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Denes Pataki
Denes Pataki
Kentish Town Sports Centre
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I'm passionate about working with people who are willing to change their lifestyle and their body composition for the best results. I've been a personal trainer for more then a decade.

I’m a well organised proactive person, with excellent communication skills and an outstanding level of physical fitness. My previous extensive experience in martial arts (Aikido, Thai-boxing, Kyokushin karate) has provided me with a broad and extremely varied background in sport as well as in fitness activities. I thrive on new challenges and I am constantly searching for innovative solutions in health & fitness and in sport performance. I have the highest standards for maximising results for every person who I work with.

Bespoke nutrition and comprehensive exercise planning.
Level 4 Personal Trainer
Lower back pain specialist
Level 3 Exercise referral
Group training
Speed training
Strength and Conditioning
Body transformation
Anaerobic/aerobic interval training
Maximal Intensity Interval Training
Sport nutrition
Weight loss
Increase muscle definition
Pad work
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Denes Pataki is an outstanding personal trainer. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of fitness. Under Denes's consistent guidance, I made important progress in my fitness level, and I now enjoy going to the gym, while before, I really did not like it.
I would strongly recommend Denes to all those who are searching for a very competent personal trainer, particularly to people like me who have never felt ' at home ' in the gym.

Elisabetta C.
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Training with Dennis was a game-changer for me in my forties. His tailored workouts and insights into nutrition helped me get fitter and stronger. Dennis's expertise and innovative approach made every session both challenging and rewarding. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to elevate their fitness journey.
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My personal training sessions with Dennis as my trainer have been outstanding. His expertise and guidance have been very important in my fitness journey. His customized workouts, nutritional advice, and constant motivation have helped me achieve impressive results. I highly recommend Dennis as a personal trainer.
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Working with Dennis as my personal trainer has been an incredible experience. Even though I was already familiar with the gym, Dennis taught me how to make the most of my time and push my training to the next level. His guidance has been invaluable, and I've seen amazing results since we started working together. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.
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Dennis is a very professional, experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer who takes the time to understand his clients' needs and then works closely with them to help them achieve their fitness goals. With Dennis's support and advice, I have lost weight and dramatically improved my fitness and stamina levels. Dennis invests a lot of thought and preparation in his training sessions and at the end of each one you feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. If you are looking to improve your level of fitness then you should train with Dennis - I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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I started training with Denes about 12 months ago and within the first month of personal training, my whole attitude turned around and my view on working out changed. One of the great benefits of the personal training was that I had a someone to show me the way and to really think for me when it came to mapping out each session. Denes works with you and not only helps you work towards and achieving your initial goals, but adapts to the new ones you make for yourself as you progress. Denes is very well informed about fitness but also about diet, well being and having a healthy life style. He is extremely professional, always punctual and importantly excellent at motivating and also explaining the reason behind each fitness programme.
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I'm 70 and suffered from knee arthritis, but Dennis' strength training program worked wonders! My pain reduced, and I feel much healthier and mobile now. Highly recommended!

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Dennis's personal training transformed my life, helping me overcome chronic joint pains caused by hypermobility. With his expertise, I learned proper weightlifting form and gradually increased intensity, resulting in stronger muscles and nearly eliminated joint pain. Dennis's personalized approach and genuine care make him exceptional. His guidance extends beyond workouts, encompassing nutrition and overall wellness. If you're seeking relief from joint pains, I highly recommend Dennis' transformative training. Grateful for the strength and empowerment he has provided me.
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Working with Dennis, an exceptional personal trainer, has been a game-changer for my fitness journey. Despite being in my 50s, Dennis helped me lose around 8kg, become stronger, and embrace strength training. I highly recommend him!

Dennis's expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm stood out from day one. He tailored my workouts to my age, abilities, and weight loss goals. He ensured a well-rounded approach by incorporating cardio, resistance training, and flexibility exercises.

Dennis's motivation and encouragement were instrumental in my success. His positive attitude and support kept me committed, even when the journey seemed daunting. He was friendly, approachable, and always available to address my questions and concerns.
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Denes is a very encouraging personal trainer, who has helped me maintain and improve strength and fitness. I have a sense of making progress through well-planned sessions. He is really easy to get on with and extremely professional, so I would recommend him to anyone.
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Gemma and I wanted to get in shape before our wedding this year. We chose Dennis to train with. We found him very personable, knowledgeable and he tailored our couples workout to both of our levels of fitness and strength extremely well. Every session involved a different variety of exercises which made each session enjoyable and effective. Both Gemma and I feel very fit and healthy as a result of Dennis and would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer.
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I’ve had my first ever personal training experience with Dennis who’s made it a very enjoyable and even more challenging one. His enthusiasm and general charismatic personality makes him just the guy to help you push through your limits and feel good about it. His skills and credentials are beyond question and I can wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone trying and willing to get fit.
Viktor Berta
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I trained with Dennis for 3 years and rate his approach very highly. He works with any limitation or experience/fitness level you might have to design a workout that gets the best out of you as an individual. He has an in-depth knowledge of strength training and applies it well. I made huge improvements in how much I could lift - it also made a difference to my attitude towards my body; being strong made me appreciate mine a lot more. I think all women should strength train for this reason! Anyway, as a result of training with Dennis, I now know how to lift safely, I'm much stronger, and I'm *definitely* not afraid of the weights area. I highly recommend training with Dennis - he's professional, a good motivator, and he makes you work hard, without being shouty or aggressive. You'll have fun.
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Dennis was knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and he provided me with a customized workout and meal plan that was tailored to my individual needs and goals. He was always available to answer any questions I had and provided me with valuable feedback and guidance throughout the process.

