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Artan Tafilaj
Artan Tafilaj
Highbury Leisure Centre
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My 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry mean I’m well equipped to help improve both your lifestyle and your fitness.

My broad range of experience with clients of different ages and abilities means I can confidently personalise my coaching to meet your individual and specific needs.

Whatever your health and exercise requirements I will support you to realise your full potential, aligned to your current and desired level of fitness.

I am passionate about my work, so my focus is on enabling my clients to see the positive effects of their workouts. To make exercise both sustainable and effective over the long term I make my programmes both fun and challenging. And I provide consistent motivation and encouragement along the way. You can achieve your goals and maintain your health and fitness over the long term. If you feel that now is the time to start your new health and fitness journey please contact me.
YMCAfit Personal Training Award
Active IQ Level 3, Certificate in Exercise Referral
YMCAfit Level 3, Advanced Gym Instructor
YMCAfit Level 3, Exercise Nutrition & Weight Management
YMCAfit Client Lifestyle and Fitness Achievement
YMCAfit Core Stability
YMCAfit Training in Different Environments
YMCAfit Circuit Training
YMCAfit Keiser Cycle Advanced
Fitpro "10 Minute Gym"
Power Plate UK, Fitness & Performance levels 1 & 2P
Active IQ Level 2 Customer Service
YMCAfit First Aid
Lifestyle and Fitness Improvement
Weight Loss
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Cardiovascular Improvement
Muscle Toning / Gain
Sports Performance
Core Strength
Posture Correction
Balance and Stability
Flexibility / Stretching
Functional Training
Injury Rehabilitation
Nutrition Guidance
GP Referral
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Artan is a great personal trainer and I have complete confidence in him. He has designed a flexible programme which works very well for me—I’m in my early 70s, with a bad back and shoulders, and balance issues. He has been very careful to avoid anything which might make those worse, but at the same time he is providing exercises to improve the back, the shoulders and the balance, while also pushing me gently but firmly to improve my strength and fitness generally. In addition he makes the sessions not only useful, but also fun.
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Artan has been my personal trainer at the Highbury Leisure Centre for five years. I see him twice a week for 60-minute sessions. I am a retired social researcher, aged 73 and in generally good heath apart from a hip replacement, and spinal stenosis, a condition that causes stiffness in my leg muscles.
My main goals have been to improve strength in my legs and arms, to gain better balance, flexibility, and stamina, as well as improving my cardiovascular health. Artan has successfully helped me to achieve my goals. Each session starts with cardiovascular exercises, such as cross trainer and static bike, followed by rounds of exercises with and without gym equipment that help greatly to improve my core strength. At the end there is a sequence of stretches. These exercises are very effective, but not exhausting.
Artan has great communication skills together with a very friendly and relaxed personal style, making sessions enjoyable so helping my motivation to attend. The hour always seems to pass very quickly. His style of working helps contribute to improved well-being for me.
George Clark
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I’ve been training with Artan for about 3 months. I wanted to start strength training safely. Artan has been a great guide increasing challenges as my confidence improves and most importantly keeping me motivated.
Aswini Weereratne
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I have been training with Artan for 6 months and it is the first time I managed to remain consistent in my training. Artan is great - he is encouraging and adapts training to your needs, he is very knowledgeable and professional, but also makes sessions fun. He designed my training to have the right amount of challenges and made sure I was never discouraged. Artan has completely changed how I feel about being in a gym - I am now a committed ‘gym goer’.
Since I started training with him, I have not only toned down, but I am also much stronger, my body is more resilient and my immunity has improved - and that’s only in 6 months. If you are looking for a PT, I cannot recommend Artan enough.
Magda (40)
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Artan trained me many years ago. He was patient and I got a lot out of the experience. Really good Trainer!
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Really good
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Before I started training with Artan I had no energy - I was feeling unhealthy, unfit and overweight. Not how I should be feeling in my early 30s!

Since starting training with Artan just before Christmas I’ve been exercising more regularly than ever before in my life.

Artan has put together a program to improve my strength and fitness and I feel like I’m getting strong from the inside out. I can see that I’m getting fitter and will need new clothes soon!

