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Evie Ojjeh
Evie Ojjeh
Hammersmith Fitness and Squash Centre
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My aim is to help all my clients achieve their goals in a sustainable and fun way, as well as, maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I achieve this through tailored training programs and planned out sessions and through educating my clients on the benefits of staying fit and active.
Level 2 Gym Instruction
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Pre and Post Natal
Level 3 GP Referral
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes
Obesity and weight loss/management
Muscle/strength building
Nutritional Advice
Health/medical conditions
Pre and post-natal training
Boxing fitness
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I highly recommend Evie!
She’s very knowledgeable and takes care with understanding your needs, preferences and goals.
Her approach is kind, patient and very nonjudgmental. She’s great at creating a focus on achievement in her plans. She’s attentive and great at making changes to make things easier or harder as needed.
As someone who does not like exercise at all, she’s made fitness and the gym seem much more approachable and manageable.
Roweena D
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Working with Evie has been an absolute game-changer for me. Her depth of knowledge is matched only by her infectious positivity and friendliness. The exercises she tailors to my fitness level are not only effective but also surprisingly enjoyable, making every trip to the gym a pleasure. If you're looking for a PT who will push you toward your goals while ensuring you feel comfortable and motivated every step of the way, Evie is your go-to. Highly recommend!
Marcin Miklitz
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As a personal trainer evie is the best that i have come across. She makes me at ease and relaxed when i do my exercises.
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I've been training with Evie for just over six months now. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a personal trainer. She is professional, knowledgeable and committed. She is also very personable and approachable. Evie has set me up with exercise routines that are both achievable and designed to push me a little so that I keep progressing. I have already seen improvements in my strength and stamina, which I would not have achieved without Evie's support.
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I've been doing 1-1 PT sessions with Evie since the end of Jan, I've been finding it hard loosing stubborn weight and finding the motivation to go in the gym. Since I've been doing 1-1sessions with Evie, I feel so much more relaxed and motivated to go gym. I have/ will highly recommend her. She will push you to your goal and make you feel comfortable from day 1.
Renelle Lewis
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The best personal trainer anyone can ever ask for!!! Very professional and tailors a program personal to you taking into account your goals and what you enjoy. I was a bit sceptical on having a personal trainer but Evie is so friendly it’s hard not to look forward to the sessions. If you’re looking for a good/productive workout and a lovely chat look no further :)
Maria Chaoubi
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Evie has been my personal trainer for 2 months now and she is great. Never taught I would actually enjoy going to the gym but I do now! . Evie is very easygoing, supportive and makes me feel like I can do it. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness level
Margaret L
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Don’t think twice about signing up for Personal Training sessions with Evie. She is absolutely great!. I thought it would take me a little while to see results as my goal was to become stronger. I have been training with her for the last few months and I am already noticing an increase in my fitness levels. She is patience and extremely knowledgeable.10/10
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I started working with Evie about 3 months ago as I was finding it hard to motivate myself to get back into going to the gym. I’ve never worked with a PT before but am really enjoying our sessions - Evie really encourages you to go that little bit further and has such a positive attitude and approach to helping her clients training and goals. I have definitely noticed a big difference already in my overall fitness and general wellbeing and can’t recommend her highly enough!
Kate Grimes
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I highly recommend working with Evie, I’ve had an amazing personal training experience. I’ve felt incredibly supported by Evie, she fosters an environment where I felt comfortable and able to ask any and every question both during and outside our sessions. She paid close attention to my weaknesses and gradually pushed me in a direction where I was able to build strength in an area where I had a previous injury. She is very knowledgeable, kind and encouraging, everything I believe makes a great personal trainer! Thank you Evie!
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Evie is a lovely and friendly person. I have not been to the gym for over 7 years, however Evie has helped me build confidence to get back into the gym, she has tailored a programme to work around my strengths and needs. Evie is super supportive, caring and has a lot of patience. She will always work to your pace, will encourage and motivate you to achieve what you need. I will highly recommend her as a PT
Dina Youssef
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Evie is super lovely and helped me to gain confidence training in the gym. She listens to what you want to get out of sessions and encourages you just the right amount! An enjoyable experience!
Flora Walters
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I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Evie. I've noticed significant positive impacts on my overall fitness since I started training with her. She is an incredibly attentive professional who tailors custom plans to help each client achieve their goals. I highly recommend her services.
Eduardo Yamamoto
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I have been training with Evie for several months now, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Not only have I noticed significant changes in my physique, but also in my energy levels and endurance. Evie is an exceptional professional who attentively listens to her clients, understands their needs, and crafts a customized plan for each individual. Moreover, her upbeat and accessible demeanor makes the training sessions not only effective but also enjoyable.

She strikes the perfect balance between respecting limitations and pushing her clients to achieve their best during workouts. Her ability to motivate is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend her services; a 100% endorsement from my side.
Gabriela Bazzo
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Evie is a great PT. Really enjoy our sessions, which are very well tuned to my needs/objectives.
Gerald Forey
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I started working with Evie because it had been a long time since I’d been to the gym and I wanted some help and a program to help get me into a routine. Evie did exactly that. She is very friendly, easy to get on with, cautious and takes her time in making sure you’re doing the exercises correctly.
Carolina L
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Evie is a great personal trainer and supportive. She's great at listening and telling me about exercises and what they are for. I've definitely lost some weight and improved my mental health over the short time I've seen her.
Antony Buckley
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Having the most fantastic experience with Evie! Not only is she a great person but she has given me the confidence and motivation to get to the gym and an understanding of how your body works differently using different programs. Absolutely loving the experience!
