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Ed Philips
Ed Philips
Brixton Recreation Centre
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New to exercise or returning from some time off? Looking for more variety in your workout schedule? Or want to know more about how you can improve the way your body looks and performs?

Whether you want to get stronger, lose body fat, put on some muscle, improve your cardio or just feel fitter and have more energy day to day, I can provide you with the guidance, equipment, knowledge and motivation needed to make these goals a reality.

In addition to one-to-one coaching sessions, I also offer complete tailored workout plans delivered to you through an amazing free app. These come complete with full descriptions and even video demonstrations of each exercise I programme for you, as well as the exact number of sets, reps and rest time you should be doing. Once you’ve completed a workout, you can leave feedback and any questions you may have can be answered through the chat feature.

Get in touch to schedule a free taster session with me and start improving yourself today!
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I've been working with Ed for about a year now. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He's been adaptable to my specific needs and helped me greatly reach my goals. Before I met Ed I had trouble creating good habits and working with Ed is the first time I've been able to stick to a routine for more than a few months. I'd highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a PT!
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I've been training with Ed for the last 5 months as I was struggling to put on muscle and knew very little about certain exercises and form. Ed has been great at introducing me to the likes of deadlifts, bench press and barbell squats and also helping correct my form throughout. His workout plan through the app is v helpful and easy to follow and he has also assisted with my calorie intake and macros targets. Would highly recommend.
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Ed is a great trainer, with a positive and relaxed attitude. He tailored a couple of programmes for me over the course of the last year, moving from a weightless programme to a strength building programme. I've felt more confident in the gym than I have done in years thanks to Ed making me comfortable with a wide range of equipment, exercises, and practical advice.
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Ed is great! I really enjoy my sessions with him and am definitely feeling the results. As a gym novice, Ed has been brilliant at guiding me through a range of exercises, talking me through the 'why' as well as the 'how'. Ed makes sessions fun, celebrates wins and know how to encourage you to reach your best.
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Ed is excellent trainer who knows how to motivate you and helps to you to understand how to improve your strength and to tone in a way that is beneficial to your body. He is a a professional who can get you results and I highly recommend training with Ed.
Kanna Dharmarajah
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Ed’s the best! I’ve been training with Ed for over the last 7 months and have seen a remarkable improvement in both strength and overall fitness. Workouts with Ed are always super fun - by incorporating new activities such as boxing, circuits and strength training, each workout is different every week. He is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of form and always tailors each workout to target my goals such as improving glute and upper body strength. He’s always patient in teaching new things and a great laugh to boot
Eve McQuaid
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Really great and professional service from Ed at WildeBEAST Fitness. He's helped me loads with form and pushing myself to get some good results already. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for some more structure and consistency in their workouts!
Julian Fish
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For a long time I’ve struggled to put on muscle. Ed has simplified my training by giving me the confidence to build up to heavy weights with barbell training. He’s also helped guide my diet, showing me what and how to eat to get bigger and stronger. It’s great to see results and the numbers on my lifts increasing.
Will Etheridge
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I've only been training with Ed for a couple of months, and I can already see the change in my body. He has helped me to improve my condition, and my strength. He's always watching my posture when working out, and making sure that I make the most out of every session. Highly recommended!

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