If you want to get fit and healthy, train with Artan!
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I used to be an active person and in good health condition, running 30k every week. In my late 30s, I went through brain surgery, stayed inactive for months, lost a lot of muscle strength and developed unbearable back pain. Because the surgery left me also with very occasional and albeit medication-controlled seizures, I felt insecure and I was trying to solve my issue by seeing expensive osteopaths and physiotherapists for more than a year. Nothing was helping me until I reached out to Artan. He is a very knowledgeable coach who has a deep understanding of the human body and after a couple of sessions with him, my back pain is gone. I highly recommend Artan to anyone who is looking for an empathetic coach who can help manage long-lasting health issues. Last but not least, he is also a very nice person to just meet in the gym and have a quick chat with while he is looking after his other clients.
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I've been training with Artan for over three years, latterly at home as I am 93 and suffer from bronchietisis. My weekly sessions are enjoyable but taxing and always beneficial. He checks my fitness and sensitively adjusts the training if necessary. I feel quite secure with him.
John Thompson
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I came back to the gym at 58 after injury and, working with Artan in these last six months, I've built confidence in being in the gym and using the equipment (not a small thing), have dropped 23 kilos, gone down 3 sizes, built tone and some muscle! My energy, stamina and flexibility are way better that I thought they could be. I've tried things I never thought I would and he challenges / modifies / refines what we do to engineer the best outcomes, all of which keeps me focused and having to work just that little bit harder at each session - exactly what I wanted from him! He listens, is hugely knowledgeable and thoughtful about what approach to use, is 100% reliable, utterly professional, doesn't let you get away with anything, but does keep it fun - I always look forward to our sessions - here's to doing more of the same!
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I have been training with Artan twice a week for 5 weeks. He has really help me figure out what I need to do to achieve my goals and has helped push me to set better targets. He has equipped me with what I need to continue my training on my own. Thank you Artan!
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I have been training with Artan for almost 2 years now and look forward to every session. He is so easy to get on with and seems to know when to push you further during a session and when to go easy if you're not on your best form. He is fun and relaxed, enthusiatic with a smile, and adapts and varies the sessions to suit your needs. I am so much stonger, fitter, slimmer and happier since starting workouts with him. I'd thoroughly recommend him to anyone!!
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I've been training with Artan for 9 months and can feel a real difference in my general fitness and flexibility. Sessions are fun and routines are personalised to my fitness goals and Artan offer great encouragement and support. Highly recommended.
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Exercise should be fun and that's what personal training with Artan is. As well as increasing strength, stamina and flexibility sessions with Artan lift the mood and give you a sense of wellbeing. I've trained with him for over 10 years and wouldn't have anyone else.
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I have been training with Artan for a few months now and the experience has been excellent. Always on time and professional, Artan is also a great company and makes the effort feel less so. Highly recommended!
Umberto Fieno
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I've been training with Artan for 10 sessions, the goal was weight loss, I've managed to drop from 95 kg to below 80 kg. Artan made sure I kept motivated both during the sessions with him and outside - while training on my own or when struggling with my diet. He managed to tailor the workout program so that I started enjoying going to gym and made progress. I would recommend training with Artan to everyone!
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Artan is helpful and professional. He helps you to achieve you goals in a friendly and supportive way. Highly recommended.
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It's been almost 8 years of training with Artan and he's helped me get and stay strong ...last year my fitness age was half my chronological age... he is the gentle but firm conscience, and the encouragement, that keep me focused even in between sessions.
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I am in my early 70s and have been training weekly with Artan for over two years. I appreciate the fact that he is always punctual, is attentive to what I want to achieve and ups the content of training activities accordingly. He is always very positive, friendly and encouraging. My fitness, strength, stamina and suppleness have all improved since training with him. I am pleased to receommend him without reservation. Five stars! David
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I’ve been training with Artan for four years now and he’s the only trainer in thirty years who’s been able to keep me motivated - he’s always so encouraging and funny and keeps the training varied, working with whatever my goals are - he’s helped me to run my first 5k, helped me to lose weight and generally keeps me healthy. I’d recommend him to anyone because he’s so flexible and positive.
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Artan has knocked 16 years off my metabolic age. I feel younger and fitter, have more energy and sleep more soundly. I would not have got to this stage without his support, encouragement, wisdom and good humour.
Eve Kay
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I’ve been training with Artan from the spring of this year and have noticed a great improvement in my fitness and I am delighted that I have lost inches from my hips and waist. Artan is very professional and tailors each session to the individual. I would not hesitate to reccomend him .
Noeline Duffy
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Had a great session with Artan today! He was so encouraging and friendly and I can't wait to train with him again. I would highly recommend him as a trainer!

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