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Fatou Njie
Fatou Njie
Haydon Centre and Gym
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I'm an incredibly self-motivated and highly energetic personal trainer, eager to assist you in reaching your fitness aspirations. Throughout my extensive experience as a personal trainer and leading group fitness sessions for the past decade, I've had the privilege of coaching, motivating, and supporting countless individuals in their pursuit of improved health and fitness.
Let's rewind the clock over a decade ago, when I found myself grappling with excess weight, depression, and severely diminished self-esteem. My transformative journey in health and fitness saw me shed over 7.5 stone in weight. This profound experience ignited a passion within me, propelling me to pursue a personal trainer certification. My aim was clear: to offer guidance to individuals who, like me, have confronted similar challenges.
I'm here to be your unwavering support, helping you uncover the rewards and pleasures of training that have personally shaped me into the person I am today. Think of me as your dedicated personal guide, ready to accompany you every step of the way.
My devotion to my clients runs deep, as there is nothing more precious to me than aiding someone in their personal transformation towards fitness, happiness, confidence, and strength. Additionally, I am committed to helping you attain a happy and harmonious lifestyle that minimizes the likelihood of future health-related issues.
Personal Training Level 3
Fitness Instructor Level 2
Certified Fitness Coach
Advanced Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition
Coaching and Mentoring
Certified Advanced Bootcamp Instructor
CPD Workshop- Movement and Posture Correction
Less Mills GRIT, Studio Cycling, Boxercise
Body Transformation
Fat Loss Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Metabolic Enhancement Training
Movement Correction and Posture Correction
Functional Training and Weightlifting
Mindset and Motivation
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