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Cristian Tutunaru
Cristian Tutunaru
Clissold Leisure Centre
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I am a qualified Personal Trainer dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages. Whether your goal is improving cognitive ability, enhancing overall well-being, shedding those extra pounds, sculpting lean muscle, or nutritional improvement, I am committed to helping you achieve GUARANTEED full-body wellness through tailored programs and personalised attention, with lasting results through a balanced approach.
My other qualification in Sports Massage Therapy will help you recover from your workouts, manage everyday stress, and reach your goals, whether you're an athlete striving for excellence or simply looking to feel better in your body.
Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Reach out to me today, and make your wellness dreams a reality!
Level 3 Personal Trainer, Gym Instructing and Nutrition
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
Diploma in Education and Teaching
Personal Trainer Practitioner
First Aid Qualified
MSc Psychology (student)
Bespoke personalised support
Mindset and habit improvement
Strength & Conditioning
HIIT and Core strength
Flexibility and stretching
Postural analysis and correction
Nutritional advice and tracking
Fat burning or Weight loss
Healthy lifestyle hacks
Body confidence and transformation
27 Reviews 27 out of 27
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I’ve been training with Cristian for the past four months, and the results have been incredible. My strength has increased significantly, and I've built more muscle than I ever thought possible. He really knows how to push you to your limits in the best way, focusing on effective lifting and perfect form. I used to struggle with basic exercises, but now I’m lifting heavier weights, have started with 5 kgs dumbbell and now i can lift the 28 kgs one, I love this improvement and feeling stronger every day.
Try Cristian's program, and it'll be the best decision!
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Training with Cristian has completely transformed my fitness journey. I started off with minimal strength and little knowledge of heavy lifting. Under his expert guidance, I've built great muscle mass and significantly boosted my strength. Each session is challenging yet rewarding, with a focus on lifting heavy and proper technique. If you're serious about building muscle and increasing your lifting capacity, choose Cristian as your trainer!
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Cristian is awesome! He is super knowledgeable, attentive and motivating. I feel stronger than ever through working with him. He has excellent all round knowledge and is and provides excellent guidance on diet, supplements, etc. I really enjoy working with him, highly recommended!
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In just 3 months, I've lost 15 pounds and feel stronger than ever. His workout program is incredibly effective, and he's helped me improve my nutrition habits too. Thank you for helping me getting my life back!!!
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Since starting with Cristian, I've seen incredible improvements in my flexibility and overall performance. Now, I can move like a normal person. :) His personalised approach to fitness has made all the difference. Five stars!
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Training with Cristian has been the best decision I've made for my health. His effective workout program and nutrition advice have helped me lose weight and build muscle. Plus the postural analysis really helped me to improve my stance!! Five stars!!!
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Cristian is great! Thanks to him I’ve become stronger and more confident. The training sessions are challenging and incredibly rewarding. He has made a significant impact on my journey fitness and has helped me to achieve my fitness goal! He personalises workout, keeps me motivated and I’ve seen great results. Highly recommend!
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I’ve had the privilege of working with Cristian for the past 1 month, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. From day one, Cristian has demonstrated unparalleled expertise, motivation, and genuine care for my fitness journey. He planned a personalised workout plan that not only aligned with my goals but also pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. I’ve seen significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall well-being.

Beyond training, Cristian also has an amazing positive vibe and every session is filled with energy and fun.

