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Andrea Pil
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Hi all

I have been training myself and others for the last 10 years. I view healthy living and fitness as a way of life so I live and breathe my job.

Having spent the majority of my career in retail and hospitality which was unfulfilling I made the decision last year to realise my dreams and pursue a career within personal training.

Helping people change their life and their goals means the job satisfaction is an understatement for me!

Training and healthy eating is a lifestyle that cannot be matched whether you want to loose weight, build muscle, reduce health risk, improve your sport performance or look and feel better about yourself.

I’m a PT who has the secrets you need to have in order to achieve your goals, a PT who has the key for your best fitness results achievement.

And a trusted guide to get you into the body shape that you have dreamt off.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.
Active IQ Level 3 Diploma Fitness Instructing and Personal Training
QA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid
Body Building / Muscle Gain
Weight Loss Management
Nutritional Advisor
Posture Analysis and Correction
Trx Suspension Training
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Core Strength & Stability
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I can't recommend Andrea enough! He has a remarkable ability to understand the unique challenges different bodies and people face, and tailor his approach accordingly. Being a woman, to me this was very important. His personalised workouts not only push you to your limits but also prioritise safety and individual progress. What sets him apart is his knack for always making you feel good about your efforts and ensuring you recognise the progress you're making, regardless of where you started. With his guidance, I've achieved results I never thought possible. If you're looking for a trainer who truly gets the best out of you, look no further!
Maite Sánchez
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I’ve been with Andrea for nearly two months now, and the insight and knowledge I’ve developed through him has been immense. He’s patient, a solid listener, gentle whilst still pushing you a step further each session. I’ve seen personal improvement in my focus levels, the way I approach the exercises as well as general stamina. He’s truly the best, and great for all levels of your fitness journey, we love him!
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I started training with Andrea in March 2023 and it’s been 4 months since. My overall objective was to appear better and gain mass as I am underweight and because of my work I was barely able to consistently exercise. He told me what I could achieve in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. Looking back, the development has been consistent with what Andrea projected.

Andrea is a very kind, understanding and patient personal trainer. He is also very prompt in responding and always tries to accommodate. He made the gym experience fun. But most of all, he is very honest and not trying to oversell.

I strongly recommend Andrea for PT! All the best!!
Amit Sachdeva
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I’ve been training with Andrea for several months. He is a very professional and kind trainer. I learnt a lot of nutrition knowledge and training skills from him. I recommend him with no hesitation!!!
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I was lucky to find Andrea because he was one of the few Personal Trainers who were prepared to take me on following my cervical spine fracture after a road accident. He has worked closely and patiently with other professionals including my physiotherapists to become an invaluable part of my ongoing rehabilitation programme to help me return to the level of fitness that I enjoyed before my road accident. I recommend him highly for all of his attentive care, enthusiasm and professionalism.
Goksel Duzbeyaz
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Since starting my plan we have achieved so much more than I could have imagined. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and have a better understanding of my body. My workouts are fun and I’m seeing results even in the first weeks. Now we have completed 24 sessions and my body has changed. I’ll certainly be continuing my sessions as I prepare the London Marathon.

