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Danny Batsford
Danny Batsford
Brixton Recreation Centre
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I firmly believe that no matter what your current level of fitness is, there is always room for improvement. Most people don't even come close to realising their full potential. Living a healthy lifestyle and being in great shape, doesn't have to mean giving up all the things you love. It involves a well balanced nutrition plan, discipline, understanding your own body and getting the most out of your gym sessions. I can help you with all of these things. I've trained men and women of all ages, from 20-65, with a wide variety of goals, from weight loss and tone, to muscle building and core strengthening. I care just as much about my clients goals as they do. I'll provide a personal exercise programme, nutrition plan and fun but challenging one on one sessions, all designed specifically for your goals. I'll motivate and support you throughout the week, to ensure you stay on plan and reach the goals you set. My aim is to educate my clients as we train, so they learn the right and wrong foods and exercises for them. Lots of people put hard work into their workouts, but for a variety of reasons, don't get the results their hard work deserves. I can help you! If you've read this far, then you've already taken the first step.
CIMSPA Level 3
Personal Training
Gym Instructor
Nutrition and Weight Management
Pre and Post Natal Nutrition
Child Obesity
Weight Loss
Muscle Tone
Nutrition Plans
Core Conditioning
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I trained with Sir Batsford for two years. When I started, I was a total wreck! My physio told me I had the guitarist's back pain. I remember returning from a tour and waking up the morning after with horrible pains in my back and neck. For over a year, I'd get the same once a month and the pain would last for days. Sometimes, I couldn't even look at the bridge of my guitar. It really wasn't a joke. Enters master Yoda - though much taller, and more handsome. Within 6 months with Danny, the pain had gone for good. We took it easy and slow as it needed to be. Danny had a holistic approach while targeting those problematic areas and combining weight training with mobility exercises. His advice on nutrition was also very helpful, and his recipes legendary - I think the Incredible Hulk's smoothie still does not get enough credit. Danny made going to the gym fun (most importantly, he made the gym's background music bearable!), and it felt like spending an hour with an old friend. Plus, I got long-lasting results. I had to move outta Brixton, but if I ever went back, I'd have no doubt who to go to for my training.
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I've been training with Danny for two years now. When I started I had no lifting experience but he made it all approachable and fun. Danny really knows his stuff and, as someone with a busy job, I've really appreciated his willingness to vary the intensity of our sessions from week to week. He also gives great nutrition advice (I'm vegan and a lot of the advice from other sources isn't great). I feel much stronger and more confident now and can't recommend him enough!
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Danny is the first personal trainer I have had and I have been with him for about 6 months now. As a 63 year old woman, I would never have believed that I would have been at that end of the gym and yet there I am. I love it! Danny is consistently cheerful, supportive and knowledgeable and is very focused on making sure I do it right, as well as challenging me just the right amount. I am so pleased to have met him, and would recommend him to anyone who wants to start lifting weights.
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I've been training with Danny for 2 1/2 years now, and I'm in the best shape that I've ever been in. I came to Danny wanting to get fit and strong while living with a chronic pain condition. Danny is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and supportive; he has been truly brilliant in helping me achieve my goals and I have learnt so much from him. He is always positive, and is simply an amazing trainer!
Ali Mills
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Danny is the only PT I've ever had - and there's a reason for that, he's the best! It's been 8 years now, and I don't have enough positive things to say about him. He's kind, super motivated, always looks on the positive side and can adapt sessions to any injury, issue or focus point you need. Danny helped me train and get into amazing shape in the lead up to my wedding, after having my first child and now, I can't wait to get back to training with him after baby n2 arrives.
He's always striving to ensure you get the best out of your sessions for your personal goals, not only that he makes them fun and adaptable. He's extremely knowledgeable on the latest information and evidence around nutrition, training and how best to support and look after your body. Thanks to him I am so much more knowledgeable about what works best for my body and how to get the best out of it!
