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Fitness has always been my passion. Over 25 years of learning, training and coaching, I've changed many people's lives. 

My approach is based on 3 principles: Strength, Health & Nutrition. Once you become a client you will receive a full assessment including body fat and hormonal analysis, movement screening, nutrition and workout plan.

My workouts are focused on strength, the mother of all physical abilities and the key to stay fit and young.

In addition to the most effective program I will give you daily support to develop the specific skills you need to take charge of your health and shape over the long run.

Get in touch if you are taking your health seriously and ready to get in the best shape of your life!


  • YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Exercise referral 
  • YMCA Suspension training 
  • YMCA Sport and conditioning 
  • YMCA Outdoor training Discovery learning Personal Trainer Level 4 (back pain management)
  • British Weightlifting Federation Coach Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Coach level 1
  • Poliquin Bioprint Level 1 and 2
  • Poliquin Advanced Programs Design
  • Poliquin Powerlifting Instructor
  • Poliquin Power and Mass Training Methods
  • Poliquin Kinetic Chain Enhancement
  • Performance Matrix level 1 
  • Primal Academy : Primal Flow Instructor
  • Primal academy Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 and 2
  • Italian Fitness Federation: Bodybuilding Instructor Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Italian Fitness Federation Training for Women
  • Italian Fitness Federation Master in Sport Nutrition and Supplementation


