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Carl Donohoe
Carl Donohoe
Fitness Village, Balby
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With six years of experience as a personal trainer, I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Working with a diverse range of clients, I have tailored programs to meet unique needs and challenges, enhancing my ability to support each individual's journey. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or improve mobility, I am committed to providing the expertise, motivation, and support needed to succeed. Let's work together to transform your fitness aspirations into reality.

If you see me around the gym don’t be shy come over and say hello!
- Level 3 certification in Personal Training
- Level 2 certifications in Gym Instruction
- Circuit Training
- Studio Cycling
- Fat loss
- Muscle gain
- Improving mobility
- Creating personalized and effective training programs based on evidence-based practices and a deep understanding of body mechanics.
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