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Ashley Cox
Ashley Cox
Newbury Better Health & Fitness Centre
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Hi, I'm Ashley. I have worked as a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. I help people look, feel and perform at their best via resistance training and flexible nutrition. I have achieved many personal goals such as competing in world physique competitions, running marathons and competing at the national level in Golf. Personal achievements aside, I'm far more invested in YOUR goals. My mission is to teach you sustainable habits that will last you a lifetime so that you can achieve your goals and maintain your progress.
Advanced Exercise, Health and Fitness Instructor
Advanced Nutrition Programming
Health and Fitness Expert
Circuit Training Instructor
Torso training and core-stability Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor
TRX Instructor
Gym Instruction for Adolescents
Resistance Training
Fat Loss
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I started working with Ash for nutrition to help my career as a professional golfer. It’s been brilliant and we’ve achieved the results we had set out to at the beginning. Not only has the information I’ve been receiving just what I had hoped for, but importantly the way Ash has delivered it has made such a difference. He’s positive and enthusiastic with every meeting I have with him and his directions have been extremely clear and easy to follow. Couldn’t recommend him enough.
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As a mum of 3 and a full-time businesswoman, I have struggled to stay motivated with fitness, but this all changed when I started training with Ashley. Due to Ashley’s great understanding of how the business world works, I channelled my energy in the right direction, which meant I not only felt good about myself physically but could go to work every day with a clear head and focus on growing my business. I would 100% recommend Ashley to any business person looking to improve their performance and mindset at work, as well as being in great physical shape.
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I've tried gyms and personal trainers in the past but have always given up because 1. I didn't enjoy it, didn't have goals and didn't see results And 2. I would end up in agony from exercises that weren't good for a longstanding back & neck injury which in turn would set me back even further. Since meeting Ashley 18 months ago, I find I now enjoy exercise for the first time and am motivated by the achievement of goals and progress. By understanding and explaining my weaknesses, has helped me manage my old injuries so I don't aggravate them. Ashley has always taken time to understand me, my issues and my goals. He provides a really rounded approach including nutrition as well as exercise and he keeps it varied to keep it interesting. I have seen and felt a huge difference in my strength and confidence training with Ashley and have found myself (as a previously committed exercise hater) even branching out to willingly join gym classes and train alone as part of my overall programme. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone of any age and fitness level 100 times over - no hesitation! Thank you, Ashley.
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I found going to the gym a hard slog. When I was there it was hard to keep myself motivated. Ashley changed that for me, his energy and belief were empowering and pushed and supported me to achieve something I've never done before. As a golfer, I never really knew which exercises would be best but Ashley created a program that not only hit the mark but that I enjoyed. He knows his stuff and if you are looking for that extra motivation and support, he is certainly the man to go to.
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I was really struggling after having a knee replacement and was recommended Ashley to help me with this. He quickly assessed the problems I had and devised a programme to build up my strength not just for my knee but generally. He is extremely supportive but also prepared to challenge you and it was great to see my progress over the weeks. This was brilliant not only for my knee recovery but for my own self-confidence. Thank you!
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I contacted Ashley a few years ago as I was keen to improve my overall fitness. I had never stepped foot inside a gym prior to my sessions with Ashley so I didn't know what to expect. Ashley instantly gave me confidence and guided me step by step on each exercise. He was very keen to ensure that the training was suited to my goals which was very impressive, this also included nutritional advice! I gained over 12.5kg of lean muscle during my time and I couldn't be any happier with the results! Since meeting Ashley I am now confident in doing my own sessions at home while staying in contact with him where he is always happy to offer any advice! Couldn't recommend enough!

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