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Danny is the best PT I could have dreamed for to start weight training. My physio recommended I started weight training because of an RSI and I was very prejudiced against it. Danny has made it so easy and fun to start training, to better understand my body and how to look after it well. I never thought I’d ever enjoy going into a gym and yet every week I found myself looking forward to the training. Danny made the sessions really fun yet challenging, I felt so strong and confident and I’m gonna miss training with him a lot! Trained with him from Sept 2022 until March 2024 and now having to leave Brixton sadly otherwise I’d never have stopped training with him. My strength is really good now and I don’t have any more body pains and strains thanks to it. Danny is also great at nutrition and home-training recommendations. If we ever move back to Brixton we’ll call him in a heartbeat!
laetitia guillotin
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I consider myself so very lucky to have found Danny, I am a woman who is 'at that age' when everything in my body is going wrong! i'd never used a gym before but knew that weight training was meant to be the best for us going through our change, so off I went! well i've never looked back... I LOVE DANNY!!! he is literally the best, he listens, he cares, he builds me up and he's given me so much confidence and more importantly I enjoy our time, if I could have Danny Monday to Friday I would.... he listens to me and my body and helps me listen too, he counts reps and is always looking at my form, he's changed my body and made me stronger and changed my outlook too. We've trained together now for nearly two years and he's not getting rid of me! Aggressive pull Dan!!!
Vanessa Xuereb
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I’ve been training with Danny for over three years. Our main focus as been weight training . I had had zero experience of compound lifting but had been a semi regular exerciser. In three years my body shape has changed dramatically - I’ve become much leaner . I’m now confident with compound lifting ( back squat, deadlift , chest press , clean and press , low rows). Danny’s sessions are challenging and enjoyable . I’ve been impressed with his attention to detail- he watches my technique like a hawk at every session. He’s given me good advice on nutrition throughout . Danny changes my programme every 6 weeks or so which keeps things interesting and challenging . He’s also a good laugh.
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Having worked with Danny for over a year, he combines detailed technical knowledge, humour and enthusiasm to ensure sessions are enjoyable yet challenging.

Thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness!
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I’ve been training with Danny for the last 8 years and the results have been amazing! When I started I was unfit and over weight. It took no time before the weight was coming off and I was getting stronger. I’ve lost a total of 22kg, and I’ve kept it off. I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. Danny is great, not only a top class trainer but also great fun to hang out with once a week. The sessions are hard work but fun. Totally recommend him. 😊💪💪
Julia Crowley
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When I started training with Danny in January 2020, my mission was to get strong. I felt pretty fit but had no strength and no idea where to start in the gym. Danny's training plans have been amazing: I started from zero and under his direction have become stronger, fitter and with a whole new outlook on what 'healthy' really means. Danny cares about the whole person: exercise, nutrition, and mental health. I can't recommend Danny enough!
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I’ve been with Danny a few years now. He is the first PT I have worked with who takes pride in keeping actively up to date with training and nutritional theory and methods - regularly referring to podcasts and journals when explaining new techniques and theories. His evidence based approach makes you reassured you’re in safe and very knowledgeable hands. On top of this, he is approachable, flexible in his scheduling and interested in your progress and goals. Highly recommended!
Daryl Newland
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Danny is amazing!! I’ve been training with him for the past 8 years. When I started I was pretty unfit and over weight. In total I have lost 22kg! But the best bit for me is that I’ve kept it off. I’ve tried so many diets and have always yo-yo’d back and forth. Now I’m in the best shape of my life, I love training and my diet has totally changed. Danny is really supportive, and really loves seeing his clients succeed. Sessions are hard work, but fun, there’s always good banter, and hanging out with him once a week is really enjoyable. I thoroughly recommend him. 😊😊
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Danny is one of a kind. He is personable, knowledgeable, committed and, above all, a great person to be around. I've been working with him for over a year now and always listens to my needs and plans sessions accordingly. Danny has been great at building up my strength, flexibility and wellness over a prolonged period. I'd highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

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