Thanks for everything and I can’t recommend Andrea enough.
Andy Trewin Hutt
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I started training with Andrea in August last year after turning 40 and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I had no experience in a gym and he was incredibly patient with both my lack of knowledge and how unfit I was! He assessed my needs and goals and put a plan into place that not only addressed my fitness but my diet, stress level and overall lifestyle. He keeps me motivated and ensures our workouts are always fun!
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Andrea is charismatic and very efficient. He got me to the results I needed in the time I wanted after sitting down and come up with a plan that suited my needs.
He’s reliable and knowledgeable, he makes the workout enjoyable; I’d recommend him with no hesitation to whoever wants to achieve great physical results and improve their performances.
Pathos Bristot
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Andrea is great! He initially assessed my goals and we took it from there. He is extremely knowledgeable and always keeps our sessions interesting.
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I have been training with Andrea for the past couple of years. He helped me a lot in correcting my form and getting in shape after pandemic. He constantly updated the training program as per my my needs and progress. He also connected with me on a personal level and has a very friendly relationship with me. I would definitely recommend Andrea to others. Thank you!
Abhishek Arya
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I've started training with Andrea recently and he is so far the best personal trainer I've worked out with. He started by assessing my needs and goals. I have rounded shoulders and so Andrea created a workout plan that helps me address my bad posture. I was also positively surprised by how much knowledge Andrea has about anatomy.
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One the best personal trainers I've been working with. Always on time, on point, great source of motivation. He knows perfectly how to approach his client, always full filled mine individual requests. Providing amazing wide selection of different exercises, and very professional on advice how to change your diet, nutritional routine. Definitely will carry on with good work with Andrea, as I would recommend him to anyone who's looking to get a amazing results!
Bartek Frankowski
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I am Sree, I have been training with Andria for last 1 year. He is a really good trainer and he has lot of patience especial since I was pretty new to Gym. He made sure he motivated me and doing the things correctly. I am now feeling more positive and healthy after training with Andria. Thanks a lot.
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Andrea is the best motivator. I have given up on so many other PT programmes, but I really feel like I’m going somewhere with this one. He is particularly sensitive to posture and doing things the right way, right form. Makes a big difference!
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Andrea is a great person! He is so friendly and professional, he helped me loss my weight from 100kg to 95kg, and gain muscle in a month. I feel healthier and more energetic in daily life. I have booked a lot of sessions with him and I believe I will continue to book another 50 with him. Truly recommend!
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I have been training with Andrea for almost 4 months and have really enjoyed my training seasons. He is very knowledgeable and is very attentive in regards to assessing how your body mechanisms operate when exposed to different exercises. I was provided with a tailored programme which was progressively developed so that I feel challenged and do not lose motivation. Over the course I saw great improvement in my strength, posture and mobility. If you are like me who finds gym boring but aspire to improve your fitness and gain strength then get in contact with Andrea.
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I was lucky that Andrea was recommended to me by one of his colleagues, in just 2 weeks with few sessions I have experienced changes not just physical but also building my confidence. He is a super cool handsome trainer with full of energy and has so many dietary plans if you follow religiously that will make you look beautiful for forever. He tailors your diet according to your choice of cuisine and food orientation. He also alters the exercises as per your capacity and works on your goal so that you attain it, I adore his approach of work; making sure I am getting the techniques right to target the area. Just can't wait to be on his testimonial and show the results that are achieved with his help. He deserves my bow for rejuvenating my beauty. I Definitely recommend him!!!
Sneha Pawar
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I have been training with Andrea for several months. He made me aware of all the mechanisms behind the different type of trainings and nutrition in order to achieve my fitness goals. In a short time I have notice changes in my body that perfectly fit my expectations. He meticulously tailor my program week on week based on my performance and requests. I highly recommend Andrea if you are looking for a professionist who deliver concrete results.
Alberto Nipitella
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I bought a few platinum packages (60 sessions)with Andrea .
The best thing about it he explained what’s behind each movement. He Taylor a program spotting all my weak point and poor mobility and allowing my capabilities to decide what stage I was at. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a friendly and a professional Pt able to help you to find and achieve your ultimate Goal
Alessandra Sainz
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Andrea is an outstanding personal trainer who really tailors your workout plan and routine to the goals that you have. Working with him, it is obvious that he is very knowledgeable in his field and extremely passionate about it and that is clear in his work with his attention to detail, making sure you are pushed to giving your best and going above and beyond with information and staying longer to make sure everything set out to do is done. On top of all this he is polite and friendly and everytime you go to workout with him you know it will be a positive atmosphere and you will be pushed to achieve. He really helped changed my attitude to lifestyle of training and I can't recommend him enough
Daniel Cherry
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I've been training with Andreea for couples of months and i cam see already the results. In the past i was having a bad routine but after get in touch woth him my lifestyle, training style and the way was thinking get change a lot. He very friendly, very experienced on what is doing and the most important is there woth the client, support him, pushing him, making him to want more from him. I really recommend as a PT even if you are already in a good shape like me, still have to learn like Kai on of the biggest bodybuilder say,, Stick with the older man, train with the older man, every day you have something new to learn from them''.
Get in touch you will not regret it
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I've been training with Andrea for the last month and I can't say anything but good about him. He's professional, friendly and very flexible. He has a deep understanding of all the existing exercises and the way your body reacting to these. Either you're a beginner or experienced, I'm pretty sure he can show you something new. Definitely recommend him!
Hunor Laszlo Szasz

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