  • Back Pain Management
  • Body Recomposition \ Fat Loss
  • Strength Training



I had a great pleasure of training with Davide back in 2017 when I decided to go back to gym after 20 odd years.. Davide helped me immensely to review my goals, helped me with diet plan and basic to intermediate and mixed with all round excercises which helped me to shred 17 kilo and made me reinstate the confidence and discipline to making excercise as part of routine life. He is flexible, amazing motivator and certainly happy to highly recommend Davide
Davide helped me design a strength training plan and he listened carefully to all my concerns and gave me extremely useful tips. I didn’t have any upper body strength and I hated strength training, but he made it fun and quick to execute. He’s an excellent PT and very patient too! Highly recommend him to beginners and advanced people in the gym too.
Medea Wright
As someone who hates exercising and is extremely self-conscious, Davide has helped me not only feel confident in the gym but given me the motivation to incorporate exercise into my daily life. He is extremely professional, reliable and has a great manner. Not to mention he can get you the results you want. I first trained with him back in 2017 and now having had a baby I’m counting on him to help me get fit and healthy again. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Antony Craven
I came to Davide having had a PT for some time but there was a disconnect between nutrition and exercise. Very quickly he taught me how to link the 2 and with the routines we worked on, I made rapid progress. Always practical and thinking of the whole objective, Davide kept me focussed and able to meet my goals
David helped me design training plan to help me with my back pain. he gave me extremely useful tips.He’s an excellent PT professional and friendly. Highly recommend him if you are lazy like me.
Honest review, training with Davide has been a great experience. He is a highly skilled Coach and his technique is precise. I never thought I could achieve my fat loss goal for the bikini competition as I was already lean to begin with, but Davide really brought my training and nutrition to the next level. Friendly and humble, knowledgeable and holds you accountable - trust me he is the PT for you!
Kevin Khaandor
Davide has been the most influential coach in my fitness journey. With so much information available on training/nutrition and it can get very confusing as to what is right and wrong. Thankfully I met Davide a few years back and he brought me back to the fundamentals and coached me to work on mastering these. His coaching methods are simple, yet highly effective. I highly recommend Davide to help you achieve your fitness goals!
I was sorry to see Davide leave KL to return to the UK. Working regularly with him over the last 15 months has converted fitness training from a chore to one of the highlights of the week and has kept me mentally and physically healthy through the months of lockdowns and movement restrictions. Davide is exceptional and I will be seeking him out whenever I return to the UK.
After 7 long years of unhealthy life style with low or no physical activity, I finally met David at Peak Human Performance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the one of the best coaches I have met who has great passion for helping others live a better and healthier life. He created a personalized training regime for me to fit my state of mind, health, and schedule. I am glad to share that within few weeks of training under his supervision, I started to see a remarkable change in my life. I started to feel better, live better, and above all felt energetic to do things that I used to put off. He truly is a game changer in my life and I owe him all my gratitude in sharing his knowledge and wisdom with me and everyone he coaches. Thank you David!
I have found David to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to strength training. He is very professional and pays close attention to goals set by his clients. He has coached me to gain strength and living a healthy life style despite my very busy schedule. Thank you David and we miss you in KL.
Laura Riganti
I have trained with Davide on and off for 4 years in total. The only reason I stopped going to him is because he moved away, I was in the best shape when he was in the UK and I’m so delighted that he has returned. Sessions with Davide are both challenging and educational. It’s also a pleasure to train with someone who really cares and pushes you to go the extra mile whether it be in the gym or in the cooking (meal prep).
It was great training with Davide. He helped me design a strength training and nutrition programme, which helped me make some good progress and gain confidence in the gym. Highly recommended!
Davide is an extremely professional and dedicated personal trainer. His focus on extending my flexibility and physical capability helped alleviate pain from my previous injuries. Davide also constantly focuses on increasing his own knowledge and expertise, I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Professionalism and great support to change your lifestyle, habits and body composition! Highly recommended
Gabriel Hernandez
I trained with Davide 3 years ago and to this date I have never experienced anything at the same level! i Highly recommend it to anyone!
Gabriel Negrini
I had the pleasure to train with Davide in 2017 and learn lots. He taught me how to correctly do exercises and use equipments but most importantly he taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. this helped drop my body fat from 27% to 18% in a really short time. I am really glad he's back and will definitely train again with him!
When I started working out with Davide, I had been away from the gym for many months. Davide got me motivated and back on track really fast. With a stressful job and a lot going on, my bi-weekly session with Davide was an integral part of managing my stress, staying fit and keeping my energy levels up. Davide is an expert personal trainer, who trains professional athletes, beginners and everyone in between. What makes him so effective is that he meets you where you are, tailors the sessions to your situation (taking into account nutrition, stress, sleep, health and mental health). Davide motivates you to go beyond what you thought was possible (strength-wise), without being pushy and always ensuring safety. We miss you in KL and I hope to train with you again someday!
Had the pleasure to train several times with Davide and he helped me to have a deep understanding on the ways my body can react to different nutrition approaches. Davide introduced me to strength training too, a workout style i found incredibly effective to achieve my desired body-shape.
Calmness, composure, technique, expertise and wisdom are the adjectives that first come to mind when thinking of the personal training sessions I had with Davide. He teaches you the technique and the where each exercise his hitting the body. You not only progress you learn why. There is a reason Everyone knows he is the guru.
Luca Quagliani
Davide is not just a personal trainer, Davide is a friend, a mentor, a coach, a beacon. He's everything in one, you will embark with him on a life journey and you'll love every single day of it. I've met Davide soooo long time ago, it was about 5 years and we then became best friends. He's such a kind trainer, such an amazing human being. Always reliable, kind and bends over backwards for anything you might need. With him only I went from 80kg to an outstanding 65kg, 8.5% body fat, amazing muscles, shredded ABS and in the best body shape, I've ever been in my entire life. It took massive commitment, dedication and motivation but Davide was always there, giving you advice on what to eat, what to do, how much you should rest and anything else about making you achieve the goal of your life. I would trust him with my own life if I had to. He stayed with me even when he went to both Dubai and Malesia. He was always on Whatsapp, still advising and helping me. Even if I wasn't training with him anymore. There cannot be a better coach than him for sure. Everyone can get some stupid certificates and diplomas, but only Davide can become the best friend and mentor you could ever have in life. With love, Luca
Jon P
I'm at the beginning of my journey towards getting fit and getting into good excercise habits, really starting from zero as I have/had a very sedantery lifestyle. That comes with some apprehension, especially when seeking out the help of a personal trainer. Well, I can say that Davide "Little Fish" Pescetto has been fantastic. He's super positive and friendly, understands where I'm coming from and hasn't killed me (yet!). He's also given me loads of help improving my diet which I wasn't expecting a PT to get involved in but that's been incredibly useful as I have/had bad habits and a general lack of education here too. His supermarket survival guide is both hilarious and really useful! Overall he's been fantastic and I look forward to continuing this journey with him.
I’ve started my training with Davide one month ago. Davide is a responsible personal trainer. He measured my figures and made a training plan and nutrition plan for me. Every time I have trainings, he makes me a progress according to my situation. I would be never improved if I trained myself or follow any fitness videos without Davide!
Matt Lister
I would highly recommend Davide as a personal trainer, he has helped me develop a strength and conditioning program to overcome an adductor injury and to complement the my other training (cycling, running & swimming). Davide is a really friendly, alway available and is very flexible for sessions. Davide is clearly very knowledgeable and has a huge amount of experience, he is able to give great advice and push me whilst being cautious of my injury. I previously had no experience of the gym and Davide has made me feel very comfortable. I have only been training with David for a short period but have already noticed improvements in my swim time and strength around my injury.
I have had a few sessions with Davide and after just one I was really impressed! I have such little knowledge of nutrition and exercise and even after just one session I felt so much more educated. He really motivates me during sessions and keeps me going. I have always hated going to the gym etc but I honestly really enjoy my sessions with him. Davide is also really friendly and understanding, I am pleased I started PT sessions with him!
Stefano Florino
Davide is a great coach. Great il insight, great knowledge and super great attitude. Perfect outsourcing for healty related choices
Davide has been a fantastic personal trainer. He has corrected my form to stop me from injuring myself. He has also given me plenty of tips and exercise variations that will be of a great benefit long term. He is also very friendly and willing to go that extra mile to help you reach your goals. So glad I have him as a personal trainer. Highly recommend him.
My main objective was to stay motivated to be regular at the gym and recover fitness that I lost due to a quadriceps tendon rupture. I've recently started training with Davide and I can feel a perceptive difference in my fitness and strength already. He has been highly accomodating of my needs and requirements. He supervises my training twice a week and has been recording the progress, increasing the load based on my performance and feedback. He has also given me a meal plan that suits me and helps me retain more protein to accomodate the physical requirements of my training. I look forward to the weeks ahead as we monitor the progress.
Maria João
Davide is a great professional, he’s very attentive and understands exactly what your priorities are. He tailors a programme according to your needs and keeps you motivated which makes reaching your goals a lot easier. Thank you Davide!
Davide is a great PT and a great guy too. I have sciatica and he pushes me while selecting the right exercises, weights and correcting my posture to protect my spine, reinforce my back and keep me injury free. I am going skiing soon, and few months later I have a triathlon, and Davide adapts the sessions to my goals. My wife and I train as a couple and it works great.
Adeola Akande P...
My husband and I train with Davide together. We both knew at the same time we’d found the right coach. He is friendly, knowledgable, attentive and responsive. He tailors the sessions to our shared needs/goal and trains us as individuals. He challenges us appropriately, whilst building confidence. We have fun in the sessions and we always look forward to the next session. Davide’s style is very personable and engaging. It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the gym or experienced, he will adapt to suit your needs. We were clear from the outset what we wanted from the sessions and Davide delivers. He makes us feel like we are his only clients, but we know how popular and in demand he is! If you do one thing to invest in your future health - book Davide as your personal trainer!
Jason Yang
Davide is my personal trainer for strength training and I have been training with him for over 2 months. I am very happy to meet him. He is very professional and very nice. He recommended me a nutritional science diet plan and supplements. It was a lot of fun to train with him. With his encouragement and help, I kept making progress. The changes were happening to me, making me more energetic and confident. I will keep going, with his help the training is working. I will recommend him to my friends because I trust him.
I would definitely recommend Davide as a PT. I have lower back issues and I used to be afraid of weight training in the gym mainly due to lack of knowledge. Davide has been a great help during our sessions over the last few months building up my confidence and understanding of nutrition and exercise. At the start he recommended a realistic and achievable nutrition plan which compliments my training program. My workout routines are tailored to me and incorporate exercises which won't put a strain on my back. He is very clear with his explanations and corrects my posture when needed. Over the months training with him I have not only seen a big drop in my weight and size but I'm feeling happier and more energetic. What's more, I now enjoy weight training and look forward to going to the gym!
Davide is a fantastic personal trainer. He is willing to go that extra mile and provides expert knowledges on nutrition wellbeing and hypertrophy training. Results have been incredible since working with him, I lost 2.5kg of fat in the first month of working with him Highly recommended
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"Straight away with Davide I knew he was the correct trainer for me. He was able to push me and motivate me to do the tough stuff that I’d been avoiding for a long time. One of Davide’s strengths is listening to his clients. I have had a shoulder injury for years and he was able to work around this and help me increase the strength in my shoulder, something previous trainers have failed to address. The weekly monitoring of the body fat and measurements was a key factor in keeping me motivated. Knowing that I was being held accountable for my diet and training made me want to give it my all. As far as the diet was concerned Davide was fantastic. He was available whenever I needed him for any help, from menu choices at restaurants, to general questions about supplements. He adapted my nutrition to get the best results and I know that without his knowledge and his valuable help I would not have seen the changes that I have today."  IAIN THUBRON - U.K


