Bettina Sagi

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
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My journey started with being active at the age of 8; 5 years in rhythmic gymnastics and 8 years in amateur horse riding. 

I had an accident at work in my early 20s and dislocated one of my kneecaps. A few years later in 2012 when I started to work at the cafe of Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre I met one of the personal trainers, Susanna Karpati. I regularly trained with her 3 times a week. With her knowledge, motivation and inspiration I went through major life changes. I gave up bad habits such as unhealthy eating, being inactive, stopped smoking after 10 years and she helped me to fully recover from my knee injury. In 2015 I changed my job and started to work as a Fitness Manager and Fitness Class Lead for GLL for 4 years and regularly attended courses, as well as learning from my Mentor, Susanna. 

In 2019 I decided to change my career to help others reach their goals and dreams the way I did. Im currently working as a Personal Trainer in Swiss Cottage and as a Group Exercise Instructor teaching 10 different types of classes for Better. For more information please follow me on instragram (bettina_sagi) 

I am so proud of my first client, Julia as she did incredible well on her weight loss journey so far and lost 30 kgs/66 pounds since October 2017. 


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 3 Nutrition
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Circuit CPD
  • Extreme Interval Fitness CPD
  • Core Stability CPD



  • I have been developing my knowledge and skills from my Mentor, Susanna Karpati since 2012 and completed over 700 hours of training including functional training and aerobics 
  • Experience in major life changes 
  • Horse riding – 8 years
  • Rhythmic gymnastics – 5 years
  • Fitness Manager – 4 years
  • Fitness Class Lead – 3 years
  • Group Exercise Instructor – 3 years
  • Road running races and Spartan


  • Weight Loss & Toning
  • Nutrition
  • Back & Knee Pain Relief Exercises
  • Functional Training



Philip Stokes
Bettina is a wonderful Personal Trainer. I am nearing the end of a twenty session course of fitness with her. Bettina always takes immense trouble to make sure I understand the purpose of each exercise and emails me details of all the exercises we did on a particular day so that I can do them on my own if necessary. Bettina is very communicative and is always very keen to help in every way possible.
Liga Konrade
I’ve trained with Bettina for 3-4 years and could not wish for a better PT! Bettina is the right person to help you achieve your fitness goals! She is so knowledgeable, motivating and her energy will drive you to achieve your best fitness results!
Emma Songeur
Bettina is just all about her trainee when she is with them! She has energy and such a great life story that you can trust that she listens to you and from her own struggles has learnt so much that she has many keys and solutions to help you on your journey. Train with Bettina, I wasn’t into the gym, trainers, anything but she contextualised it with my body and health. She wants you to find your strength so if you are open to that too then working with her is awesome.
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Thank you so much Bettina for helping me lose 30 kgs / 66 pounds and influencing my life for the better.

Zhilin Pan (Julia)

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