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Chris Macquire
Chris Macquire
Windrush Leisure Centre, Witney
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I started training when I was 9 years old and enjoyed the thrill I got from lifting weights, building muscle and improving my performance in sports and general daily activity. I love helping people and working with them to improve their fitness and that’s how I knew that the fitness industry would be the right place for me.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle has been part of my regimen for years and it serves as a guide when helping other people stick to making healthy choices. I strive each day to motivate my clients to be committed to the positive changes and workouts that will guarantee the results that they so badly deserve. I’m all in when it comes to fitness so understanding my clients needs, likes and dislikes regarding exercise and training is always my top priority.

Building rapport is essential in the beginning of the Client - Trainer relationship so I always offer a complementary PT session followed by a 1 hour consultation free of charge which allows me the chance to find out what it is exactly that brought you to speak with me as an exercise professional. If there is one thing to know about motivation, it’s that it always starts with you and it is always there. Keep moving and reach out for a chat. :)
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Motivational Interviewer
Lifestyle Advisor
Support Coach
Online Coach
Time Management
Muscular Training and Conditioning
Core Conditioning, Posture and Balance
HIIT Tactician
TUT (Time-Under-Tension)
Cardio Training for Endurance Athletes
Stability and Mobility Training
Form and Technique Mastery
Online Coaching
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Chris is a polite, kind and funny personal trainer who manages to push you to achieve your goals without it feeling like you’re being pushed. Getting Chris as a personal trainer has been the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. I’ve got the gym bug back and it’s all thanks to Chris. Would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to love training again.
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Chris is a brilliant trainer. Takes the time to sit down and learn what you're looking for then tailoring a workout to suit you. He's constantly offering great tips on different training patterns, workouts and alternatives when focusing on a part of the body which has been injured before. All in all a great trainer, highly recommended!
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Chris is fantastic and helps me stay motivated throughout our sessions! He’s helped build up my confidence in the gym so much more and I really look forward to our sessions. Couldn’t recommend him more! Thank you Chris!
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I have been working with Chris for a few months now. Initially I was sceptical about potential benefits, however Chris has encouraged me to try different strength and conditioning techniques and also adapted these to take account of the fact I have a long term health condition. He is friendly and encouraging, motivating you to push yourself to try to achieve your best, within your own limits. Results are already showing with a 5k PB which had previously been set 4 years ago. Strongly recommend you give him a try.
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I have been seeing Chris for a few weeks now, after an horrendous year I was just sat here feeling sorry myself and just decided to take the plunge and I must say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, Chris Is an awesome guy who is very professional and motivating, he absolutely knows what he is doing and showed me I have an inner strength I didn’t know I had..amazing
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It’s an absolute pleasure working with Chris. I needed to get my fitness level up from a very low base and he’s helping me do just that. He’s patient and encouraging and has motivated me to challenge myself sensibly with results I’d not felt were possible. There’s a long way to go but it’s great to have Chris motivating me and giving me the encouragement I need to get there! Thanks - I’d highly recommend Chis to anyone who’s thinking about working with a PT
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I was sceptical about engaging with a PT but, after a period of enforced inactivity, I took the plunge as I was losing balance, flexibility, muscle tone and confidence. What a find - Chris, despite our age gap of over half a century(!) understood my needs, is sensitive to my incapacities and has motivated and encouraged me - in his gentle way - to keep going.
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Chris aporoached me while I was training in the gym. We had a long chat about my rehabilitation from injury and he followed me around for an hour offering me guidance on my techniques. Based on his personality, experience and attitude, I booked him for a session and have seen him once a week for the last 6 months. He has tailored a programme for me to strengthen my posterior chain and core, and I have made great progress with his guidance, enabling me to start cycling again. I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and strength, or recover from injury. He has been thoughtful, modifying and progressing exercises so as strengthen but not hurt my dodgy back.
If you're in any doubt, try him out. You won't regret it.
Andrew Smith
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Chris is great, he’s got me doing stuff I never imagined possible, he’s very friendly, cheerful and motivational, a really nice guy. I’m going to continue my sessions with Chris, I can already feel the benefits
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I started Strenght training with Chris in July, it's now October and I have seen massive changes in me. I am able to lift bigger weights, work out with confidence thanks to Chris's boost. Chris is friendly, patient, with a great sense of humour, and always committed to seeing improvements in the person he is training. I have enjoyed training with him.
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Chris has helped me transform my body, given me confidence and is so friendly. Really glad I decided to trial a PT (and it was Chris). I have had issues with my foot and he has modified our exercises to suit. I intend to keep our sessions going as long as I can as I feel it has been so beneficial to me.
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Chris is a fantastic trainer. He listens to your aims and objectives and then builds a plan to achieve them. He works me hard without being overly brutal. His sessions are always enjoyable and I come away knowing I have worked to my maximum. I have been training with Chris for a couple of months and every week I can feel the changes, and I can see them in my clothing. He pushes me whilst recognizing my limitations. Highly recommended.
Female 50s
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I love Christopher’s easy going cheerful attitude and readiness to work with all types and ages..
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Chris came highly recommended by a friend at work who had achieved amazing results in a very short period.
I’ve had 8 sessions in 4 weeks.
I can already see results and feel very optimistic I will achieve my goal by November 😊
David Bickford
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When I began training with Chris, I was struggling with my mental and physical health, diet, and a lack of motivation. Chris designed a training programme specific to my needs that allowed me to lose weight, get in shape, and gain a real passion for working out. I've lost 10 stone thanks to Chris, and am in the best shape I've been in!
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Chris is a friendly, highly knowledgeable, and helpful personal trainer. Chris's considerable expertise and motivational skills have been of great assistance in my training in helping me to work more intensely and efficiently. I would highly recommend Chris for those who are just beginning on their fitness journey or want to take their training to the next level.
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What an awesome trainer. Someone who really takes the time to hear your needs and pushes you to your full potentional

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