Thank you Cristian for being an exceptional trainer and an incredible motivator. I look forward to continuing this journey with you and achieving even greater results!
Dilsat Turhan
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I've been training with Cristian for a few months, and the results are amazing. My mental health has improved drastically, I feel like a new person. Regarding the physical aspect, I've lost weight, my strength has improved, and I feel more energetic. His guidance on nutrition has been a game-changer! Try his programs, and you won't regret it!
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I've achieved more with Cristian in a few months than I did in years on my own. His workout program is excellent, and his nutrition advice has helped me develop healthier habits. Five stars! See you tomorrow :)
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I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen since starting with Cristian. His workout program is incredibly effective, and I've improved my eating habits too. My strength and performance are at an all-time high!
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I've tried many personal trainers, but Cristian stands out. I have a 4 days split program, his workouts are challenging yet fun, and I've seen significant results in a short period. My strength and stamina have improved drastically! Choose him, and you will quickly improve your life!
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I am so pleased that I have started this personal training journey with Cristian. When I started, I couldn't even do one push-up, but now with his amazing program and support, after a few sessions, I am able to do some. Plus, I am lifting weights and using machines, which makes me feel great seeing this improvement in my life. Thank you!
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I was a bit anxious before starting my personal training journey, but I can tell that Cristian, with his attitude, will make you focus on what matters and remove anything that doesn't help you have a great session. I remember, from the first session, he helped me focus on the session and explained very well how to do all those exercises.
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I started training with Cristian because I wanted someone who could help me with my physical strength and mental wellness. He did not disappoint me; the workouts are great, with good intensity, which gives you more results than expected, and the nutrition and recovery tips do help you feel amazing before, during and after the workout. My mental wellness has improved considerably due to the workout, his experience and his character! I do recommend you start this journey with Cristian. You won't regret it!
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Having Cristian as my PT has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health :) As someone with long standing health issues, I’ve always been scared of the gym. I injure fairly easily so have always felt my body as delicate, however, in just over a month I have been experiencing positive changes in areas that used to cause unbearable daily challenges for me. In this short space of time, already I feel stronger in both body and mind (he helps you get out of your own head), takes his time in guiding me through the best stretches and workouts for issue areas, is extremely patient and attentive. Cristian has also given me individualised nutritional and supplemental help and reminds me to look after myself in between workouts with self-care practices. He is soo supportive which makes me even more excited to continue on this journey. I’ve definitely hit the jackpot! ☺️
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Choosing Cristian as my personal trainer was the best decision I made for my fitness journey. His positivity and encouragement make every session enjoyable. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get fit in London!
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Having completed several sessions with Chris, I can attest to his proficiency in designing comprehensive workout regimes that challenge the body to its fullest, with a focus on engaging all muscle groups. Chris is not only approachable and amiable but also well-versed in nutritional guidance, offering detailed dietary advice to expedite the achievement of one's fitness objectives.
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I had the pleasure of experiencing a combined personal training and sports massage session with Cristian, which was genuinely transformative. The training session was challenging yet enjoyable. I left feeling invigorated, relaxed, and motivated to continue my fitness journey with his guidance.
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My session with Cristian was nothing short of amazing. His personalised approach to personal training and his great SPORTS MASSAGE SESSION left me feeling rejuvenated and motivated. I am starting to feel the difference in my performance and recovery. Book a session with him; you won't regret it!!
Paul A.
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Thank you, Cristian, for an exceptional session! Not only did I receive top-notch training guidance, but the SPORTS MASSAGE afterwards was the perfect way to unwind and relieve muscle tension. Cristian is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely committed to helping clients succeed. I can't wait for my next session!
Andreea S
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From the moment I chatted with Cristian, I knew I was in good hands. His warm demeanour and genuine passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals were evident throughout the session. Not only did they provide practical PERSONAL TRAINING guidance tailored to my needs and abilities, but the SPORTS MASSAGE was incredibly therapeutic, targeting areas of tension I didn't even realise I had. I left feeling not only physically stronger but also mentally refreshed and inspired. I highly recommend Cristian to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.
Raluca C
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Honestly, Cristian is amazing! His patience with me and how calm he was while I didn’t want to do anything is just great. I’m so happy with the results and honestly I felt very comfortable during every single session. I highly recommend him because it’s literally worth it!
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I can't speak highly enough of my session with Christian. As a busy professional, I often struggle to find time for both exercise and self-care. However, my session with Christian seamlessly integrated both. His expertise in PERSONAL TRAINING helped me push my limits and achieve new milestones, while the SPORTS MASSAGE relieved the built-up stress. I feel ready to achieve my goals. See you next week!
Klaus D.
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I had the pleasure of experiencing my first personal training and sports massage session with Christian, and it was truly transformative. His dedication to understanding my fitness goals and addressing my specific muscle tension through massage was impressive. The training session was challenging yet enjoyable, and the massage afterwards provided much-needed relief.
Looking forward to the next one!
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Cristian's professionalism is valuable. His ability to create a great training session and help you develop the mindset for effective training is commendable. Additionally, his complex nutritional guidance complements his expertise and the sports massage session leaves you fully ready for your next workout. I recommend!!
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Before and after every session, he knows how to support you in achieving your goals. My wellness has definitely improved, I can now see my muscles got bigger and stronger. I recommend Cristian for his ability to improve your body and mindset.
Bruno C

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