What I appreciated most about working with Dennis was his ability to motivate me to stay committed to my goals, even on days when I felt discouraged or tired. He was always positive and encouraging, and his support was invaluable in helping me achieve the results I was looking for.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dennis as a trainer to anyone looking to improve their fitness and health. His professionalism, expertise, and supportive approach make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to reach their goals.
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I had a long term shoulder problem when I started with Dennis a year ago and he has worked with it to produce remarkable improvements in both my shoulder and overall strength. I like to work hard in the gym and his style suits that – he does stuff properly and helps push you, but he also pays attention to how you are feeling and sees when it is time to ease off. Overwork is definitely something I have been guilty of in the past but he has helped me find the right balance. He was also able to adapt my workouts to help me prepare for and run a marathon.
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I can not recommend Dennis enough - I started seeing Dennis a few months ago as my training progress had stalled. Dennis is professional, knowledgeable and attentive. He is also excellent at tailoring programs to suit your needs and goals and really cares about each of his clients.

Highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in personal training.
Anne Rose
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Dennis is an excellent trainer who helped me achieve my fitness goals of becoming stronger and leaner in my middle age. His personalized training programs and nutritional guidance have transformed my physique and overall health. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and supportive fitness coach.
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Dennis has been our personal trainer for 9 months helping us tighten up for our wedding. He is professional, personable and, most importantly, I've never worked so hard. The results speak for themselves with friends commenting how well we are looking. Dennis' speciality in rehabilitation is also of great benefit as I have had surgery in the past and preventing injury and reducing risk of future injury is an important consideration for me. I have recommended Dennis to friends and thoroughly recommend him to you.
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Dennis is a great trainer and has helped me massively improve my strength and form over the past 6 months. Prior to working with Dennis I had attended the gym for years without ever making any real progress. Working with Dennis, he was able to guide me through personalised programs that were targeted for my goals, adjusted to my level and saw me make incremental progress month on month. He would also change routines when my body was adapting and making less progress. He is able to give detailed explanations of the mechanics and science behind his routines which was a great motivator to understand the context as why. His manner was calm but motivating being able to push me when I needed it but never beyond what was reasonable. I would highly recommend Dennis as a personal trainer for those looking to take their goals seriously and make real progress.
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Training with Dennis is a really worthwhile investment if health and fitness are important to you. He is a brilliant PT! He listens to what you want to achieve and creates a programme to help you do exactly that, while working with any limitations in terms availability to train, injuries or physical weaknesses. He always pushes me to achieve my best and I leave every session feeling mentally and physically positive. He has excellent knowledge around nutrition which he is happy to share and incorporates that into the training plan. Since working with Dennis over the last 2 years I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been - and am still motivated to improve even more.
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I've been training regularly with Dennis for more than 3 years and would very highly recommend him. Our sessions are always varied and challenging and he enables you to progress with confidence. He has a great knowledge of everything fitness and health related and is always thinking of new ways to make the sessions interesting and effective and enjoyable. Since I started training with Dennis I really appreciate the benefits of weight training and feel stronger and fitter as a result. In short a brilliant PT!
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Dennis is an amazing personal trainer. He's able to keep the sessions fun and interesting by changing things around and no two sessions are the same. That being said he is not sacrificing results in the process. After working out with him for a year and following his dietary advice I am in the best shape of my life loosing 3 stones and building up muscle. Highlight of our sessions is the boxing part which is at the same time tons of fun and very hard work.
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Dennis is a great trainer. He helped me prepare for a half marathon and a 10k, both of which I completed in the times I was aiming for. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to prepare for a run or just improve your fitness in general.
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I’ve been training with Denes for 18 months two to three times a week, and wouldn’t miss a session. His years of experience and expertise in his role means I trust his guidance implicitly. His consistent and tailored approach to my overall fitness and flexibility definitely helps me maintain a healthy body and mind. As someone who works at a desk this is sanity saving, and he always inspires me to give my all.
Melanie Rickey

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