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Ben Brades
Ben Brades
Pyramids Centre
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Hi I’m Ben, I’m a Personal Trainer who has worked in the industry for over 15 years with a proven track record. I enjoy supporting people from all walks of life and of all ages and abilities...

When looking for a Personal Trainer it’s important to truly find someone that tailors your training and daily habits, firstly towards your goals, but ultimately towards a sustainable lifestyle. I’m here to help you achieve your goals in a realistic way that’s right for you.

Personally you’ll see me training hard in the week and eating well, then at the weekend I cut myself a bit of slack and enjoy my ‘naughty’ foods and a few drinks. This works for me, I believe it’s all about finding out what works for you and that there’s no right or wrong way as long as you're heading towards your goals and succeeding. That’s what I’m here for, finding out what works for you and guiding you towards this, while making your training in the gym as effective and enjoyable as possible. If you're interested in having a chat drop me a line :)
Premier Global Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
Jordan Certified on kettlebells, power-bags, kensis machines, and viper-bars.
Level 3 Nutritionalist
Pre and Post Natal
First Aid qualified
Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Functional Aesthetics
Postural Improvement
Improved body image
Anorexia Nervosa recovery training
Elderly Movement Flexibility and balance/strength
Sustainable lifestyle advice and training maintenance
Strength training and Hypertrophy
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‘ Ben is in my view a top rate personal trainer because he makes training sessions enjoyable yet highly productive; he had the rare knack of blending humour and banter.
While Ben is personable and easy to get along with he keeps a keen eye on your objective and pushes you just the right amount, checking correct form and your efforts are spot on. I train with other trainers in Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas who are significantly more expensive than Ben but not a patch on him in terms of professional knowledge, humour and pushing you to the right point. Without doubt the best trainer I’ve come across in the UK or states.
Gareth Jones
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‘ Ben quite simply has changed my life. As a big woman it can be intimidating to seek personal training; I’ve had personal trainers before that have been quite dismissive of me or gone for the “shouty” method of motivation which has often made me feel ashamed and belittled. Ben has never ever been like that. I’ve been training with Ben for a few years now and he has let me dictate what I want to get out of sessions. For a long time it was just focusing on movement and exercise. He never once mentioned losing weight until I brought it up. Once I did bring it up, he was so supportive and gave me advice on how best to achieve what I wanted. I’m now 5 and a half stone down and still going strong! None of this would have happened without him.
I always looks forward to my sessions with Ben. I’ve had such big life changes recently and I’ve often gone into sessions feeling quite low. But after a moan/chat and a workout with Ben, I always leave the session in a better headspace. He always makes the sessions fun and mixes it up frequently. I could not recommend him more.
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‘I’ve been working out with Ben for over ten years. Ben is incredibly knowledgeable about how to get the best out of training sessions with his clients. He has made a huge difference to my fitness levels and it has been great to agree and achieve my fitness goals with him. Ben is definitely the best trainer I’ve had.
Linda Swinburne

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