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Arg Muzaka
Arg Muzaka
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Fitness & exercising is one of the most frequently prescribed therapies for a healthy and happy life!

It is my passion to provide and help people who I work with, using the best methods I learned, experienced myself and managed to master throughout the years!

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Sport Science. I studied for three initial years and did an additional one year long Masters degree specialised in Gymnastics. I have been working in the fitness industry ever since I graduated and have helped many people and professionals reaching their various goals.

Also, I have been studying Physiotherapy, which now allows me to help many clients with shoulder/ back pain or knee injuries and even postural problems.

I focus on helping people who want to achieve a manageable wellbeing in a short space of time, by deeply analysing their present health condition and discovering where their hidden potential unfolds. It is important that my clients and I are on the same page regarding their fitness goals, in order for me to choose the best set of exercises and nutritional basis so that my clients can achieve their desired goals.

Check out my website and contact me for your training and coaching needs.
CIMSPA Level 3 Personal Trainer
First Aid at Work
Diploma in “Sports Academy & Physical Education”
Specialized in “Physio-Kinesiology & Massage Therapy”
Men’s Diploma in Bodybuilding & Fitness
Body confidence
Body fat reduction
Functional specialist
Cross Fit & Olympic Lifting
Injury prevention and rehabilitation
Stretching & Flexibility
Muscle tone and development
Nutritional guidance
Persistent motivation
Strength and conditioning
Competition & Sport events coaching
Weight loss
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Arg is fantastic! Not only is he very knowledgeable on all areas of fitness, but his communication and calmness during sessions are second to none. He is very motivating and positive during sessions. I highly recommend him.
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I have been training with Arg for the last couple of weeks. My main issue was with lifting weights and feeling confident to go into the gym on my own and do this. I have been going to the gym and not seeing any results so after only a couple of weeks I now feel more confident to lift weights on my own. Arg is very patient and very knowledgeable he knows my weak spots and works in them, have learnt things about technique that I didn’t know before, I have enjoyed training with arg and feel the hour flies by whereas before I would be watching the clock
Wether you wanna loose weight or brush up on your technique to avoid injuries or just want to feel more confident you won’t go wrong with Arg
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I never step foot in a gym before starting to workout with Arg and now I am been visiting the gym once a week with Arg for over a year now and I have to say that is been life changing. Arg support in the gym next to a healthy relationship with food are been the key for my me to improve drastically my health. I will continue the work in the gym with his as I found he really help me to succeed in having a healthy lifestyle . Arg is professional and very knowledgeable and he doesn’t let your brain trick you and make the time in the gym even enjoyable.
I can’t thank him enough for how much he done.
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Arg is one of the most experienced and dedicated trainers I have ever had the pleasure to train with.
He is committed to going above and beyond to make your goals and expectations a reality.
He creates a detailed plan to ensure each sessions are personalised and varied to your needs to gain the best possible results and he guides you every step of the way.
Arg and his speciality in fitness and health is the best investment I could have ever made for myself.
I have struggled for many years to meet my fitness goals and in just a few weeks he has been able to transform me. His expertise is second to none and I am very thankful for all that he has done and continues to do transforming my life physically and mentally in a short period of time.
He has prepared me with a lifetime of knowledge and skills ensuring I am able to use them day to day to keep up with my gains.
I know I would have never been able to achieve the level of success I have without Arg and his ethics and for this reason he will always be apart of my life and I will always continue to have him as my personal trainer.
He is the most, informative and educated person you will ever come across and I could not recommend him enough to anyone who is seeking help with their fitness and health needs. Thank you, for all that you do, you are a true asset.
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I used to do training at gym just by myself and I didn’t get any results. After I hired Arg I have lost weight, but most importantly I have got lot of muscle strength which has made me so much more energetic. Arg is very patient and calm. He’s also very positive and makes you do your utmost and more (what you thought was impossible). I also appreciate that Arg is teaching me the right technique to do weight lifting, which I noticed, is very important in order to have results and avoid having any injuries. So, if you want to have results and feel good I would recommend to hire Arg. He firmly but kindly pushes you over your comfort zone and makes you see how impossible comes possible!
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Arg is such an incredible trainer, so kind and encouraging. He has such a relaxed and positive mindset, which make every session a total joy and never a chore.

