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David Mann
David Mann
Rainbow Leisure Centre
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From a young age I developed a huge interest in sport and fitness, playing in all the main sports teams at school. Realising how much I could progress, I started to put my love and passion into the gym to complement the sports I was doing!

This followed into me studying sports science then working as a gym manager and eventually transitioning to where I am now as a successful personal trainer with over 15 years experience!

I’ve trained private home clients, gym clients, groups sessions, boot camps and recently ventured into online coaching. I’ve also trained athletes pre and post natal, medical rehab clients and numerous brides to be to the lead up to their weddings.

I pride myself in being a perfectionist with what I do with clients, I love to exceed their goals and expectations and my joy comes from taking people from anywhere in their journey, even first day in the gym, and helping them learn and progress!

I’m grateful my new online coaching platform allows me to assist so many more people who aren’t local to me and I’m grateful for the trust my clients place in me to help them reach their goals.
CYQ Level 3 Diploma im Personal Training
CYQ Level 3 Nutrition Certificate
CYQ Level 3 Exercise to music certification
Poliquin Biosiguture modulation certification
Transformational Life Coaching
Weightloss Specialist
Body Transformation Coach
Nutritional Advisor
Strength & Conditioning Training
1-2-1 & Group sessions
HITT & Circuit Training
Functional Fitness Training
Online Coaching
Pre & Post Natal Training
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I started training with David in summer last year as I was beginning to be embarrassed about my lack of exercise since Covid hit and was aware that keeping fit is ever more important as you get older. David took that on board and makes sure that I push against my comfort zone at every session, without damaging any muscles or joints. He is extremely knowledgeable and I always end up very proud of he makes me achieve. He is very personable, encouraging and supportive which always makes for enjoyable sessions. If you are in two minds about trying a PT, give him a call - he will motivate you.
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I’ve been working with David for about 6 months now at the Rainbow Centre gym in Epsom and it’s been great. My aerobic fitness was pretty good (I do a fair amount of walking and cycling) but I wanted to work more on my overall muscle tone and strength. Also I had an ACT knee replacement many years ago so building up muscle in that area is important for me. To my surprise the results have been very impressive, my partner is pleased too!😊 My numbers are steadily going up week by week. David is very knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness (and diet) and has given me full confidence in using all the machines and free weights. I haven’t pulled a muscle yet, touch wood! I really like the Rainbow Centre, there’s a good friendly mix of men and women of all ages without any of the elitism I’ve encountered in the past at some other gyms. David is very friendly as well as professional and we always have a good natter about this and that as we go along. Would thoroughly recommend him.
David French
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I have been working with Dave who has been my trainer for 8 months. He is an outstanding trainer and his attention to detail is first class. We agreed a set of goals and then when they were achieved we moved onto the next set.

He knows the machines in the gym and how to get the best out of them for your benefit. The best personal trainer by far and highly recommended.
David Campbell
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I have just recently started training with David again and am already seeing the enormous benefits after a handful of weight is coming down, my waistline is shrinking and my fitness levels are improving.
To be honest I had lost focus on my fitness and lost the motivation to push myself but I have got this back. One of the reasons for that is that no 2 sessions are the same and David ensures that the training is varied which keeps it new and enjoyable.
Whilst David pushes me hard and I find some of the exercises difficult, I enjoy it plus I like the fact we have a good level of friendly banter and lots of interesting things to talk about in the short rest periods.
One of David's great strengths is that he does not see training as strictly 60 mins and that's it...he is always willing to give advice on non training days , provides regular support and encouragement which shows he really cares about his clients as evidenced also by how thrilled he is when a new level of achievement is reached.

