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Bismark Agyapong
Bismark Agyapong
Wembley Leisure Centre
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"Let's face it: There is no perfect diet and exercise plan. The best you can hope for is one that WORKS for you as well as YOU work for it."

As a sports scientist and an experienced trainer, I can help you achieve your health, aesthetics and well-being goals in reasonable time.

I specialise in the sciences of exercise, providing practical knowledge to others to achieve target goals whilst making the exercises enjoyable.

My philosophy is to help individuals make measurable progress in reasonable time, using various training techniques that transforms the body faster than you ever thought possible.

As a former Watford FC Academy player, I can aid one incorporate fitness and exercise into their weekly routines and eventually as part of their lifestyle.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
BSc Sports Exercise and Health Sciences
First Aid Qualified
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Weight Management
Bodybuilding/ Hypertrophy Programme
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Speed and Agility Coach
Body Building & Muscle Gain Specialist
Body Fat Reduction
Nutrition Specialist
General Fitness & HIIT Training Specialist
Muscle Tone & Flexibility Development
Circuit Training Specialist
Functional Training Specialist
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Advanced Fitness and Training Routines
Training Programmes for ALL Groups
35 Reviews 35 out of 35
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Bismark helps me a lot to build up my body. He uses many gradual methods and has made me truly feel stronger. He is a nice and very understandable friend!
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"Absolutely phenomenal personal trainer! From day one, Bismark dedication to my fitness goals was evident. Bismark crafted personalized workouts that challenged me while considering my fitness level and preferences. His expertise and encouragement pushed me to surpass my limits, achieving results I never thought possible. Not only did he focus on physical training, but he also provided invaluable nutritional guidance, ensuring a holistic approach to my well-being. His passion for fitness is contagious, making every session enjoyable and motivating. Thanks to his guidance, I've seen incredible transformations in my strength, endurance, and overall health. I wholeheartedly recommend this trainer to anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey!"
Deborah Falconer
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Biz has truly transformed my fitness journey. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have made each session a positive and empowering experience. Biz's personalized workout plans have not only challenged me but also yielded impressive results such as less pain in my back. His motivational approach and encouragement create a positive atmosphere, making the gym a place I look forward to. I appreciate Biz's commitment to my well-being, making him an invaluable asset to my fitness routine. Thank you so much!
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Working with Bismark has been pleasant for my fitness journey. His expertise in anaerobic exercises and muscle building is outstanding. Highly recommend!
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Bismark is an amazing personal trainer! He is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about helping his clients reach their fitness goals. I have been working with Bismark for a year now, and I have already seen incredible results. He has helped me lose weight, build muscle, and improve my overall fitness level.

Bismark is also a great motivator. He always knows how to push me to my limits without making me feel overwhelmed. He is also very patient and supportive, and he always makes sure that I am doing the exercises correctly.

I highly recommend Bismark to anyone looking for a personal trainer. He is the best!

Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience working with Bismark. He is an excellent personal trainer, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness.
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I have been training with Bismark for the past 6 weeks and the change has been immense. I am able to reach my goals and succeed what I thought was possible thanks to his motivation and plans. At times when I think I can’t do another set, he is able to motivate me to push myself further than I thought was possible. Bismark takes the time to go over what I need to do and with a dedicated plan I know what to expect and I believe I am now a completely new person since I started as I was struggling with the basics at first and now I am pushing myself further with each session. We have achieved so much in the past 6 weeks and I know I am on the right track.
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Biz is simply No 1 fitness instructor in London! You have to be absolutely crazy not to choose him as a personal fitness instructor as he is very knowledgeable and friendly and his prices are also very reasonable and so I cannot highly recommend him enough!!
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I have been training with Biz for a month now and I feel stronger, confident and I have gained a significant amount of knowledge on exercises and more muscle than I expected.
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I’ve been with Bismark for over 6 months now and the transformation I have seen has been incredible.

