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Craig Greenwood
Craig Greenwood
Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club
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I have experienced both fat loss and muscle building during my own fitness journey. I want to help you become the best you can whilst maintaining a balanced life.

My sessions will be enjoyable but will push you to reach your goal
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
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Studying Sports Rehab Degree
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Would give 10 stars if i could. Outstanding service.
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I've been working with Craig for the past few months and he's been great from day 1. I started with almost no experience in the Gym, i was especially nervous about using any of the barbells but he was brilliant at coaching me on the big lifts with good form and confidence. Since starting i've put on loads of strength and my confidence is much better now.

Craig is also really friendly and makes our sessions fun and enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend for beginners and people like me with little to no experience.
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Since meeting Craig, he has helped me lose three stone and tone up. As well as sharing expert advice on training, he is very knowledgeable about nutrition and he has helped transform my diet as well as my body. Our sessions started out as regular PT sessions but are now part PT / part therapy / part meeting up with a mate - albeit one that puts you through your for an hour! I highly recommend Craig to anyone wanting to get in shape and learn more about health and fitness.
Robert Greaves
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I had Craig as a personal trainer for the past 3 months and he has transformed my exercise routine, lifestyle and eating habits for the better. I have so much more confidence working out in the gym and feel like the new techniques he has shown me have really payed off. I now know how to work out effectively in both a home and gym setting and it will be easy for me to carry these techniques on whether I am working out individually or in the gym/in a group. I am really looking forward to the next few months with Craig where I can continue to progress and improve what I am attempting to achieve. I would highly recommend Craig, not only is he a phenomenal personal trainer but he is an extremely down to earth person who will bring humour to your sessions as well!
Jasmine Wilson
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Great personal trainer and a great friend, ive gotten to know Craig on a personal level and the guy knows his stuff in and out of the gym and is really trustworthy.
Paul Daniels
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Weekly x3 training to build muscle and strength with Craig as my trainer has pushed me to make consecutive improvements with every session. Very happy with the results so far, helping me to sail past 300kg on the leg press when I thought it was beyond my abilities and see huge leaps in squats, deadlifts and rows.
He has a broad knowledge base of exercises and form with patience to boot. A competent professional guy to train with and I would gladly recommend him. I’m very much looking forward to working hard with him over the next few months.
Mark Stephenson
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Craig did a great job teaching me the exercises I needed to reach my goals. He created a personal training plan that aligned with what I wanted and what I enjoyed. He was able to help me with any problems I had and make adjustments. Lastly, he is a really friendly and approachable guy and helped put to bay any fears I had about using weights.
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Craig did a great job motivating me to push that little bit further with my goals to re gaining fitness. Over just 10 sessions my weight loss of 1.5 stones and increased strength allowed me to subsequently enjoy an energetic 3 week holiday in Australia. I am looking forward to booking more sessions now we are back
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I have always been into fitness however I felt my training lacked consistency which is I opted for regular PT sessions.

Craig is a very knowledgeable trainer and helps you reach and peak your potential, in such a short space of time I have made visible progress with a tailor made plan that I enjoy and helps me towards my goals.
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I started my training journey totally unfit and with an existing knee injury. Craig listened to my goals and set out a training plan that was completely personalised for me, my current fitness level and goals - he totally listened to what I wanted to achieve. The fitness gains I made over the course of ten training sessions was outstanding. Craig motivated me to carry on at every step and every week I noticed improvements in fitness and mobility in my knee also improved greatly as it gained strength

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