I have quite a few old injuries from previous fractures (back, neck, knee, foot), which has made me really nervous to think about strength or weight training in the past, but it’s been a revelation! I’d previously never trained at a gym before, and Arg has helped me to feel totally confident to use all the equipment with him and on my own. He also has a brilliant ability to stretch what you think is possible too.

My initial motivation for reaching out to Arg was due to being really sedentary with work, constantly hunched over a laptop. I wanted to feel connected to my body again and start to regain my strength. Within 3 months, with regular sessions I definitely got leaner and built muscle. I also had much more energy and better posture.

I’ve been away with work lately, but hope to continue soon! Honestly, if you’re reading this and have any doubts, just book in a session with Arg, it will be the best decision. Thank you for everything, Arg!
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Arg is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced fitness adviser, who is fully committed to each person's unique goals and abilities. He makes sure that every session and every minute spent with him counts, and has the amazing ability to (gently) push you beyond your perceived limits.

Before meeting Arg, I felt like I've reached a plateau and was frustrated at the lack of progress in improving or even maintaining my fitness level, despite exercising multiple times a week. In just a few weekly sessions with him, I have made significant improvement in forms, techniques and strength. This entire comes down to Arg's unique ability to identify, in the first few minutes of each session, where my weak spots are and energy level that day, and subsequently adapting the training plan accordingly.

I cannot recommend Arg highly enough, and I look forward to continuing training with him.
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I had already lost almost 20 kilos through dieting and cardio before I started training with Arg. However, I had reached a plateau and wasn't making any progress anymore. That's when I decided to hire a personal trainer and found Arg, who has been instrumental in helping me break through my plateau.
Arg has been incredibly professional, patient, and knowledgeable. He's helped me improve my posture and form in weight training, and has provided me with an excellent diet plan to complement my workouts. His guidance and expertise have been invaluable in helping me reach my fitness goals.
I'm impressed with how Arg has been able to tailor my training program to my unique needs and goals. His calm and patient demeanor has made it easy for me to stay motivated and focused, and he has helped me achieve results that I never thought were possible.
Overall, I can't recommend Arg enough. If you're looking for a personal trainer who is professional, knowledgeable, and patient, look no further. Thanks, Arg, for all your help!
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Arg is one of the best trainers you’re going to find this side of the Atlantic! I’m originally from LA and I have trained with some of the top celebrity trainers. I’ve been training with Arg for over a year now and I have seen an increase in my overall strength, muscle growth and definition. Arg pushes you to go past your limitations of what you thought was possible. He is fully committed in each session unlike some trainers who get distracted by the happenings on the gym floor. Arg is so much more than just a trainer - I would argue that Arg is a personal coach who helps you overcome the mental challenges which are necessary for any physical transformation. If you choose Arg, you will be in very good hands… now get ready to work!!
Ben E. Davis
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Arg is experienced, knowledgable and precise. He quickly picks up what your body needs and more importantly what it's capable of. When I started with Arg, my muscles were really underdeveloped, meaning they were also inflexible. Many of the "Best Exercises" on the internet would have been difficult for me. ARG had me start with exercises that target movements and builds flexibility, and we would then move on to more complex exercises once my body was more flexible. He always seem to know exactly what I need, and he's also helped me improve my understanding of nutrition, meaning I can better plan my meals. Mindset is a big part of working out, and even in this area has Arg helped me develop a more healthy and helpful way to approach fitness. As a person he is calm and friendly. I've so far had around 30 sessions with Arg and I feel much more confident with techniques and am looking forward going to the gym. My posture has improved dramatically and so has my confidence in myself. I feel lucky to have been trained by a very professional PT.
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Arg is your man! He is a great trainer who can advance you wherever you are at in your fitness journey, he cares about you and shows up fully to sessions. I have had so trainers and I am currently with Arg and he is up there with the very very best - he knows what he is doing and wants your success as much as you do. Take the leap and get involved with him.
[email protected] Craig
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I trained with Arg for over a year and he helped me fix my back-pain and posture. Working as a pilot I never had fixed schedule and could never find a routine that worked. My motivation for going to the gym was not there. Luckily I met Arg at the gym one day and started to train with him. He always found ways to motivate me and was always available even though I had a busy and unpredictable work schedule. I learned so much from him about my body and mind. The results were amazing. I have never been as fit as when I had Arg as a PT. Totally worth every penny!
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I approached Arg after spending nearly 4 months trying to gain weight and build muscle on my own. I couldn’t afford a personal trainer at the time but I could tell he knew what he was doing and was passionate about his work. After talking with my wife almost non-stop about my desire to be in the best shape of my life and telling her about my discussion with Arg, I was surprised with an early Christmas gift, 15 sessions with him. Let me just say, he is worth every £ and honestly, you can’t put a price on feeling great and more confident than you ever have before.