Always energetic and motivated, even when I feel tired, Bismark brings the atmosphere needed for great sessions. Cant express how much I have taken away from him, and will be topping up my sessions for the foreseeable future.

I cant recommend him enough!!
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Only a week ago, I embarked on a transformative journey with Bismark!

As an Indian man in his 50s, I admit, my health had taken a backseat over the years. The passion I once had for weight training in my youth had faded into the backdrop. With the looming challenges of type two diabetes and high blood pressure, I knew I needed a catalyst. That's when I found Bis.

Bismark isn’t just any trainer; he's exceptional. He delved deep into understanding my lifestyle, meticulously measuring my body composition, offering sound dietary advice, and recommending beneficial supplements. He didn’t stop there; Bis crafted a bespoke training plan tailored just for me. Through his seasoned expertise, he educated me about my body's responses to both nutrition and exercise.

In a mere week under Bis's guidance, the transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. My blood pressure, which has been a concern for years, has now normalized! I am genuinely at a loss for words to convey my immense gratitude for Bis's invaluable insights. After all, one can't put a price tag on health.

If you're seeking a change, I wholeheartedly endorse Bismark. He hasn't just improved my life; he's revitalized it.
Jagjit Dhaliwal
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I have been with Bismark for 18 months. I go 4 times a week and the experience has been transformative.

When I started with him, I was pretty much a beginner, although quite fit and healthy having done some cardio, my body has taken a more definitive shape since starting with him.

Great charisma and always great fun to work with him.
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Bismark is an exceptional trainer with deep knowledge of all the areas listed on his profile. All sessions are tailored to the individual, varied, challenging and enjoyable and I have been delighted with my progress. After 3 months of training, I’m wearing clothes which haven’t fit me for many years! Couldn’t recommend more highly.
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Bismark is a very good trainer, from the start he has listened to my requests and has implemented them into the sessions we do.
I’d definitely recommend him whether you are a beginner or even have some experience going to the gym as he is able to structure your workouts in a way that maximises your gains whilst efficiently using your energy.
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Bismark is a great professional personal trainer my experience has been incredibly positive. He alway push my limits also adjusted my exercises based on my progress and my capacity. He keeps each session interesting and engaging I enjoyed all my sessions. He motivates me to keep the consistency.
I would definitely would recommend him as a personal trainer.
sukhada garud
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I have been training with Bismark for around two years and I can attest that I have made significant progress in gaining muscle mass, and generally being in a better shape. Bismark is easy to work with, planning sessions in advance. While giving exercises he always taken into account the current level of progress but also pushes you to the limit, and makes you train hard. I would recommend highly Bismark and his services.
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Bismark has been training me for over 2 months and the experience has been incredibly positive. He plans my sessions in advance, and always encourages me to go past my limits. He is also very attentive, and adjusts the exercises based on my progress. The best part about it is that he always comes up with different variations of exercises, which keeps each session interesting and engaging. I uses to dread going to the gym, but now I really look forward to it, because I know the sessions aren't repetitive and boring.

He is truly excellent. He changed my mindset about working out and set me on a path to success. I am extremely happy and can't recommend him enough!
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The first time I came back to the gym around Febuary 22nd I thought to myself “ok it’s time to get my body in shape for summer” and I knew Bismark was the correct coach to get advice from to get my abs in shape, I followed his advice continuously for everyday since Febuary I now want to thank him very much as I can see my abs forming, Thank you very much Coach!💪🏻🔥
Kadir Kayak
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Bismark is a great personal trainer, a wonderful character and a very professional individual. He always leaves his clients happy with themselves and more motivated than when they first arrived. He knows his stuff and it is a pleasure to see him prosper in his personal training career. Keep it up champ. See you around.
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Bismark is a fantastic trainer and is passionate about helping others meet their fitness goals. He is professional, very knowledgeable and is always pushing me to the next level. He has listened to my goals and provided personalised plans and guidance to help me meet them! Best PT I’ve had, glad I found him.
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Great training very helpful & knowledge
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I have been training with Biz for about 6 weeks. During this period, he’s helped me get fitter, stronger and I have lost 4.7kgs!