To anyone thinking about using a PT I recommend it and I would suggest reaching out to David ...not only is he a great trainer but he is a thoroughly nice bloke too
Colin Walters
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I have been working with David as my personal trainer for two months. It has been a very positive experience with David’s personable, professional and very supportive style. Each session is so different - something which I really enjoy and which keeps me motivated. He has had the ability (in a very short period of time) to quickly understand my abilities, strengths and my personality. Although I’m a regular runner I haven’t been to the gym in over 17 years yet David has given me the confidence to return, to feel at ease and the motivation to reach my goals. I would highly recommend David.
Jo McAneny
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This is my first experience with having a personal trainer and I have only had David as a Personal Trainer for 7-8 weeks but I have already seen changes in my body and my wieght that I did not think would have come at this point. I am excited for the progress as we ramp up but I can say already I am 5kg down. David has a great way of communicating and working with you to ensure long term sustainable change. He has given me tips on nutrition and my general lifestyle to incorporate so that I can continue to make progress outside the gym as I do inside it. I can see the the potential in how far I can take it with David so if you're reading this and wondering if you should take the plunge and give a PT a go , David is definitely the man who will take you to the next level.
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I trained with David for around six months, before moving away from the area, and lost 30kg over that period.

He is very knowledgeable in his field and tailors his approach to you as client, adapting sessions to suit your goals, fitness levels and general temperament.

His expertise is particularly apparent when you come to a session nurturing an ache or pain in a particular area; he will find a different exercise to work the muscle group, without risking aggravation or injury.

The most important part of the service he provides is the positive attitude he brings to every session, which I would carry with me through the week and keep me accountable to my goals.

If you're on the fence about getting a PT, I would 100% recommend it. Investing in your health not only extends your life but improves its quality and David is perfectly suited to guide you through that process .
Charlie Carroll
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Dave is above and beyond any expectation of a personal trainer, the time he gave me the n dietary information what foods to eat and avoid, and the exercises he gave me on a daily basis helped me change and transform my body shape. He continues still 1year on from when I started everyday checking in and changing my program I couldn’t recommend him enough. If you want good results and someone who knows their profession inside out Dave is the personal trainer you want
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If you want to transform your body and health, Dave is your guy! He's an expert in designing personalized training and nutrition plans that get results, and he's also a fantastic coach who knows how to motivate and encourage you.

But what I appreciate most about working with Dave is how he helps you develop sustainable healthy habits. He's not about quick fixes or crash diets; he's all about helping you build a healthy lifestyle that you actually enjoy. And in my opinion, that's what sets him apart from other trainers.

Overall, I highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to get fit and feel great. He's an amazing trainer and an even better person!
curtis stevens
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David was supportive and positive in every session and I always felt better after seeing him. He improved my fitness and helped me fix my mindset when it came to my diet. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an approachable and kind trainer!
Jemma Carroll
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I first started training with David when started the gym for the 1st time. He built up my confidence and I achieved results that I genuinely didn’t think I could. If your looking for a good personal trainer I would highly recommend him.
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I train with David weekly and it is always a positive experience. I achieve and learn at every session and I trust his knowledge and attention to detail to try things outside of my comfort zone.

He is excellent at tuning into your goals, helping you get there and beyond, accommodating any difficulties or anxieties, and boosting self belief.

