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Charlie Spooner
Charlie Spooner
Southwick Leisure Centre
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Hi, I’m Charlie,
I'm one of the fitness advisors here at Southdown’s leisure and your newest YourPersonalTrainer here at Southwick!

I have always been massively into health and fitness and have a background as a competitive tumble gymnast turned coach. After a bad ankle injury stopped me from competing, my interest turned to coaching and helping the next generation of children become the gymnasts I wanted to be. I continue to teach gymnastics to this day where I now teach a wider range of abilities and ages including adults. During covid, I discovered my passion for working out and using strength training as a way to make myself stronger, both physically and mentally, whilst also trying to burn off the belly from the naughty stocked snacks.

Once covid was over, I was hooked and I had made great personal progress and I decided I wanted to share that passion with the world, so I took my Level 2 Fitness Advisor Qualification and got myself straight into the gym to share my knowledge and skills. A little over a year later I took my Level 3 Personal training qualification and I am now happy to announce that I can offer you 1-1 personally tailored training sessions and programs so you can get the best results out of your body.

Got a fitness goal you want to achieve? With me as your personal trainer we can discuss and plan the best strategies for getting you to where you want to be through a mixture of resistance and circuit based training. I aim to offer a fun and friendly environment so that you can feel totally comfortable within the gym and its surroundings and we can get the very most out of our sessions together. Each program will be individually tailored to your specific goals with an emphasis on progressive overload with perfect technique and programming so we can steadily push ourselves towards achieving amazing results and being the best person we can be.
level 2 fitness instructor
level 3 personal trainer
level 4 strength and conditioning coach
resistance training (hypertrophy)
resistance training (strength)
weight lifting / powerlifting
fat loss
general strength and conditioning
flexibility and mobility
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I cannot recommend Charlie enough to other people. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in the Shoreham/Hove area you can't go wrong with him. He has helped me get back into fitness after a challenging year away from working out, listening to my goals, then creating a training plan to meet these. I am 3 months in, and have surprised myself with what I can achieve. Overall great person to train with, even if he does sneakily increase the weight!
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Charlie is amazing, knowledgeable and encourages you to push yourself . After having a difficult year, my fitness level dropped , but having P/T sessions I am back to my goal .Charlie encourage me to push myself , with a great training programme. You certainly know when you have done a training session with Charlie . I cant thank him enough. Thank you Charlie.
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What a fantastic service! Charlie provides brilliantly engaging and informative sessions that I have found amazingly valuable for my fitness journey. A brilliant motivator with an extremely in depth knowledge of weights and machine related exercises. Charlie has given me the confidence to be consistent with my training. Cant thank enough, thoroughly recommend!
Joshua James
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Honestly such an intuitive approach! Really helped me keep my focus, pushed me in the best ways and actually made realise my strengths and where I was stronger! And is helping me in a clear and fun way around what needs work, part of my best days of the week going hard in gym with Charlie! Would highly recommend!
Richard Randy Gas Carden
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Charlie is absolutely fantastic at what he does! His profound knowledge is truly impressive, and he's always willing to provide guidance and suggest alternative approaches. He not only listened to my fitness goals but also played a pivotal role in improving my form, enabling me to achieve better muscle activation during weight training. Whenever I encountered challenges or felt stuck, he was quick to make necessary adjustments. Charlie has been an invaluable mentor on my fitness journey, and I'm immensely grateful for his support!
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I’ve had a few sessions with Charlie and he’s brilliant. Really friendly and knowledgeable guy that has helped me make huge leaps with my size, strength and overall fitness goals in the gym.
Sam Shaw
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A well deserved five star rating. Charlie takes a person centred approach to his sessions and plans workouts to meet your requirements. The programs are designed to keep you motivated and engaged, encouraging you to reach your goals! I would highly recommend Charlie as a Personal Trainer, whether you are just starting out or needing a change up from your usual routine, he's dynamic and a good motivator and listener. Granted, you will feel the burn, after a program.
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Absolutely fantastic PT.
Been struggling to bulk up and get some muscle. Charlie curated a whole diet plan for me along with a laminated exercise sheet! When training with him he knows everything under the sun about what muscle group is necessary to work on etc. Top lad great laugh👍
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Charlie is a very helpful guy to be around in the gym! Weather your goal is weight loss or is ti build muscle he is your man, with his own experience of the gym he understands a lot about how the gym and motivation works, wonderful guy to work with and will get you into shape in now time! Thank you Charlie
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Charlie is extremely knowledgeable about exercise. I have become more confident in pushing my limits as I learn techniques. His is a combination of trust, quality, professionalism, and value.
Pritesh Patel
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Charlie is amazing at what he does! So knowledgeable and is always happy to give advice or alternative ways of doing things. He listened to my goals and helped me with a full routine to achieve them. If I was ever stuck or finding anything difficult, hes always happy to tweak where needed. Charlie has been a massive guide in my fitness journey so far and I can't thank him enough! 💪🏻

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