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Gavin Ward
Gavin Ward
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Hi, I’m Gavin, known to most as Gav.

After serving for a number of years in both the military and uniformed service I sustained a significant injury which led to discharge on medical grounds and a serious rethink about my future career path.

Being told that I would most likely not be able to sustain the level of activity I had enjoyed for so many years was a huge blow and, I have to admit, it led to spending some time feeling more than a little sorry for myself.

Eventually though I picked myself up and with some determination and a desire to prove people wrong I set about getting back the level of fitness I used to have. It was during this time that I found a renewed passion for the gym, training, all things active and an overall healthier way of life.

Fast forward to 2019, I realised that the career path I had stumbled into post injury was far from satisfying and that becoming a Personal Trainer was where I wanted to be. That way I could apply the knowledge and experience I had gained through the years of pushing myself to achieve my personal goals to helping others achieve theirs.

So, whatever your goals let’s work together to overcome any barriers you face to fulfil your own fitness goals.
Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Practitioner)
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Gav has been PT’ing at the gym I go to for some time before I took the plunge to agree to some workouts with him.

I wanted quite intense training well Gav gave me that, I was sweating out of my shins I didn’t even know that was possible!

With dieting correctly Gav helped me drop 4kg in 6 weeks while building muscle! I could not recommend him enough! The best shape I have been in and that’s all because of his expertise! If your willing to put the hard work in Gav can help you change your body to whatever you want it to 🫡

Thanks mate!
Billy Belcher
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I signed up with Gavin for 3 months from a recommendation from a friend. I was doing no exercise & didn’t have the confidence or motivation to go to the gym on my own. I have really enjoyed the sessions, Gavin ensured they were challenging enough and reviewed what we were doing regularly with me. We set goals to work towards and I lost 10kg , I am now confident to go to the gym & have exercise as part of my life.
Sarah Arbon
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I used Gav for 3 months and found him so motivating, professional and knowledgeable! I learnt a lot and really pushed myself to hit goals I didn't imagine I could achieve. If your like me and struggle to motivate yourself on your own, I highly recommend Gav.
Hayley Haith
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A back injury is the reason I started training with Gavin, and I couldn't of wished for a better PT. After our initial meeting, I put my trust in Gav, and it paid off. I was used to motivating myself to workout, but after the injury I was unsure what exercises I could do, which left me uninterested and unfit. My routine was non existent.
Fast forward 6 weeks later, and I feel amazing! I'm stronger, I have a good routine, and most of all my back feels great. He worked my training around a macro food plan which was easily manageable, and simply gives you good direction with your eating habits.
His knowledge is ridiculous! It was so in depth, to the point I got lost sometimes, but he would explain everything, and why each exercise was appropriate for me.
The sessions were tough but enjoyable. Knowing I get bored easily, he kept the workouts varied but still focused with my injury in mind.
To round him up as a PT, he is motivating, approachable, attentive and an all round nice guy. My journey was meant to end at 6 weeks but I have decided to continue my training with Gav because of the results I have seen. I want to see how much further I can go with his support.
Clare Russell
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Having never really been a big fan of the gym and feeling so self conscious about being in there I was never really interested in starting any fitness program. Until I had my daughter almost 2 years ago. I was at my heaviest and absolutely hated looking in the mirror. I'd tried all the fad diets but never really worked. I knew I needed to go to the gym but didn't know where to start, until I found Gavin. He helped me overcome my fear of working out in the gym and made me realise that I can do so much more than just run on the treadmill. He made it feel almost too easy to be in the gym and actually found enjoyment in being there. I got over my fear of being watched (by actually being watched!). He kept me motivated and celebrated each success with me which helped me become more determined to keep going. He helped me get closer to my goal of losing weight and being fitter and overall gave me a new love for exercise!
Lauren Downing
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At a time when I had fallen out of love with training, I decided it was time to retain a PT to help me establish some realistic goals and give me some perspective. Gavin’s experience and commitment have helped me regain confidence in myself and the gym again in such a short space of time.

I train with Gavin one-one on a Monday morning (I must be nuts!), however, these energetic and fun filled sessions really sets the tone for the rest of my week and propels me to keep pushing myself harder and further, keeping the momentum going.

Gavin is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably, and I’ve seen big improvements in my cardio and HIIT stamina week on week, as well as my strength and overall endurance.

I thoroughly enjoy the variety and challenges of each session, and it is very clear that Gavin listens and takes onboard everything you share about your personal goals and carefully tailors the plan to meet those targets.

Equally as important, he is always punctual, reliable and fully available if I need help outside of our sessions.

I originally considered only using a PT for 3 months, but after training with Gavin I knew that I wanted (and needed) his support on an on-going basis.

If I was to recommend a personal trainer, Gavin would be the one; if you have never set foot in a gym, he will make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you, like me, have trained for years, his extensive knowledge will help guide you and keep you motivated.
Ashley Bailey

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