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Charles Pearton
Charles Pearton
Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club
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As a highly qualified and passionate personal trainer, I bring a diverse skill set and academic background to optimise your fitness journey. Armed with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Level 3 Personal Training certification, I am committed to delivering exceptional training experiences.
• BSc Sport and Exercise Science: A solid academic foundation, providing me with in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and sports biomechanics.

• Level 3 Personal Training: Nationally recognised certification, demonstrating proficiency in designing and implementing effective fitness programs tailored to individual needs.

• Sports Performance S&C: Specialised training in Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning to enhance athletic development and optimise sports-specific training.

• Kinesiology Sports Taping: Skilful application of kinesiology taping techniques to aid in injury prevention, support, and rehabilitation.

• First Aid: Equipped with essential first aid skills to ensure a safe and secure training environment for clients.
• Athletic Development and Sports Performance: Leveraging my expertise to elevate the performance of athletes through targeted training programs, In depth testing and continued support.

• Strength and Conditioning: Tailoring programs to enhance strength, power, and endurance for clients seeking optimal physical performance.

• Body Re-composition and Transformation: Guiding individuals through transformative journeys, focusing on body composition changes and overall wellness.

• HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): Implementing dynamic and effective HIIT workouts for maximum fat loss and cardiovascular health.

• Event/Race Strategy and Periodisation: Providing strategic planning for events and races, incorporating periodisation principles to optimise training cycles.
With a commitment to ongoing education and a passion for promoting a holistic approach to health and fitness, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Let's embark on this fitness journey together!
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Charles is an amazing personal trainer! He tailored my workouts to my specific goals and fitness level. With his guidance and encouragement, I've seen incredible results in just a few weeks. Highly recommend!
Emily Johnson
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Ive worked with several personal trainers in the past, but Charles stands out as truly exceptional. His knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to his clients are unmatched. Thanks to him, I've achieved my fitness goals faster than I ever thought possible!
Michael Smith
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Charles is fantastic! He not only helped me get in shape but also educated me about nutrition and overall wellness. His positive attitude and personalised approach make every session enjoyable and effective. I can't thank him enough for changing my approach to training and nutrition.
Sarah Ellis
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Excellent workouts tailored for all abilities. Really friendly and helpful Personal Trainer that knows his stuff, would highly recommend. AAA
Rajiv Vadgama
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Knowledgable, professional and highly motivated personal trainer based in SE London. Alongside 1-on-1 programmes, Charlie and George design great boot camp sessions that suit all abilities pushing everyone to get the most out of themselves no matter what the end goal is. Structured rehab programmes also available to assist with the swift recovery of sporting injuries. Highly recommended.
Barney Houghton
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Charlie was absolutely fantastic at making me feel comfortable when trying new activities. Their bootcamps are also tailored to all needs, and they really know how to get the best out of you. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks!
Holly Pledger
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Just a great experience with Charles as PT. First up, he was really interested in my goals, and has designed every session to meet those goals. Second, each session is interesting and varied, so never boring. Third, he’s always on time and enthusiastic, full of encouragement and advice. Thoroughly recommend Pearton Perfomance- just brilliant.
Gareth Wilson

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