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Arber Krasniqi
Arber Krasniqi
Waddon Leisure Centre
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Sport and Exercise Scientist and Personal Trainer.
I have 9 years of experience in calisthenics, weight lifting and cardiovascular training along with 3 years of advanced nutrition experience. I have spent 5 years providing my personal training and sport exercise knowledge to people all over the world. If money was not a factor in this life, I would still dedicate every day to helping people change their life through their health.

I have spent countless days researching the best methods, conducting them on myself, making sure they work and then helping others in the most efficient manner. My aim is to understand your goal and provide the easiest most efficient path towards achieving your goal. Guiding you through optimal technique, nutrition and workout structure.

I have been able to help previous clients of mine lose up to 10 kg in 4 weeks. Other clients were able to gain 8 kg of muscle mass in 8 months whilst putting on minimal body fat.

I have experience training the Portsmouth University football team with their psychology for football matches.

And I have helped athletes and the elderly recover from chronic knee pains. Successfully rehabilitated hip and ankle issues. Provided international support for those with work related injuries.

During our sessions, I will provide the top end fitness advice, workout plan and dietary advice. I will make sure you're safe at all times, adjusting the workout plan to your body, mindset and goals. We'll work together as a team to make your fitness dream come true.
BSc Sport & Exercise Science
Advanced Sports Nutrition
Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Professional Practice in Sports Psychology
Advanced Exercise Physiology
Coaching Principles
Kinesiology & Biomechanics
Personal Trainer
Weight loss/gain
Strength and Conditioning
Injury Prevention
Sports Performance
Arm Wrestling
Rock Climbing
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I would 100 % recommend Arber, always flexible to accomodate my request, amazing motivator and we achieve great results
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Utterly amazing, totally committed to his clients he doesn't rush and very patience. I will 💯 recommend him.
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I was at my lowest when I started the gym not motivated but since I’ve worked with arbar that’s all changed
He has help me out a lot through out my journey as it still continues now I 100 percent recommend him
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High level training 💪
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I suggest picking Arbar out of all the PT’s as he is able to do lots of different exercises that target many sports therefore his way of teaching allows clients as myself to experience different new strengths that only took 1 to 2 sessions with him to gain crazy results
Adam adeel
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Would 100% recommend Arber. He has helped me so much with my weight loss journey and building strength.
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Would totally recommend Arber.
Doesn’t just look at the area that needs work - but ensures that it works in harmony with the various interconnected parts.
Certainly doing wonders for my knee and balance.
Matt Darville

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