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Ciaron Ford
Ciaron Ford
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After over 20 years in the British Army, many spent as a Physical Training Instructor, I decided to change career and become a Personal Trainer. Using all the professional skills gained in the military along with the knowledge from being a Personal Trainer, allows me to deliver a tailored, functional and dynamic training programme to allow my client to meet their goals and more.

I endeavour to incorporate a range of training practices to ensure programmes are varied and challenging to ensure my clients are pushed to their limits to get fitter, faster and stronger.

My passion for exercise has developed throughout my life starting with sports and martial arts through to joining the army where it became a way of life. With that also came the high standards and leadership that I use to ensure clients stay focused and on course to meet their objectives.

Whatever your fitness goals I will help you achieve them.
CIMPSA Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuit Training
Suspension Training
Toning and Conditioning
Weight Loss
Core Strength and Stability
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I have been training with Ciaron for several months now, and I can confidently say that he is an absolutely fantastic personal trainer. His background in the British Army, where he served as a Physical Training Instructor for over 20 years, truly sets him apart.

From the very first session, it was clear that Ciaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his training programs. He takes the time to understand my fitness goals and tailors each workout to ensure I’m challenged and making progress. Every session is varied and dynamic, which keeps things interesting and prevents any chance of getting bored.

One of the things I appreciate most about Ciaron is his commitment to pushing me to my limits in a safe and encouraging way. His military background instills a level of discipline and high standards that are incredibly motivating. He knows exactly how to keep me focused and on track, even when I feel like giving up.

Beyond his expertise and training methods, Ciaron is genuinely passionate about fitness and helping his clients succeed. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s clear that he truly cares about my progress. I’ve seen significant improvements in my fitness, strength, and overall well-being since I started training with him.

In summary, Ciaron is an exceptional personal trainer who combines military precision with a personalized approach to fitness. If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals and looking for someone who will push you to be your best, I highly recommend Ciaron. He’s simply the best!
Mark Samual
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Ciaron is an amazing trainer! He puts a lot of effort into making sessions fun but also challenging, and is always willing to adjust a workout based on your goals. Ciaron is an expert at shifting the way you perceive success and failure in the gym. He is incredibly motivating, which has empowered me to go anywhere in the gym, regardless of how busy or intimidating it is. He constantly reminds me of how much I have achieved, even when I'm struggling with an exercise or feeling down during a workout. He is always willing to help out if he sees you in the gym or anytime you have a question, and is great at explaining things in a simple way. Ciaron motivates me to want to achieve more and persevere with my goals. I was nervous about reaching out to a trainer for help, but I'm so glad I chose Ciaron and would recommend him to anyone!
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Started with Ciaron back in Summer 2022- what a great PT! I couldn’t recommend him enough. Sessions are varied and he’s always happy to help you around gym if free.
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I signed up with Ciaron four months ago to get back in to exercise after a number of years slacking off. No regrets... He knows how to get the best from you in a session, always keeping things challenging yet achievable and rewarding. I have definitely become fitter faster and stronger as a result of having him as PT. He keeps all the sessions fresh, fun and varied. I’m also impressed with the regular training programmes that he tailors to my goals, and with the gyms closed, the equipment I have at home. Highly recommended.
Matt Coles
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I’ve been training with Ciaron for the last 4 months. The The sessions are really varied, Ciaron will adjust your workout depending on what your goal is. The sessions are varied from anything like hiit style workouts to using weights, cardio and strength training/techniques. He does a good mix of using some equipment/weights and other times focusing on body weight exercises. Ciaron guides me with what I can do in between my sessions to improve my fitness. I have definitely seen an improvement in my fitness and seen a change in my body shape! I like having someone to check in with weekly to keep that motivation up and it gives me a good marker for seeing improvement. I really recommend Ciaron’s sessions. Due to COVID restrictions we’ve been training outside (following all the rules). It’s great having the opportunity to train in the open air with gyms being temporarily closed!
Victoria Forster
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I first experienced Ciaron's training style at boot camp sessions. These always pushed everyone to their limits and were full of unexpected challenges and 'cheeky' add on's to keep us interested. When we went into lock down 2.0 and learned Ciaron was a qualified PT I immediately booked up some sessions. I was not disappointed. Within days I had a fantastic socially distanced 1 to 1 session, a programme specific to my very individual requirements to keep me going until the next one, and plenty of motivation and enthusiasm from a dedicated trainer. Highly recommend!
Lauren O'Carroll
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Ciaron is a fantastic PT. He helped me achieve some key training goals I had been working on. His sessions are always varied and somehow manages to make each session fun. I'd strongly recommend him as a personal trainer.
Lucy A

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