the correct techniques in the variety of movements!. It was money well spent & I highly recommend Alice as a personal trainer!!
Brenda Fitzsimmons
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I signed up with Alice as I wanted to get fit for my wedding day as I had lost my mojo for exercise.. I never imagined I'd learn so much and reach goals I never imagined. As someone who only ever did cardio and didn't know much about weights etc. She explains and encourages all the way.. Also giving loads nutrition advice and it has really educated me for the future. She brings the fun factor to working out and I personally feel more confident because of her encouragement. She is super positive and knows her stuff. Can't recommend her enough!!

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