We've never had the same session twice! He's a fantastic PT and person and I highly recommend him.
Clare Carroll
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David is a true specialist in his field and an inspiration. His knowledge of nutrition, body composition, Anatomy and physiology is impressive. He pushes you to your limit in a engaging manner and you imminently see results if you stick to his plan. He is highly energetic, compassionate and thoughtful. He focuses on you as an individual and creates a bespoke plan to reach you goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dil Rassool
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David is a true specialist in his field and an inspiration. His knowledge of nutrition, body composition, Anatomy and physiology is impressive. He pushes you to your limit in a engaging manner and you imminently see results if you stick to his plan. He is highly energetic, compassionate and thoughtful. He focuses on you as an individual and creates a bespoke plan to reach you goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dil Rassool
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I have trained with Dave for a number of years now, his knowledge of both physical exercise and nutrition is 10/10 and he is one of the most motivational trainers I've seen. I would highly recommend.
Lee M
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Dave is an excellent personal trainer he has given me the help I needed to achieve my dream summer body, he also helped me in such a short space of time he encourages me to always be my best self!
Abbey Williamson
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I absolutely loved my PT sessions with Dave! The results we achieved in such a short space of time were beyond what I thought I would get. If you're on the fence about starting PT with Dave, get off it, book in a block of 10 sessions and get the body you want!!
Cheryl Fuller
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I have known David and trained with him as my PT for almost 8 years - aside from his wealth of knowledge and absolute passion for what he does, he is truly a kind and wonderful person. I always look forward to our sessions and can’t wait to see what we achieve this year!
Katie Spencer
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David is THE original PT. His knowledge, experience and attention to detail are second to none. David has helped me build strength, reach an aesthetic goal and rehabilitate my shoulder. His sessions are dynamic and varied. He has a lovely way about him and encourages me. The sessions are completely bespoke rather than one size fits all. I have a lot of fun and walk away feeling ready to show up positively in my week. Thank you so much David. It feels great to invest in myself and my journey
Emily Harbrecht
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I have been training with David for over 10 years now and he really is the best in the business. He has a wealth of knowledge and really cares about you hitting your goals. He has got me in the best shape of my life. I would recommend David to anyone looking for a PT. You won’t regret it!
Kat Wilson
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I have been training weekly with Dave for over 12 years. I cannot fault his cheerful enthusiasm for motivating and encouraging his charges whatever age or level of fitness they might be. He is a very nice and caring guy always manages to boost your confidence. I would highly recommend him as a PT.
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I have had one to one personal training sessions for a number of years. The first thing that struck me is his ability to put me at my ease from the off. After that I realised just how good he is at boosting your confidence and ability. Finally when I suffered a shoulder injury I realised his understanding of physiology meant he could gently ease you through the pain and discomfort in a measured way, bringing me back to full fitness. I can highly recommend him.
Chris Shortt
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David has been my personal trainer for over ten years and also trained Roger for over six years . We both feel he has helped so much over the years for us to feel as fit and healthy and stronger as we both do. He understands the healthy eating side of fitness too. Would highly recommend him such a great guy as well . We both really look forward to our sessions each week with him he encourages you to do better each time.
Ronnie Roger Applebee
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Dave is awesome. Had been thinking for years to get a PT but never took the time to make the lifestyle change. His approach is very much round your lifestyle and impactful changes to improve overall fitness but also your wellness. My fitness is far above my expectations and through his input ever lasting results being achieved. Highly recommend Dave, regardless of the number of sessions completed, you'll have positive results.
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I’ve always been a regular in the gym but reached out to David when I became stagnant with my own training. David has really helped me gain that extra drive and take my training to the next level. He’s taken the time to understand what I wanted and help deliver a focused training programme for my needs that has worked around injuries, busy working schedule and adapting my diet. This focus has helped me achieve a healthy balance with what I eat whilst making continuous gains in my exercise progress. David continually tweaks the programme so you’re able to meet your short term targets (like getting that beach body!) as well as achieving your long term goals and keeping you motivated.

I’d highly recommend getting in touch with him. I have absolutely no regrets!
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I have trained with David for several years and find him to be excellent. He is very kind and patient. If I have had an injury David always makes sure that the exercise programme is appropriate so as not to exacerbate the problem.
I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a PT.
Mary Shortt
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I have been training with David for 8 years now. His wealth of experience and knowledge is the best in the business. David gets you results and he has personally got me into the best shape of my life. Anyone looking to get fit, into shape or just starting out in the gym David is the Personal Trainer you need.
Vince Passmore
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Dave is a superb PT! He got me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Always fun but knows his stuff and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of! No pain no gain
Maddy Culver
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my personal training sessions with David. He is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He listened to my requests and provided a great programme for me. I would highly recommend David as a personal trainer.
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David is a great trainer. I got fantastic results thanks to him. He also helped me understand more about nutrition and changed my mindset about food through his online coaching. This helped me achieve my goals much quicker.
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Dave is an amazing personal trainer who I have trained with for many years both individually and at Bootcamp sessions. He is professional, dedicated and focuses on your personal needs and goals and always wants the best for you - would highly recommend
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David is an excellent trainer. He has tailored my exercise regime to fill in with my physical capabilities. With him as my trainer I have made huge progress, which was achieved with encouragement and good humour
He is a really nice guy as well.
What more do you want from a personal trainer!
Chris Nash
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I have trained with David for over 10 years and I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been. Every session is different and challenging and David encourages me to always do a bit more to continue improving. Each session builds on the last and he really cares about his clients.
I would thoroughly recommend David if you are new to the gym and personal training or looking for a new challenge.
Stella Lawton

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