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Benjamin Augusto
Benjamin Augusto
Lee Valley Ice Centre
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I am a motivated individual I love to see people grow in confidence and become the best version of themselves and also help people adapt good mental & physical habits, I truly believe in reaching your maximum potential. With a passion for combat sports and fitness I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer, Martial arts revolves around my life I have been training and competing for almost 10 years 1x British Champion in Kickboxing and 2x Grand Champion. (Kickboxing, boxing) I have dabbled in various different styles such as (light continuous), (points fighting), and K-1 my aim is to create or help maintain a healthy lifestyle and aid you to achieve your fitness goals. The struggle your in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow there is greatness in everyone I can help you discover the greatness in you. As a personal trainer, my goal is to inspire and motivate my clients to reach their fitness and wellness goals. I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their health and achieve their desired level of fitness, regardless of their current physical condition or limitations.
My approach to personal training is based on developing personalized, goal-oriented plans that are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and preferences. I strive to create a supportive and encouraging environment where my clients can feel comfortable, motivated, and challenged.
I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a balance of physical fitness, mental health and overall wellness. Therefore I incorporate various aspects of wellness into my training, including nutrition, stress management, and self-care practices.
As a lifelong learner, I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest research and techniques in the fitness industry. I continuously seek out new knowledge and training opportunities to better serve my clients and help them achieve their goals.
Above all, my passion for helping others achieve their best selves drives me as a personal trainer. I am committed to empowering my clients to lead a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle through physical fitness and wellness I believe that fitness should be fun and enjoyable. I strive to make every session an enjoyable and positive experience, creating a sense of community and support that will keep my clients motivated and excited about their fitness journey
• Level 2 Fitness Instructor
• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Boxing Tutor
• (WKO) Kickboxing coach
• Muscle tone and Development
• Boxing
• Kickboxing
• Strength and conditioning
• Weight loss
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I've never enjoyed working out as much as doing the PT sessions with Benjamin! He is really professional, friendly and able to push me week by week in a safe way. I highly recommend him!
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I’ve been training with Ben for almost two years now and he’s the best Personal Trainer (PT) I know! He brings expertise, passion, energy and motivation to every PT session. Even on lazy days, Ben always pushes me to my limits (no matter how much I complain haha) and reminds me of my fitness goals. He’s also good at offering variation at PT sessions - I’ve learnt a thing or two about kickboxing. Since training with Ben, I’m a lot stronger, toned and have gained confidence at the gym. Thanks Ben!
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I love working with Benjamin. He makes it fun to come into the gym. His sessions are always different, and I always feel hugely supported. I am always challenged, but always achieve more than I thought I could. Chatting to Benjamin makes the hour fly by and I always leave feeling really proud of myself. If you're thinking of trying personal training, I really recommend meeting with Benjamin.
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Benjamin is a brilliant PT. I started training with him as a complete beginner. From the start, his style and approach to PT sessions made exercise feel accessible and fun. Sessions are always varied, challenging and motivating. He’s helped me bring a great new fitness habit into my life, and built my confidence. I always look forward to training with Benjamin every week!
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I started training with Ben about a month ago. He made me feel relaxed & confident. His PT sessions are varied & already I'm seeing results in my physique & fitness. He is calm & patient but has pushed me in way that I haven't had before and without it been overwhelming. As a new person to PT or not he is deffo worth signing up with.
Yasminara Khan
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I’ve been training with Ben for the last couple of months and I’m really happy with my progress. He’s helping me recovering from two surgeries and tendinitis and, above all, getting back into a training routine, something I’ve been missing for the last couple of years. Ben is also very supportive and easy-going and I can’t wait to get back to train with him again!
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Ben is an amazing trainer. He's super knowledgeable, down to earth and makes every workout a blast. He's really reignited my love for fitness, and I can't wait to work with him again.
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Ben is an excellent personal trainer, he’s helped me so much with overall fitness and regaining strength after an injury. He designs workouts tailored to my needs, goals and ability - with lots of variety and adaptations. Ben’s positive attitude and encouragement really keeps me motivated to keep training even on hard days. I’ve made so much progress in a few months with his help, highly recommend!
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I've had the privilege of working with Ben as my personal trainer, and I can't say enough about the amazing results and support I've received. His dedication, knowledge, and personalised approach has transformed my fitness journey.
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Had a few sessions with Benjamin, really friendly and v knowledgable. As im a complete beginner, he’s been really supportive in showing me the ropes and explaining things but also know he has loads of experience, so would be great for more seasoned gym goers! Highly recommend.
Kim Nelson
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Hi Benjamin

Hope you are well!

I’m just enquiring to see what days you’re available to train and prices? I’ve had a year off exercise due to illness and looking to regain my strength and lose a little weight. I’m not yet a member of the gym but will be joining from September once I’m back from my holiday!


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