"Results were amazing, in 12 weeks i lost 17 kg. and the fat percentage went down to 15. I transformed my body, thanks Davide. It’s not just the training is the end to end support and advice on diet, exercise and tracking progress that makes the difference. Highly recommended."  GRAEME WOODS - DUBAI 


"I had personal training with Davide in Better Gym located in Stratford. We worked on fat reduction . Throughout the six months he trained me he persistently came up with new training techniques. I noticed great results and felt a lot stronger then when i used to train by myself. I found Davide to be very likeable, he has a great personality. Always finds ways to get more out of me when i feel i have no more, he is a great trainer and i found him to have extensive knowledge in the health and fitness sector. "  NITESH CHOTAI - LONDON


 "Davide is a consumate professional, extremely knowledgeable. I can exercise and train knowing that my safety is guaranteed in the use of the equipment , and that my mobility from previous injuries can be safely extended."  PASCALE ALLOTEY - KUALA LUMPUR


"Truly focusing on results in a fast but sustainable manner. Davide is an outstanding coach with a finesse of pushing me to the limits abut also allowing variations and small treats on my diet. Went down from 94 kg. to 80 kg. while losing 14% pts. of body fat in 15 weeks. The only limit on what you can achieve is yourself."  MICHAEL GLUECK - GERMANY


"I started training with Davide and he did a fantastic job of educating and motivating me . Under his guidance i dropped 13 kgs. and 10% body fat. Davide was extremely patient and supportive, he kept me enthusiastic on days when my motivation was low and kept me focused on my long terms goal. I am now the healthiest that i have been in almost 20 years."  MARK NEWFIELD - DUBAI 

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