Arg is an exceptional personal trainer. He’s focused on helping me to achieve my fitness goals and knows how to motivate me without being “pushy”. Each session is challenging but rewarding and I began to see improvements almost immediately.

Most Importantly:
-Arg ensures my technique is always correct so as to avoid injuries and build muscle (which has also improved my posture)
-Arg developed a meal plan that’s tailored specifically to me and assists with adjustments as needed.
-Arg is quick to respond to scheduling sessions as well as to any questions I’ve had. He is easy to talk to and explains everything in terms anyone could understand.
-Arg is committed to helping me achieve my goals and really goes the extra mile to ensure I do.
-My wife is amazed with the results and loves my new found confidence. She agrees that training with Arg was a great investment! She already thought I was perfect but she’s happy to see me happy and feeling great!
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In just a short 6 weeks, the transformation I have undergone with Arg has been incredible!

Physically, I have lost 10kg, developed muscles and grown stronger throughout my entire body. Due to a trapped nerve, I struggled in gaining any strength in my left hand and arm which affected my everyday life in simple tasks like carrying shopping. Arg supported me with this from day 1, introducing wrist straps for more intense exercises to the point where I can now go through at least half of the session without it. My grip has developed immensely and for the first time in 10 years (with numerous medical tests and advice being unhelpful), I am not experiencing any pain or cramps in my hand!! Arg has helped me make progress every single week, with weights and reps increasing each session. I struggled to squat with just the 20kg barbell at the start, but am now up to 55kg! The progress in my training with Arg has also resulted in fitness classes now being too easy (for the first time in years!) and my increased strength helps me complete Pilates and Yoga classes without struggle.

Whilst I am very proud of my physical transformation, I have to say that my mental transformation has been just as strong, all because of Arg. He has changed my mindset and attitude from ‘I can’t do this’, (a phrase I automatically reverted to in regards to my hand and arm) to ‘I can do this…and MORE’. He has helped me learn that despite my physical challenges, with hard work, determination and a positive attitude I can achieve my goals. Within each session Arg has encouraged, supported and motivated me to keep pushing on (especially in that 4th set when you feel the burn!) with calm, strong words. He is the best personal trainer I have had, one who cares about the whole you. He checks in after tough sessions to make sure you’re doing well and provides advice to ensure you not only train well but also rest well. If you are ready to focus on you, making changes and hitting goals, Arg is the best mentor to have with you on your journey. I cannot recommend him enough.

My main goal was to gain strength but Arg has helped me surpass this to not only feeling strong, but also healthy, powerful and confident. Thank you Arg, I look forward to continuing to work with you and hitting more goals!
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I have been working with Arg for a couple of months. My initial goal was to do weight-lifting cross-training to prepare for an ultra-marathon.

Arg has been knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive to detail in my training sessions with him and in the exercise plan he wrote for me. He is an excellent choice of PT for anyone looking to supplement their main sport with cross-training. He is also personable, motivating and funny. He is all around great guy and an amazing PT. I highly recommend him!

My progress thus far with lifting has been huge. In three months, I went from never doing a squat with the barbell, to lifting 70KG.

I also had a back injury years ago and Arg was very attentive and careful when designing my training program and also during seasons. Therefore if you are looking to get back into sport/the gym after an injury. Then he is a great choice!

