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Federica Gianni
Federica Gianni
Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
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At 22 I decided to move to London, where I started my career in the leisure industry working as a lifeguard and moved on to managing some of the city’s biggest leisure centres & health clubs and the UK's largest (club based) Personal Training Team.

This experience led me to be sought internationally as a Management Consultant, with clients in the Middle East and Italy, as well as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Advisor to many celebrities and high-profile clients.
Lev 4 Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM)
Lev 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management (ISRM)
Assistant Club Coach General Gymnastics
Practical Yoga Instructor
Kettlebells Training
Suspension Training
Women’s Fitness
Pre-Post Natal Fitness
Core Stability, Strength and Power
Flexibility Training
Functional Training
NASM Optimum Performance Training
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I have been training with Federica for over 8 months now and I couldn’t be happier. Having had a bad experience with a trainer before, I feel that one of my favourite things about Frederic is that she tailors the training to your specific needs, all the while still challenging you and helping you improve. I enjoy our sessions not only for the physical achievements but also because she is a genuinely lovely person and great company. I feel like I have gained in confidence and strength in the past months and look forward to continuing our sessions.
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Federica offered me a lifeline programme of prehab and rehab following diagnosis of breast cancer in 2023. Her prior experience with a cancer patient, exceptional listening skills, and forensic observations have played an extraordinary part in my recovery. There is ample evidence that exercise is one of the best responses to cancer recovery and Federica is an ambassador in this space. She has collaborated with me to interrogate the “art of the possible” - helping me to find inner strength and rebuild physical confidence. I have the utmost respect for her professionalism and am excited to continue to work with her. I could not recommend Federica more highly.
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I absolutely love working out with Federica. I need someone to hold me accountable with my exercise and I find that having sessions booked in each week with Federica always keeps me motivated and on track. Each session is different and I feel challenged to push myself to work that bit harder, which I wouldn’t do at the gym if I was by myself.
I have worked in 5* Spas and gyms over central London and Federica gives the exact amazing level of service in her sessions. She’s also super friendly and just listens to my weekly life updates :). I will continue to book my PT sessions with Federica for years to come!
Sarah Pearson
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It is hard to put into words the impact that working with Federica has had for me. When I first met her, I was feeling detached from my body, like it wasn’t my own. My perimenopause was making me feel low confidence and out of touch with my movement, muscles, shape and strength. The last 6 months with Federica have honestly been a revelation. I am lifting/pressing more than I ever thought I could, I am building on progress every session and I am back in touch with my physical self. It honestly has been life changing working with Federica - her understanding of my individual needs alongside her ability to challenge me while building my confidence is remarkable. I honestly couldn’t recommend Federica highly enough. Thank you for being such an amazing person (and personal trainer!)
Chris Lehmann
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where do i begin! 5 stars is not enough. in the year+ i’ve been with Federica my whole outlook has changed. i am more determined that ever to achieve my goals and i see results every single session. she is firm but fair, hilarious and caring. i can be my true self in the gym and i never thought id be that person. it’s improved my mental and physical health and i will never look back. this seems strong but genuinely, federica has changed my life!
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I've never had a Personal Trainer before and was a little unsure about what I was getting into - but Federica was exactly the trainer I needed. She makes sessions fun, always has a plan and varies the exercises so you get to try lots of different exercises and learn how to do them properly. I've been training with Federica for 9 months now, and never want to stop - I feel myself getting stronger and stronger and it's so rewarding to see progress. Would recommend her to anyone!
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I started working with Federica because I had injured my back from training without proper guidance in group classes for many years. I honestly can't believe the difference she has made to my fitness in the few months I've worked with her so far. The training plan has been perfectly tailored to help me recover from the injury, while building up the right muscles to ensure I'm now exercising safely going forward. More than that, I'm seeing faster, more sustainable progress in my overall fitness levels just from one session a week. Her sessions are challenging but SO fun. She really listens to what you enjoy and what you struggle with and creates a plan that is always interesting and pushes you hard.
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Ive been working with Federica for a few months and she has been incredible. I have old injuries and a medical condition that affects my joints which she has been very aware of. Federica provides a tailored programme that supports this but still allows me to achieve my goals. Deffo recommend!
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I have been training with Federica over 3 months now. The sessions are really varied but most importantly highly tailored to your ability and goals. They progress in a smart way and you always feel like you are learning new things.

I’ve found PTs hit and miss and it’s great to finally find someone I’m confident can take me to new levels.

Not only that but she really encourages you to work hard to your goals in a realistic way.

She’s the best PT I’ve worked with 100%!
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Federica has been my PT for over 3 months now! I feel so much stronger and feel so many benefits from our sessions, even from going just once a week!

She is super knowledgeable and encouraging and I always really look forward to our sessions (I’ve never looked forward to the gym before!). She’s kept it super interesting, and the fact I’ve stuck with it for 3 months so far is a real credit to her! And I have no plans on giving up yet!

When I went to Federica first, I was just recovering from tennis elbow. She amended her approach to take this into consideration and has helped me strengthen this and hopefully prevent this again in the future!

Thanks so much Federica!!
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I’ve been training with Federica for about 5 months now. She is amazing and always pushes me to the full extent and potential but at the same time knows my limits. The way she teaches is really good as she showed me different ways of doing the same exercises with different equipment. I feel so much healthier and fit now, so I definitely recommend training with her!
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Federica has been training me throughout my pregnancy and has been an incredible support. I feel great, fit and strong. I look forward to her post-natal support. She is an excellent PT!
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Federica has been my personal trainer for over a month, and she has been a total blessing!
She is professional, knowledgeable and truly committed to supporting with my fitness goals! I highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed.
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Federica has been my personal trainer for over a month, and she has been a total blessing!.
She is professional, knowledgeable and truly committed to supporting with my fitness goals! I highly recommend her ,
you won’t be disappointed.
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I have been training with Federica for nearly 3 years now. When I met her I was still recovering from breast cancer treatment. She has helped me build my strength and my confidence. With her help, I have learnt to trust my body again. She is kind and patient, but also knows when to push you so you achieve the results you want. I am so grateful for all her support and would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals.
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I've been training with Federica for 3 years and would highly recommend her!! Federica encourages and supports me in my fitness and I always leave feeling empowered and able after each session! Federica always creates a mixed and exciting session planned ahead of time and also shares them with me so I can continue to build and strengthen between my PT sessions. She is flexible and scheduling sessions whilst working full time is never difficult. She is 10 out of 10, hands down!!
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I have been a client of Federica for a few years now! She is great to work with, works at your pace but will definitely push you to work harder when she knows you can do it. She is fairly flexible with her times and works really hard to keep myself and her other clients happy. She has helped me enjoy going to the gym and always has an interesting workout plan in place :)
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I always wanted to go gym and get healthy and I didn’t know how to start but since I got federica as a personal trainer she was amazing in helping me with everything and having patience with me for every little thing and also her way of teaching is amazing and easy.. 10/10 she is.
Sadia ahmed
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I have been training continuously for the past one week. For a person who is not been physically active for a very long period of time, I consider this as an achievement and it was only because I had Federica as my Personal trainer . For the past one week the way she’s been training me, not only made me stronger but made me confident than I ever was.From skipping gym to wanting to come to the gym almost every day is the magic that awaits you with Federica . I would totally recommend her for anyone who wants to include fitness in their life but aren’t able to due to various reasons.

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