Stephen Purdy
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It is 2 months since I chose Evie as my Personal Trainer and its the best decision I ever took. It is amazing how she formulates the workouts and i can feel the difference in my strength already. She is super friendly and magically makes workout fun , which is keeping me consistent with it (something I lack a lot). She is highly efficient , knowledgable , flexible towards your suggestions towards achieving your goals still adding valuable changes to this so that it will be benefit for you. I felt her approach towards setting goals and healthy eating is very practical and you will be able to follow it and finally make it as a life style. I would highly recommend Evie to everyone !!!!
Anjaly Mohan
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I’m a professional dancer and noticed Evie as one of the personal trainers at my gym. I liked how skilfully she was working with her clients. I needed help regaining the general strength and power after a hip injury as I had lost a lot of the overall power and strength I needed in my dance due to the injury.
After an initial assessment, Evie worked out a program for me. This program has been exactly what I need! The reps, weights, type of movement she gave me were tailored to my needs and have really help me in getting back to my peak performance.
Evie is skilled, knowledgeable and excellent at targeting the issues within a thoughtfully constructed, bespoke program.
Evie has a broad knowledge of the fitness field, gives good clear instructions, is motivating and encouraging and follows up with her clients to monitor their progress. I highly recommend Evie as a trainer.
Rachel Merga
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Evie is an absolutely amazing PT! She keeps me motivated and has taught me how to enjoy exercising, all while helping me achieve the goals I’ve set. Even through injury and post-surgery, she has supported my journey back to health and has helped me regain confidence in my physical abilities
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Evie has created a bespoke program for me that has helped me get stronger and more conditioned than I have ever been before. Wish I’d started this a lot earlier in my life! In addition to the workouts I’ve had advice on diet and nutrition too. Sessions with Evie are challenging and tough, but fun and engaging too. For the first time ever I’ve even be motivated to do extra workout sessions on my own.
Richard W
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She is fab, I love my trainer!
Mario G
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Very good and cautiuos pt.
And friendly and service minded
Berit Stokke
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I met Evie during my maternity leave after our second daughter was born. She has been amazing in helping me to build strength during the postnatal period.
Evie is incredibly patient and will takes things at a pace that suits you. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to postnatal mums.
Kroopa J
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Been training with Evie for many years and she is amazing. She has designed a training program for my high blood pressure and diabete, teaching me the importance of exercise for my health. I feel so much better in my day to day life! I would recommend her to anyone no matter your goal she will get you there!
Keith Williams
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It's been a pleasure training with Evie, she has made me some great training programs. She knows her stuff and is great to chat to. She is also very organised so helps me stay on top of workouts and progress tracking. Definitely recommend!
Harrison Daley
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Evie has helped me recover from a shoulder injury and strengthen back up to get back to my climbing and she is great company when working out, helps the workouts go quicker and makes it enjoyable, even the boring rehab! I will continue sessions because she is very knowledgeable and I can't wait to get stronger!
Sean Grant
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I have type 2 diabetes and struggle with high blood pressure and Evie has helped me gain control and I have learnt so much about fitness and nutrition from her! I've never really been a sporty person but I enjoy going to the gym because she makes the sessions enjoyable and attainable! I recommend her to anyone with medical issues who need help getting into regular exercise!
Russell Morgan
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For the last 6 months Evie has been an absolute pleasure to train with. Evie is supportive yet challenges in a controlled manner. Her fitness knowledge is fantastic and her flexibility to navigate through a bespoke training programme is really appreciated - especially as a busy parent and professional. Highly recommended!
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Evie is a wonderful trainer. Her programme takes into account what I enjoy, but also challenges me to push myself. She keeps me motivated when I’m struggling and she champions my successes and progress. I really appreciate her focus on good form and balanced lifestyle, and she has given me useful and accessible nutrition goals alongside my training. But most of all she’s a lovely person and great company during our workouts!
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I really enjoy working with Evie. She listens to what you are trying to achieve and develops personalized training plans to help you meet them. She’s positive and encouraging throughout and is easy to approach / ask how to do things that you’ve never done before. As a middle aged woman who isn’t that savvy on gym equipment, she makes things comfortable yet challenging. I highly recommend Evie!
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Evie formulated my training plan having listened carefully to my goals and previous personal training experiences. Over time, Evie has evolved that plan in harmony with my fitness level while remaining always in tune with the long-term aims. The sessions are fun yet focused and effective - a happy combination.
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I was looking for a PT with experience in back injuries and Evie came highly recommended. Evie took the time to discuss my injury and after couple of assessment sessions she was able to design a recovery program suited to my abilities and goals. I feel safe with her but also confident that she will push me just the right amount to progress without injuring myself. She's always available to answer any question I might have following our sessions, whether on the programme or on general wellbeing.
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Evie is incredibly friendly, and very good trainer. She is very knowledge about fitness, and very adaptive to my training needs. Highly recommend :)
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Evie is a great PT and I'd highly recommend her to anyone. I used to be slightly scared of going into the gym because I felt out of my depth but she's helped me gain my confidence & made me genuinely enjoy exercise.
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Evie is the first personal trainer I have worked with and has been first rate: she listened carefully to what I was keen to achieve and set well judged training goals; has been clear, focused and supportive in enabling me to understand and improve my exercise regime; and efficient and flexible in administering our timetable. Within 6 weeks, I have noticed tangible improvement in both strength and flexibility - and am confident of more to come

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