Dwayne Okocha
Dwayne Okocha
Brixton Recreation Centre
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As a fitness professional, nothing makes me happier than enabling people to transform their lives through movement. For years, I’ve watched clients grind through mundane impersonal app based workout routines/programs with little motivation or results.
It’s time for a change.
The future of fitness is here. it's functional, and it’s all about training for life.
Functional training focuses on exercises that improve your ability to do everyday activities with ease and confidence. Forget boring reps - we’re talking fun, engaging workouts that leave you feeling energised and empowered. If you want to boost your quality of life by becoming stronger, improving balance and flexibility, and enhancing your overall well-being, functional training is the key. Join me as we explore how this innovative approach can help you feel your best at any age. The journey to a fitter, happier, healthier you starts now!
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Sports Massage
TRX Suspension Training
Functional movements
Corrective exercises
Weight management
Strength and conditioning
Core conditioning
Postural imbalances
Kettlebell, Swiss ball and Trx training
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I can only recommend Dwayne. He offered a tailored program in a friendly yet challenging atmosphere. If you need a PT, look no further!
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I would definitely recommend Dwayne as a PT. I was his client for 3 years. He’s passionate about his clients reaching their goals. I have lower back problems and he would research exercises that I could do without pain when the “standard” exercises caused pain.
I would definitely still be going to have PT-Sessions with him had I not moved!

Cannot recommend him enough 😁💪🏼
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Dwayne is a great trainer. We’ve been working together on my lower back pain which Dwayne has actually identified as a problem with weak muscles, my glutes in particular. I feel stronger, have less pain day to day and how really understand the importance of functional fitness. Thank you Dwayne!
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Dwayne is amazing PT, he’s super knowledgeable and resourceful, ensuring sessions and goals were always rewarding but achievable. He has incredible patience and commitment to building strength and wellness over a prolonged period. He has an educated and knowledgeable approach to women’s fitness too and was always professional.
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Dwayne is a great personal trainer. Gym used to be a bit daunting to me so I thought I would try PT and Dwayne really helped me to get back on track. He is super positive, knowledgeable and motivating. I would definitely recommend him.
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Dwayne is an amazing PT, so I’d definitely recommend him to anyone who is ready to start their fitness journey or push their fitness journey to the next level. Dwayne’s encouraging, positive, and supportive nature made me feel so comfortable in the gym. He pushed me in the healthiest way possible and even made me surprised at what my body was capable of. I can’t thank him enough for the positive impact he’s had on my fitness journey. Would definitely recommend Dwayne to everyone!! 💪
Salwa Rogers
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Dwayne is a great PT. He offers tailored workouts and over a number of years he really helped to develop my strength and fitness. I would highly recommend him to clients of all abilities. He is also a great guy so strikes the perfect balance between pushing you whilst also having a good time
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Dwayne is that guy who keeps it both professional and fun…when I decided the need for a PT I felt stuck in my own body, I was stiff, tense and due to start a new physically demanding job. I hadn’t done cardio for years and even then always avoided weights. Then I met this guy who woke my muscles up, bones up and made me start to glow. His technique, assertiveness, commitment and most of all the stretches in addition to he’s quality work makes you stronger and confident. Now at 40 I can see I am one of the most flexible, energetic and strongest amping at my girls.
Yemi iloyi
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I came to Dwayne with a couple of long standing injuries. After assessment Dwayne realised that some muscle groups were heavily compensating for others and was leaving me quite out of balance. He put together a training programme that included a lot of full body and balance work focussing on muscle functionality. I’d been long used to compound training which had gotten very tedious. The new movements and exercise’s made training enjoyable again. He was able to sort my injury issues and take me through recovery. I would highly recommend Dwayne to anyone.
James Beadnall
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Worked with Dwayne for about 12 months (would still be working with him if I hadn’t left the country), Dwayne is a great PT - well rounded focussing on movement quality. Working with Dwayne I built strength, hitting multiple PBs on all main lifts as well as increasing speed and dropping 5 minutes off my 5km.
Body composition and mentality also changed dramatically.
Well recommended
Steven W
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Dwayne has been one of the PT that has marked my fitness journey. He set the foundations for a great execution of each exercise and taught me to understand what I was doing, why I was doing it and always ensured to show me and explain to me the motion and positioning. Years later, I’m still receiving positives remarks on my great execution when lifting or working out. But more than that, he’s always brought an excellent balance of professionalism and good training atmosphere. Thank you for everything and for always pushing me a notch harder!
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After hip replacement surgery Dwayne was recommended to me to help with recovery. His understanding of my limitations was very reassuring and he gently pushed me more each week until I had fully recovered. Dwayne adapted the programme in line with my recovery and definitely got me back on my feet. He is a total professional and had a great knack at getting you to push yourself that little bit extra. Amazing PT and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness.
Monica mathurin
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Dwayne is a great PT and a lovely guy! I trained with him while I was pregnant and it was the perfect pace and programme. I always got rid of aches and pains and felt stronger and fitter. Would definitely recommend him.
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Dwayne is a great PT. Knowledgable, friendly and will push you in a way that is personalised to you. He’s also training as a physio and so is amazing at stretches! He’s especially great at mixing up the workout to keep it interesting and utilising a full range of muscles - never again will gym fill repetitive and boring. Highly recommend!
Alex D
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Dwayne really cares about your development. A few months ago, I injured myself, Dwayne quickly adapted my workout regime, the exercises were challenging but allowed me to build up strength in my shoulder. Our training regime was never boring and Dwayne always mixed up the exercises to keep it interesting. He is professional, friendly and experienced, I would highly recommend him looking to improve their strength, flexibility and health.
Aaron Allegretto
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Dwayne is a very professional, knowledgeable and personal trainer. He has tailors each session based on what you want. Highly recommend.
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I had patellar tendonitis three years ago, and it was so severe that I almost quit attending the gym. However, my personal trainer Dwayne, encouraged me to keep coming,and we worked out together. The pain is gone, and I plan to recommend Dwayne to anybody who asks.
Rachel Myriam Nlebe
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Dwayne has been my personal trainer for over 4 years and I would recommend him to anyone. He is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and friendly and always gives 100% focus and commitment in all of our sessions. He is great at understanding and helping you reach your goals.
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After a very serious injury to my leg, I was quite apprehensive about returning fully to the gym. However, Dwayne was very accommodating to my injury, altering exercises for comfort whilst focusing on my weaker leg to build up the strength. Over the last two months I have become more confident not only in the gym, but also outside of it because I am fitter and stronger than before. There was also no shame in taking breaks when I needed them, however Dwayne always got the best out of me by the pushing the limits that I was afraid to push alone. I would definitely recommend Dwyane as a PT for any ability or goals!

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