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Francois Pearce
Francois Pearce
Henley Leisure Centre
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From marathon training to power lifting, my interdisciplinary background in fitness has enabled me to coach across a variety of training modalities. My commitment to goal-orientated training has helped me to stay motivated and inspired me to share my knowledge with others.

By employing a holistic approach to health and fitness, I leave no stone unturned. What is an aesthetic body if not also a healthy and happy one? Under my guidance, every variable is addressed so that you can become a healthier and happier version of yourself. Lifestyle, nutrition and general wellbeing are just but a few of the factors placed under consideration.

Keeping up to date with contemporary literature in the fitness world allows me to constantly review my training styles and offer the best possible experience I can. Whether you're seeking to forge the athletic body of your dreams, or regain the mobility and strength to keep up with your loved ones, I am here to help.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to me today for a free consultation and taster session.
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Nutritional Advisor
Weight Training
Mobility and Flexibility
Aqua Aerobics
Establishing healthy relationships with food
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Honestly have nothing but amazing words to say about Fran. He really knew how to push me to get to where I wanted to be. So friendly and enthusiastic about working out but also the journey that I was on. Fran is so supportive through everything. As well as teaching me the ropes, he listened to me unload my worries and stresses 😅 I couldn't recommend him enough!
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I never had a personal trainer until I met Francois ,I was feeling down and unfit .He designed a program that helped me regain my confidence and felt fit and energetic again . He helped me in regaining my fitness .He is so knowledgeable and friendly and very positive and a beautiful soul . I recommend Francois to everyone who needs to get their fitness back and to achieve their goals .Hannie
Hannie Ellis
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Fran has been my PT for 3 months now and has been fantastic. His energy and positivity is infectious. He knows his stuff and I can really see the benefits from working with him. Would highly recommend!
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I am so grateful to Francois. He listened and then designed a program specific to my needs. I was so impressed. In his sessions he nurtured an inner confidence and physical strength from me that I never thought possible. I felt safe to be able to give it my all knowing he watches my every move. He is not only very knowledge in his field but educated about injuries too. I have really enjoyed our sessions together.
Francois is a good man,wise beyond his years. Friendly, well educated and travelled so a very interesting guy to get to know. I would highly recommend him. He has given me a bounce in my steps and left a big smile on my face.
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I’ve really enjoyed working with Fran.
He is very reliable and punctual, with an exercise routine already planned ahead.
Fran’s focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals and makes every session challenging and enjoyable at the same time. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to progressively overload and push my self harder throughout each session.
He’s 100% present, ensuring my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.

I’d highly recommend Fran if you are looking for great quality personal training!
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Fran is a total G. I’ve never had a PT before and was unsure about getting my moneys worth but since we started I can say with 100% certainly it’s the best value for money of any of my spending each month.

Fran explains everything clearly, is patient and most importantly of all makes the people he is around feel comfortable and at ease. Fran has changed my life - in so much as I now go to the gym 3 times a week, and I look forward to it every day!

I’m making the progress I want to make, I’m getting stronger, my piriformis syndrome has abated and I my achillies aren’t giving me and problems.
Tom Venner Woodcock
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Fran is friendly, and very knowledgeable! He made a routine which is perfect for me, adapting to my needs, and correcting any mistakes. He had a detailed answer to any questions I had, and the session was challenging but informative and enjoyable!!
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Five stars obviously, Fran is so knowledgeable that my sessions with him reach much further than the gym, he's well travelled and well educated but most of all he has that essential quality you need from a coach, collaborative commitment all the way
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Francois is a great personal trainer, and I can confidently say that meeting him was one of the best fitness decisions I've ever made.

From the moment I started my working with Francois, I felt supported, motivated, and genuinely cared for.

Francois is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in designing personalised fitness programs tailored to individual needs. He took the time to understand my goals, limitations, and preferences. The workouts were challenging yet enjoyable, and Francois was always there to provide guidance, corrections, and encouragement.

Francois is what other PTs should aspire to be like.
Francesca Mauro
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Delighted with the way that Fran has designed a training programme to match my ambition and ability. It’s also great that he’s adapting the exercises to better suit my capabilities and restrictions from previous injuries and years of sitting at a desk.
Anthony Roberts
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I have found training with Francois to be enjoyable. He is very professional and extremely knowledgable.

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