Cathy Russell
Cathy Russell
The Hive Leisure Centre
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Having had a successful career within the NHS as a Mental Health Nurse and manager I have been passionate about supporting change and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through education and development of local services and working with GP practices.

My own need for managing a chronic health concern with fitness and nutrition put me on the path to explore my dream in becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor in 2011. In more recent years I have added on to this and trained as a Health and Wellbeing and Transformative Life Coach.

I have had many success stories as a PT and no one that approaches me for training will feel uncomfortable or unheard. I embrace positive relationships with diversity and offer a personable 1:1 approach.

I have developed a unique blend of supporting others through physical health and transformation whilst promoting positive change and emotional resilience through Wellbeing coaching.

• Fun and accessible training sessions.
• Unique flexible programming for your needs.
• Weight loss plans that are sustainable achievable and not a fad diet!
• The ability for you to grow in confidence and self-worth.
• Support you through injury and the days when your mojo has slipped.
• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Diploma - Non Medical Nutritional Advisor
• Fitness Pilates Instructor
• Transformative Life Coach
• Health and Wellbeing Life Coach (NHS approved)
• Body sculpting
• Strength building
• Fat loss and weight management
• Health and Wellbeing coaching
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