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Carlo Messere
Carlo Messere
Oasis Sports Centre
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I’ve always loved sport. Growing up I'd regularly swim, box, play volleyball,and I played football for 12 Years. I started Weight Training at the Gym at the age of 15 and enjoyed working out in the open air too. At 19 I moved to London and discovered my real passion. Being a Personal Trainer and helping people to improve their health, their strength and their life.
Level 2: Certificate in Fitness Instructing
Level 3: Certificate in Personal Training
Level 3: Enhanced Boxing Skills
Core Training
Body Weight Training
Muscle Gain Training
Burning Fat Training
Nutritional Advice
Boxing Training
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Carlo is simply amazing! More than just a trainer, he's a cheerleader, friend and psychiatrist. I have always struggled with weight loss, and he really helped me with my training and diet.
Brian Willen
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The results I’m seeing after only a few months with Carlo are amazing. He is massively knowledgable about strength training and has a really encouraging way of getting the best out of me.

One huge thing for me was that Carlo talked about my posture, something I’d never even considered might be an issue for me, and his workout plans have really worked on correcting that.

Carlo is definitely the best PT I’ve ever had.
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Carlo is an exceptional trainer, who is not only professional, knowledgeable and caring, he is very experienced in advising the type of training programme that will gain the best results acceding to age and fitness levels. He targeted my weaknesses and has improved my overall strength and fitness. I would highly recommend him.
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Carlo is a brilliant trainer. Having started with zero gym experience I’ve learnt so much from him on how to train. He’s helped me achieve great results in building muscle mass and strength and has kept me motivated through every session. I can’t recommend Carlo enough!
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During covid he made sure to keep me going by training online and then in parks when we could again. He's so motivating and always positive even though dark times. He not only gets results but is a great listener! A friendly face and has not only helped with my aches and pains but I'm also starting to get a six pack! Something I never thought could happen. Very happy, highly recommended.
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Carlo is an exceptional trainer with a positive and encouraging attitude to physical fitness and self improvement. In the time that I have spent with Carlo I have felt motivated to truly discover my potential and push my physical abilities to the next boundary, and this has led to strikingly quick and impressive results! I owe Carlo a great deal for the progress I've made so far, both in terms of losing weight and building muscle mass, especially as I started as a beginner in fitness. The impacts of my training with Carlo have been quite apparent, ranging from my healthier appearance to even the correction of my posture. I would recommend Carlo to anyone seeking to improve themselves and push their limits in a healthy and enjoyable way.
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Carlo is passionate about building you with a great body and soul.
He give you the most comparable training as well as lifestyle advise, your
food, your sleeping habits and more. He was definitely one of the closest
people around me when we were working together over a year. I am definitely a
new person after working with him. Totally recommend him. Good luck
Saeedeh Hashemi
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I started with Carlo about a year and a half starting honestly from the basics with my inexperience, a perfect personal trainer who helped me and helps me lesson after lesson to improve and build me correctly, I strongly recommend him to any person who needs a personal trainer
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Training with Carlo is amazing. He pushes to the right limit and challenge individuals the right way keeping a balance in the effort requested to improve session after session. Beyond the personal trainer at the fitness he is also a good adviser on diets on what and how to eat according to your needs and your personal case. I lost nearly 6 kg in less than 5 months gaining in muscle mass at the same time: results are astonishing! A good intelligence and understanding of his job makes him a great personal trainer. Very serious and committed his attitude is exactly what one need for improve fitness and keep a good healthy and get in the right shape. Thanks Carlo !! Sam
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I started training with Carlo last September. Since then I've put on enough weight and muscle mass to reach a normal BMI (as I was pretty much underweight at the beginning), improved my posture (which was absolutely catastrophic :/ ) and made immense progress in terms of energy and strength. This is all due to Carlo's extreme dedication to helping me attain my goals. He's made me eager to make each of my training sessions ahead of time and my motivation to exercise has increased tenfold as a result of his constant encouragement and positivity. He's also a great listener, always open to catering to specific needs, and careful to account for set limitations and weaknesses. All in all, he's a great personal trainer who will help you get where you need to go - no matter where that is.
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I’ve been training for many years, thinking I’ve been doing it right. Then I worked with Carlo. Carlo knows his craft. I’ve observed, chatted with, and trained with many trainers, some good, some not so good. Carlo is a fantastic trainer. First and foremost he learns his clients skill level, and can adapt on the fly to build a workout plan for the individual. He asks good questions, and is a wealth of information when you have some yourself. He has a large mental catalog of effective exercises, some of which entirely new to me. A humble guy, as most trainers I’ve observed talk a lot about themselves, his focus is fully on his clients, and it’s obvious he is there for you. He pays close attention to form, and also challenged breathing technique to help me improve. He also could see tension and flexibility concerns, and gave me corrective tips I can do on my own. He gives timely feedback in a way that makes you feel like you’re on the right path, and gives tips on how to be a more effective and healthy athlete. Thanks, Carlo.
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I've been training with Carlo for the past 2 years. I can't recommend him highly enough. He motivated me and supported me all the time, even when I had tough periods, or I was struggling to get the results I wanted. He made me understand that fitness is a journey and takes time and effort to see results. He helped me reaching my goals and feeling confident with myself and my body over time. I am more toned, strong, I feel energised and less stressed, I am a lot more motivated to workout. I have less pain at my back and improved a lot my shoulders which where always weak and painful. It's always fun to train with Carlo, as he keeps changing the type of exercises, so it's never boring!
Last but not least, I love Carlo's attitude with people: he takes care of people, of their issues and spends time to understand them and to help them not just achieving their fitness goals but releasing the tension created by our stressful lives. Carlo is an incredible professional, and most importantly a great friend.
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I have worked with Carlo for over a year and a half, and here's why.
He's thorough, he teaches you exercises properly, he's polite, he's kind, he always has time for you, he pushes you, he's understanding, he's got a great sense of humour.
He's both a PT and a therapist, and always does everything with a smile on his face. A wonderful guy.
Also, the results speak for themselves. In 4 months, I have lost a stone in weight His methods are fast and effective and they don't leave you feeling so exhausted that it becomes unmanageable
Score 110 out of 100 .
Emma Scott
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I wanted to put on weight as i'm very slim. Carlo is amazing!! He helped me put on muscle mass. I'm feeling super strong now, looking and feeling great and he pushes me to be the best I can be. Not only is he an excellent and very knowledgeable trainer, he is also a great communicator and made me feel super comfortable from day 1 of training. Carlo has also helped me with my posture and previous injuries which now do not bother me at all. I highly recommend him.

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