His training is cheap for the amazing support, motivation and knowledge you get!

You aren’t going to find anyone better!
Rebekah Baker
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I started training with Arg in February, after feeling that my progress had plateaued and I was starting to injure myself. Since then he’s helped me kick start my progress again, but this time without those injuries. Arg also has a really calm personality and can explain the whole process very clearly, which helped build a strong trust in his method. We train once a week, alternating between different muscle groups. Not only I’ve managed to lose weight, but my posture has also improved massively and I feel much more confident. His vast knowledge of different techniques allow us to continue training even when not feeling 100% or still in recovery, and he always has a new different idea to keep your body guessing and moving forward. Great guy all around!
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I decided to take training to the next level after 4 years of training myself. I asked Arg to help me reach my goals after hitting a rut. I’ve been training with him for 2 months now, and started to see changes I’ve been unable to reach alone.
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I started training with Arg in May 2021 after a long struggle with weight and health issues. I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I started by doing 1 pt a week and his positive impact to my mental health and to understand my body was so strong that after 3 weeks I started 2 pt a week. In the past few months working with Arg has been a great milestone for me and the consistency that he has brought in my life by being able to understand my body with diet and that positive push of staying healthy is far greater than I had imagined. Arg is extremely supportive while pushing you to be your best. I really look forward to my time in the gym now and always leave having worked hard and laughed a lot! I’d recommend Arg to anyone looking for a PT. Vimla
Vimla R
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I have always had an interest in keeping fit but I wasn't at all confident in the gym and especially not in lifting weights. I was also skeptical about trying a PT after losing some weight by myself, but I decided to give it a try and have since become a regular client of Arg's. My physique has transformed in a way I never achieved by myself - I'm much leaner and more toned than I have ever been while still eating a balanced diet where I can treat myself.

Arg was very understanding and helped me find exercises I enjoyed. I now look forward to going to the gym and I even have the confidence to try free weights by myself myself now. He is very understanding and is happy to take the time to explain whenever I ask a question. He has a fantastic knowledge of physiology and while he is very qualified, he's also able to explain things in a simple and accessible way. Arg really considers the needs of his clients to make sure their plans are personalised to them and knows exactly how to motivate them. I look forward to every one of our sessions and look forward to continuing to work with him for the forseeable future!
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As someone who hadn't been to a gym for years, I thought I would get a trainer to help motivate me and it worked! I'm now having 3 sessions a week with Arg and love it!
Arg has a calm but confident approach to his training. He will push you to achieve the best results but in a controlled, safe manner.
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Arg is an excellent trainer, he has the ability to analyse a person's weak spots and focus on strengthening that part of the body. Every session he pushes me to the next level and motivates me to work harder.
J Reeves
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I am a professional Singaporean in his late forties, I have been training with Arg since 2020 once a week. I am a frequent gym user for the last 10 years and always engaged trainers to correct my posture and movement. Arg's approach by far has been the most comprehensive and deliver the results that we have discussed from the start. He would tailor a programme that is suitable and ideal for my commitment and advise on a suitable diet for making those muscle gains possible. We would generally have reviews of my fitness levels to address any impending issues or any future targets. On a separate note I am incredibly prone to injuries and Arg’s method of training allows me to exercise safely to avoid any harm or injuries to my physique. His clientele as I have met at the gym is diverse from professionals like myself to elderly members of the community to future brides preparing for the isle, that speaks volume of his professional ability, experience and commitment.
WeeLian Tay
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“I was never into fitness before I met Arg. He completely changed my attitude towards healthy lifestyle: including constant exercising, daily healthy food combinations and my overall lifestyle. I can’t thank Arg enough for how much he has done for me during our training sessions. I learned that sticking to your fitness goals isn’t just a discipline but also a strong mindset. 3 main things I learned from Arg; 1-never give up, no matter how hard the road to your goal might seem. 2-work hard as it will always pay off. 3-believe in yourself regardless of any circumstances. Thank you Arg, for not only being the best Personal Trainer but also for being an inspiration and motivation to me.”

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