Highly recommended as he is dedicated, motivational and keeps me on track.
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Bismark is definitely a very professional PT. He gives me so many helpful advice both from training and nutrition, helping me getting much more healthier and stronger.
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I have been training with Bismark for over two months now. I tried training by myself and would settle on exercises i feel comfortable doing. Bismark pushes you to do more and yet knows your limit, I was amaze how far I can do with the weights and sets he pushes me to do. I feel stronger at work and find myself more cautious of my body mechanics making sure I won’t hurt my back doing my tasks in the hospital. I can now walk up stairs and elevators without panting. I feel healthier. He is patient too, he makes sure you are safe doing the exercises and would constantly check if my bad knee is okay. He will not make it easy for you, but he will make sure you get your money’s worth.
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Had great sessions and teachable moments and will definitely book again for the autumn! He’s very professional, motivating and has helped me become more comfortable in the gym!
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Bismark is an excellent trainer who i would recommend to everyone. He helped improve my knowledge in regards to training/technique and helped push me past my comfort zone. We've been training for 3/4 months and I've been delighted with my progress and hope to continue my journey regarding health and fitness which I can point back to when I started training with Bismark. Hope to come back to Bismark one day
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is professional, caring, extremely efficient in his craft. With his help in 1month I converted 4kg of fat to muscle. Extremely happy with the services he provides and the long lasting relationship you build together.
Mark my words you won't regret it, I was also very sceptical at first but first session when I knew he would get me back on track, best invest I made this year.

My advice don't hesitate, take the leap of faith and I promise you won't regret it.
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Bismark has been training me for the last 4 months and we have completed close to twenty 1 hour sessions. He has been absolutely instrumental in my fitness journey. I can definitely say that I have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness as well as changes in my physical appearance. Bismark is really passionate about his work and it shows. His exercises are personalised and ever-changing so our sessions are never boring. This is important for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy exercising. He has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone but has been there to support me at the same time and without any judgement. He’s friendly and informative. I feel more confident in the gym now especially in the weights section which I’ve found to be quite intimidating in the past. Bismark is also organised, responsive and flexible which are commendable qualities to have in a trainer. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and effective personal trainer! If you’re hesitating about booking him, don’t! Take the leap and you won’t regret it!
Sarah E
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Bismark has been an amazing trainer for me, educating me and really pushing me towards my goals. He is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell he not only wants to help you reach your best but educate you on how to keep these practices in place further down the line. He is also super understanding and flexible when booking sessions. Cannot recommend Bismask enough!
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An excellent trainer of the highest regard. A truly professional trainer who is just as passionate about my goals as I am.
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Excellent! A complete 10/10 experience training with Bismark as he really pushes you to achieve your goals. He’s very well learned in his field and answers any questions I have adequately. I am very comfortable during my sessions as he’s very professional and knows how to maintain a friendly, yet professional environment. He’s also very understanding of personal circumstances that may affect bookings/sessions. I would 100% recommend.
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Amazing!! The training plans are second to none and were clearly tailored to suit me. What sets Bismark apart from others is the level of communication he gives you, he’s always on hand to answer any questions and give you plenty of encouragement along the way. The weekly feedback videos are especially helpful so you know you’re on the right track. Friendly and efficient service and would highly recommend to anyone. Cheers Bismark!!!
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Good trainer
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Excellent PT. Very knowledgeable and makes the workouts fun
V Maciulskyte
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Bismark has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for getting my body goals to where I need it to be, so far! His sessions are very educative as he combines information with practice keeping me enlightened on what I’m trying to achieve. He knows how to balance extreme and comfort at the same time during workouts, taking me out of my comfort zone whilst keeping in mind my limits. Looking forward to many sessions ahead!
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Bismark is very friendly and talkative, he adapts the fitness exercises for you, encouraging you to break out of your comfort zone without being too pushy. I recommend him to create or improve your fitness journey!

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