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Dante Williams
Dante Williams
Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre
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Hey, how you doing? I’m Danté (yes, like Danté’s inferno – a comment that never gets old!).
It might sound cliché, but my joy genuinely comes from supporting others. I love seeing others grow/develop and push themselves beyond what they ever thought possible.
Cutting straight to it: Bodyweight training, strength-based functional training and sports specific drills are my bag! As a personal trainer, image is supposed to be everything, but I am deeply interested in supporting body positivity and overcoming body shame/dysmorphia.
I have kickboxed on/off for the last 14 years. This includes being a kickboxing instructor, coaching groups of children from ages 3 years and up, all the way to adult intermediates. Kickboxing is also a martial art I can honestly say has helped me through the darkest periods of my life, including when I had to have a life-saving operation in my early 20’s, which resulted in me having a colostomy bag for a year.
This period saw me develop extreme body dysmorphia and I refused to be on social media, step foot in a gym and buried myself in extremely baggy clothing. However, it’s now something I use as my devotion to supporting those with confidence issues – be it body dysmorphia or otherwise – on their journey to being more comfortable within their own skin.
Meaningful connection and recognising how environments and stimulus affect different people is something I incorporate in my approach to life/work. As a self-assured introvert (Introvert - not shy. Introversion doesn’t always mean shy!), I’m also sensitive to ‘vibing’ with someone. If we’re not a good fit, I won’t waste your time. End of.
I also come from a background in mental health support, having previously worked for the mental health charity Mind; supported numerous mental health campaigns and worked in other fields as an advisor to extremely vulnerable clients. My focus around training involves a passion for developing/sustaining your mental wellbeing, as well as the physical. I’m also a big kid when it comes to exercise so I do believe you CAN have fun with it, even during the harder parts.
If you want to know more - or have specific needs - just drop me an email or arrange a free consultation.
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems
ILM – Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management
HIIT / Circuit training
Body sculpting
Sports specific fitness
Functional fitness
Bodyweight Strength training
1:1 or small group sessions
Lifestyle coaching – harmonising the mind/motivation/understanding barriers
Male body dysmorphia
Working with individuals who have additional support needs
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