Elisa Tome Thorsdottir
Elisa Tome Thorsdottir
Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub
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I am an enthusiastic, passionate personal trainer that loves helping other people of all ages and backgrounds to discover that living an active and healthy life, and enjoying it, is actually possible!

After many years training and not getting the expected results I decided to start working with a personal trainer. This decision was a life changer. Training with a professional that knew what he was doing and get results introduced me to a completely new world. My new way of living made me feel so fulfilled, that I realized my new LIFE “moto” was to help others to feel the same way and that’s why I became a personal trainer.

I was diagnosed with two lower back hernias when I was just 17. This made me understand how a health condition can limit your life and this is the main reason why I decided to specialize as a Posture and Corrective Exercise Personal Trainer.

I understand that change is not easy and even more difficult it is to find your own “balance” between your nutrition and fitness. We are all different and we all have different lifestyles and triggers, so I always adapt to each individual, I do my best to empathize with my clients, being flexible, accountable, supportive and always leading by example.

I have successfully helped many clients from 14 up to 82 years of age to become more active, improve their wellbeing and push their limits, setting realistic and approachable personalised goals.

I have worked as a personal trainer in Hampstead, Cricklewood and Bromley areas and also delivered remote personal training and fitness programs in Spain, Argentina, Iceland, Italy and Germany. I speak English and Spanish, so I am more than happy to train my clients in any of those two languages.

I am excited to start a new chapter in Gunnersbury Sports Centre and continue to contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

Let me help you to push your limits and find your own path to wellbeing!
Active IQ L4 Posture and Corrective Exercise
Active IQ L3 Personal Training
Active IQ L2 Fitness Instructing
L3 Emergency First Aid at Work
Kettlebell Award
Indoor and Outdoor Circuit Training Award
Suspension Training Award
Boxercise Training Award
Posture Correction
Strength Training
Weight Management
Express Workouts
Women’s Health
Optimal Ageing
Nutritional Coaching
Positive Mindset
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Elisa has been the only personal trainer that has made me enjoy physical training, push my boundaries and change my mindset to learn healthier habits. She didn’t just help me with the training, she is incredibly inspirational and a life coach! She is personable, caring, and got very involved in my evolution so I could see results. Training with her was one of the best ideas I’ve had! Thanks Elisa for your amazing work and help.
Maria I

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