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Faily Blackman
Faily Blackman
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My name is Faily. I am an expert Personal Trainer. I have been a trainer for 7 years. I have a person-centered approach, encouraging my clients to reach their fullest potential. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gym goer. It is always great to have guidance to hit fitness goals and to have a continued interest in your own fitness.
Level 3 Personal Trainer
PT teacher

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GP Referral
Level 4 in Weight Management
Weight loss
Weight gain
Skills (pullups, pushups, etc)
Weight training
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My confidence at the gym has increased immensely since I began my personal training sessions with Faily. I now have a routine in place whenever I go to the gym. She has provided me with knowledge on the various machines and exercises I can do to target the different areas of my body. I find it particularly helpful when she observes how I do each exercise and corrects my form when appropriate so I'm getting the most out of my workout and doing it safely! I also feel more confident in increasing the level of weight that I use. She has a great approach; she's very supportive and patient, but also firm when she needs to be. It's lovely having a chat with her too, we always have a good laugh! Thanks Faily :)
M Begum
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Faily has been such an amazing fitness personal trainer. She has taught me how to use some of the machines i have never used before. I certainly feel more confident going to the gym now. She is such a motivator and makes sessions so fun and not dull and mundane. We both have such a laugh whilst she trains me. I am yet to have more sessions, i cant wait to continue and build a plan with faily and see more improvements to my fitness journey.
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I am one month into my fitness journey with Faily (May 2024) and it’s been going really well. My strength has increased this past month and I’m starting to see some definition and tone which I’ve never had before! I look forward to the sessions as she always approaches it with encouragement and humour and is quick to snap me out of my negative thoughts and self doubt. Really looking forward to the next couple of months to see how heavy I can get to - strong not skinny anymore! Highly recommend.
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I’ve been with Faily since February and I’ve had a wonderful experience. She has a good balance of firm and leniency. My goal was weight loss and I’m just 1 month I lost over 5kg which was amazing. Would defo recommend
R Ahmed
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I've had few sessions with faily now , she has helped me so much with the shape of my body , helping me loose weight and regain shape , she is a very good personal trainer.
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I have been training with Faily for some time now. I have really noticed a difference in my fitness. When I first started I was unable to do a pull up and now I can. I just enjoy coming to the gym.
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I started with Faily with the intention of losing weight. I am on track with my goal but I am also finding other reasons why I enjoy coming to the gym.

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